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Councils should lose right to allocate Waikato River water – Tuku Morgan

One of the key figures in the hui called this week by the Maori king to discuss water rights is suggesting that councils lose the right to allocate water from the Waikato River.

Spokesman for the king and co-chair of the Waikato River Authority, Tuku Morgan, says the authority could take over the allocation of water.

The authority is a joint iwi-Crown body principally concerned with cleaning up the river under a co-management deal.

Speaking on TV3’s The Nation programme at the weekend, Mr Morgan said the deal did not give the authority the right to allocate water.

“For that to change it’s got to go to another set of negotiations with the crown and that comes under the ambit of who determines water rights.”

Mr Morgan said he did not want to pre-empt the outcome of next week’s hui.

But the river authority was well placed to assume the kind of responsibilities that were currently held with the regional council.

“That’s an issue to be taken and debated by members of the authority – we haven’t had that discussion,” he said.

“As members are not responsible for that at the moment. That will come out of a decision after negotiations with the Crown.

“If the river authority were to assume the current responsibility of the regional council it would be exactly what the council does – they charge for water, they allocate water.

“And if the Crown was of a view to pass that responsibility to the Waikato River Authority they’ll have to come and talk to us.”

Mr Morgan stressed the importance of this week’s hui.

“It is without a doubt the most significant issue to challenge our people.

“It’s the reason why we must talk in our unique way in our own time and our own space and on Turangaweiwei."

Comments and questions

No, Tuku, Courts should lose their right to allocate water and anything else that takes their fancy under the posturing sham that the Treaty has become.

It's a real shame about the amount of mis-information whether it be from claimants, crown and or all NZ'ers and Maori. Yes no one owns water unless it is on your land then you not only own it you are absolutely responsible for it. Three hydro lakes are Maori owned and used by Crown to store water which is "turned into power" for sale, generating profit for SOE's and the Crown and all NZers'. The new arrangement will mean shares will be sold to private investors including overseas investors. This is a major shift in the original intentions that taking, land and resources from private owners for the national good ie power for all NZers rather than these private investors

You are quite wrong that there is a shift in either intentions or practice that the resources will be used for the national good.

First, there will be no change in the way the resources are used to provide services for all New Zealanders. Second, the profit stream for the new private owners will be paid for by them, and that money will be used by the Government for the national good. You do not understand elementary economics and finance.

Just can't get rid of that lovely feel of silk boxers eh Tuku?
Why don't you try for a job that replaces at least something of what you consume? It's called, being a productive member of society!
Mind you, you may have to drop back to wearing ordinary old cotton boxers.

Another Maori freeloader who's never done an honest day's work in his life.

Here we go again...

Just another politicial stint to raise Mr Morgans profile.

You have not creditability with me; & I'd say the majority of others. Where are you getting your boxers now?

If it werent for your birthright, you'd be selling vaccum cleaners; and thats not discrediting these salespeople.

His birthright is part Maori, part English. He chooses the one with the free ride.

what a great idea whiteman pay 5 times as much as hemi down the road

Always a bit of a hoot, hearing Tuku trying to sound like a pakeha businessman.

Is he Maori or Welsh? If the Welsh offered money to all Welsh people he would be in that freeloading queue too. The man has zero credibility with any race.

How about everyone just accept that the water belongs to the country not to any particular group. The water belongs to New Zealanders not just the ones that call themselves "Maori". If fact lets get rid of the meaningless term "Maori" and just stick with "New Zealander"? That way we are all in this together.

Kia Ora Adam;

NEVER refer to the term "Maori" as meaningless, its an insult!

Hi anonymous, this endless grab is making the word 'Maori' synonmous with greed. We're all getting sick of it and if 'Maori' don't like it then they need to get off their colllective backsides, renounce this money grabbing BS for what it is (nothing spiritual about it whatsoever - it's a blatant money grab) and put some pride back into their people and the word.

Mr Morgan (the underpants man) how can u call yourself a Maori with a surname like Morgan-its a Welsh name - got a bit of Kirima in you ehore.
Name aside you talk a load of rubbish Mr Morgan- you would last 5 minutes in the real corporate world

If you had a brain Mr Morgan it would be lonely

This maori ( pronounced more-ah) stuff is like a cancer. It started as a brown spot then it spreads... from one gland to another, until the body dies. You gotta say they have done a great job with the interpretation of the treaty... water, land, volcanos, islands, fish, next they will want the prisons, and rape crisis clinics. This more-ah attitude is going to turn ugly. Politicians do not have the moral right to sign stuff away on the behalf of today's New Zealanders, and the tax payers - who are not involved with the tricks and treaty gravy train and behind closed door negotiations. Hard working New Zealanders are providing the cash flow for [them] to operate their ponzi style scheme. Will the cancer turn out to be benign or malignant?

Malignat, we already know that. I blame the Poms for discovering NZ. The French would have wiped them all out and we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Where do water come from? When it rain every one living on New Zealand soil own the water. Dont say the Maori also own the rain . What a rubbish. Get real. How much have they taken from the tax payer? Billion of $$$$$$$$$ .

What will we do when a weather system that forms over Australia, sheds it rainfall over New Zealand? Should the NZ Government, or Maori, make some compensatory payment to the Australian Aboriginals?
The whole business is a complete con.

The fundamental question is who is the Crown/Government supposed to represent? If we follow that train of thought to it's natural conclusion, there wouldn't be any of this conflict.

Water, land, air, fire, trees, animals have existed way before human beings existed. Having ownership of these entities is just a ludicrous idea perpetrated by people who believe they should be paid for something that was there before them. How much Maori claims have already been settled todate? hundreds of millions of dollars? close to a billion or more?! Yet, I still have to see the money trickling down and benefiting those which the Maori Party, Mana Party and other Maori radicals call the disadvantaged Maori People. Does the money every reach those at the bottom of the heap or does the money benefit only those in the upper echelon of the Maoridom?

The latest is a claim on wind (some Maori generate thier own)- just greed. Time everyday NZers say enough is enough.

The likes of Ngai Tahui who own half of the South Island and Sealord (who by the way have a poor record re how it treats its workers and resources) have had a final settlement three times yet they still have their snouts in the trough- it won't ever stop.

It rained last night, where do I send my cheque to the Maori party. I also see it is windy outside where does this seperate cheque get sent.......... John Key stand up and stop being a fence sitter, in this economic climate please make some hard decisions. The time to be a popular and to smile has to stop for the good of the country.

There is only one answer to all of this bulldust, at the next opourtunity we all become Maoris!!!! each and every one of us.
Just as a matter of interest, where do the current Maori get this water from?? and if they own it, who did the buy if from to own it??

We had a shower of rain last night, water landed on my property that I do not want, who do I contact to come and remove it, and I also don't want anymore until I actually order it, so please stop sending or diverting it onto my property until further notice.
Tuku who is inchage of this?? please let us all know.

I knew it, I knew it. After making a claim on the water, it would follow on that Maori would make claim to the wind.

Question: If I fart, do I have the right to sniff it; or is it conferred upon the Maori?

I found Ian Wishart's "The Great Divide" to be very informative on some of these issues. More so than I expected.

He cites a number of issues that the Waitangi Tribunal's creative reseach finds to inconvenient to take into account.

At the very least, it provides another, researched perspective.

I am not paying my tax to fund this bollocks. And I suggest other real New Zealanders do the same until Key and his government grow a pair and tell them to naff off.

Our government can naively believe it is doing the right thing by awarding Maori money,handouts, land claims etc BUT if it is not representing the true wishes of its electorate that voted them in there in the first place ie the majority, then they will have to go.
Governments have toppled around the world under the very same circumstances.Brace yourself New Zealand this is going to get very messy ,but long overdue.