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Croxley takes on NZ Post

Stationery manufacturer Croxley is setting up its own mail service in New Zealand and aims to have cornered 10 percent of the market within three years.

Croxley has registered as a postal operator, in competition with NZ Post, and will offer a full range of stamp and pre-paid envelopes under the company's new Croxley Mail brand.

It has signed an access agreement with NZ Post, enabling Croxley Mail products to be delivered through the postal system.

The company, 100 percent owned by United States multinational Office Max, already makes and distributes New Zealand Post stamps and envelopes through a variety of retailers including Office Max, The Warehouse and Whitcoulls.

Croxley New Zealand managing director Joe Naus predicted most of those retailers would switch to the Croxley product, giving it almost 5 percent of the market straight away.

He said he could see Croxley doubling its market share in the next two to three years.

The move would offer New Zealanders more convenience as its stamps and envelopes would be sold through a wider range of retailers than currently provided by state-owned postal operator NZ Post, Mr Naus said.

Since the postal market was deregulated in 1998, several small competitors to NZ Post have emerged, including Fastway, NZ Mail, Spring, DX Mail and Pete's Post.

Mr Naus said that because of its existing retail network, Croxley would become the largest of the smaller players.

Croxley Mail products include postage-paid envelopes and boxes, and stamp denominations from 50c to $1.50.

The company's products can be posted through any NZ Post mail boxes or mail centres.

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Comments and questions

If it is not going to be any cheaper (like the other operators) what’s the point and who really cares.

So what's there compative advantage? It certainly isn't price and it certainly isn't a smarter delivery. Do we really need another 'me too'.

NZ Post will be quaking in their boots....not! Having reluctantly dealt with Croxley for many years, I think they are comfortably the most incompetent, disorganised rabble of a company I have ever known.
They are kidding themselves on this.

Ugly stamps... I collect stamps from NZ and the ones they have put out aren't that attractive for a collector