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Crowne Plaza demolition: going, going ... (PHOTOS)

Christchurch's quake-hit Crowne Plaza hotel has slowly disappeared into a pile of rubble over the past five weeks

The high reach "nibbler" tackles the top section.

The Forsyth Barr building seen background in the photo below will also come down. So will the PriceWaterhouseCoopers building just visible to the left.

Work also began this week on demolishing the Anglican cathedral tower in Cathedral Square, to the dismay of heritage aficionados. 

Click any image to enlarge; all photos by Chris Hutching.

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Comments and questions

to the "dismay" of heritage aficionados?

Great to see all the hideous 80s monstrosities biting the dust. Not a great period for ChCh architecture.

Sorry to see my favourite hotel in Christchurch come down. Always stayed there when on business in the garden city. Be strong guys.

Chris you should be covering the fall and fall of other Christchurch1980's icons like Richmond Paynter, Phil Burmester et al, far more interesting reading.

Kiwi does/did not own the Crowne Plaza. They owned the PwC building.