Cunliffe maintains he's still loyal to Shearer

David Cunliffe: pass him a Tui

Labour MP David Cunliffe believes his party can get ahead in the polls.

Speaking at the weekend on TV3’s The Nation programme, Mr Cunliffe said he rejects the argument that they can’t.

“We’re going to work together as a team, “he said.

Asked specifically if he would have a crack at the leadership if it came up he said: “I have made clear on a number of occasions that I am loyal to my leader, I am loyal to the leader of the Labour Party, and I can't see that changing.”

Asked what would happen if the leader wanted to go, he said: I can't see that changing, and if the presumption is that we're not going to succeed in the polls, I reject the presumption.”

Mr Cunliffe has returned from a trip to Scandinavia researching policy ideas for his economic development portfolio.

The trip follows on a speech earlier this year which was widely perceived as a call for the Labour party to return to its traditional left wing roots.

“I guess what that speech was really about was looking back at recent history, and particularly focusing on the global financial crisis, and saying, you know a lot of the old rules have been proven to be wrong,” he said.

“Unregulated free market capitalism has failed the world.”

Now Mr Cunliffe said that what impressed him about Scandinavia was the focus on innovation.

“I think that they are fantastic about innovation.

“They're fantastic about government and business and community partnerships.

“They take a long view, they have measurable targets, and unlike the current government they have policies that they know will get them there, they don’t just print glossy brochures and hope it's all going to go away.”

Asked how much support he had for this approach from within the Labour caucus he said the party was still going through the policy development phase.

“I'm proud of the fact that we have a democratic tradition in our party and that means that passionate people will engage in policy debate, and sometimes they will do it in public,” he said.

“I’m not going to be pigeon holed, I do care about traditional Labour values, but I also know that we live in a modern world and we're going to have to find new ways of applying that, and above all I'm a team player, and I'm part of the caucus that is determined to make New Zealand better, and I support our leadership team that is doing that.”

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Ok can Labour finally admit that Cunliffe should have got the job - and the reason he didn't - was tall poppies!


Cunliffe didn't get the job for a variety of reasons not least the pettiness of ideological pygmies driven by shortsightedness, meanness and self satisfying appetites. The New Zealand people need leaders of principle, vision and tradition. Shearer is one. Cunliffe another.


Cunliffe for PM.


The perfect example of oxymoron...


Oh yes Scandanavia.A thousand year history. Just doesnt compare to our 150 years. They operate out of buildings 500 years or more in age. Fantastic long established infrastructure that certainly wasnt built by socialism. Socialism always needs someone elses money and some who is willing to keep providing it.
They also have good welfare systems but hard to qualify for and not across the board, universal style like NZ.


David, Just back in time for the conscious vote on the drinking age. Since your latest jaunt to Scandanavia has left a lasting impression you will be able to bring into play the Swedish laws on alcohol.

Laws that would stamp out our alcohol problems overnight.


Yep - once the likes of Cunliffe are proclaiming loyalty to their beloved leader - the same leader that beat Cunliffe to the top job - you can almost bet the farm that knives are being sharpened behind the scenes.

History and Labour's usual modus operandi tell us so - regardless of emplty platitudes denying otherwise. Next, Labour will be trying to tell us the unions aren't rorting and Labour are no longer corrupt! Yeah Right!.

Mr. Shearer will be well pleased for a loyal deputy though - hahaha!

Sleep with one light on Mr. Shearer - the corners have dark shadows hiding all manner of mischief making...

If Shearer want's true loyalty - he either needs to get a dog, or buy a Dave Dobbin albulm - because he won't get it for long with his "team"


and he drinks Tui


I dont know why labour should be concerned with leadership. They are doing just fine with John Key.

Its national that has leadership problems


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