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Crippled 'roo blocks Auckland runway

Flights are returning to normal at Auckland International Airport after a Qantas 737-800 aircraft broke down and blocked part of the runway earlier today.

The plane was taxiing off the runway, after arriving from Sydney, when it experienced a problem with its brakes.

"The aircraft stopped on the taxiway but for safety reasons we closed part of the runway until such time as the plane could be removed. The plane has now been removed and the runway has been fully reopened," Auckland Airport spokesman Simon Lambourne says.

There were delays and some cancellations as a result of the partial closure, the airport says.

Six flights are believed to have been diverted, including one to Ohakea air base (Cathay Pacific), two to Wellington (Virgin and Fijian Airlines) and three to Christchurch (Emirates), the only other airport in New Zealand with a runway long enough for Emirates A380 planes.

All of the diverted flights are now returning to Auckland.

Auckland Airport advises passengers to check its website for further updates.

Comments and questions

Did this sort of thing happen when they did maintenance in Australia? I don't remember it.

Yes it did!. The location of the maintenance facility has nothing to do with these types of failures.

In my opinion, the location has.
Since Qantas shifted maintenance to China there has been one problem after the other on a continuous basis.

Its times like this that a second runway makes perfect sense. This caused massive disruption and no doubt cost to many airlines and people.