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Councillor stands by PR veteran targeted by Hager

Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer is standing by his business partner, PR veteran Carrick Graham, following Nicky Hager’s attempt to paint Mr Graham as being Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater's main source of income.

Mr Brewer co-founded Graham, Brewer, Simich and Associates with Mr Graham as well as New Zealand Herald "Spy" columnist Ricardo Simich.

The PR agency, which keeps its clients confidential, was founded earlier this year.

Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager wrote a detailed chapter about the apparent dealings between Mr Graham and Mr Slater, well before the founding of GBSA.

Mr Hager sourced his information from hacked emails between Messrs Graham and Slater and alleged Mr Slater received as much as $6500 a month for blog posts criticising opponents of Mr Graham’s alcohol and tobacco clients.

Mr Brewer says the new PR agency is “going really well” and Dirty Politics has not changed anything.

“I’ve known Carrick and Ricardo for many years and some little left-wing book doesn’t change anything,” he told NBR.

Mr Simich agrees the recent media coverage of Mr Graham will not affect the business.

Each of the founders has a 33.33% share in the company.

Asked whether there may be a conflict of interest between his politicking and his business life, Mr Brewer says he has “no apologies” for operating in both worlds.

“Traditionally, many centre-right local body politicians have had strong business links. It’s healthy and in fact most people are saying good on you for doing something other than just council."

Mr Brewer says he would withdraw from any debate or vote if he thought there was a conflict of interest.

However, he says conflicts of interest will be “very rare” and that he, among other super city governors, are dealing with macro regional policy and budgetary matters.

Often talked of as a future Auckland mayoral candidate, Mr Brewer says his long-term ambitions are for central government.

“One day I may have a crack at Parliament. Growing my business credentials and exercising good judgment is part of that possible journey," he says.

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Comments and questions

Cameron Brewer would say that

He probably used Carrick Graham to try and destroy Len Brown with the same manufactured tripe.

Their PR Agency will struggle to expand now as corporate clients will run a mile and not want to associated with such unprofessional, unethical and immoral behaviour

What manufactured tripe?
If the Len Brown story was a smear the people involved would have dropped it before the election rather than waiting until they had a signed statement. Would the rumours of using prostitutes also have been spread rather than holding back because of no firm evidence?
Interestingly that allegation has only come out because Hager printed it in his book, doesn't that mean Hager has smeared Len?

Good point. Perhaps, with the self-appointed one confessing to hacking the German boss, we could extradite him to his homeland, this week --and get a bankrupt accountant to sue Hager on behalf of Livabilty Len.
Then we could have a Right Royal Flush and get on with the business of a relevant election.

and notice Brown has not denied the allegations in Hagars book

There are none so blind as those that cannot see Herr Doctor. Was Len Brown's shenanigans manufactured? I don't see him suing anyone! Just asking forgiveness, but in a petulant way!

An interesting and increasingly relevant measure of the amount of BS being pedalled that I came across recently was to count the spin doctors involved and amount spent on PR agencies. Essentially the larger the numbers the less palatable the actual truth is.

Cameron Brewer calls Dirty Politics 'some little left-wing book' displaying the same kind of sneering and scornful contempt as used by ex-minister Collins and her rag-tag posse.

Birds of a feather?