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David Bain found not guilty

David Bain has been found not guilty of the murder of his family - his mother Margaret, father Robin, brother Stephen, 14 and two sisters Arawa, 19, and Laniet, 18 – in 1994.

Mr Bain was found guilty of their deaths in 1995 but these convictions were quashed by the Privy Council in 2007. As a result he had faced a retrial for the murders.

The jurors came back at 4.30pm at the High Court at Christchurch this afternoon with the not guilty verdict. The jury had sat through 54 days of evidence and heard from 184 witnesses during this time.

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Comments and questions

Why Not ?

But this is not a business article... Great news though! Could it be political?

He must be over the moon.. God knows and judges better anyhow.

mustnt he over the moon, must be delightful alright. GOD STILL LOVES AND BECOMES AS THE BEST JUDGE>

Just another police stuff up which cost us taxpayers millions-looks like no lessons were learnt from the Arthur Allen Thomas case!!!

Obviously there were some jurors who allowed themselves to be swayed by an emotional plea, rather than by the FACTS. As all the forensic evidence pointed directly to David Bain, and not to his father, how on earth could they ignore it all? I wonder what explanation they place on: scratches & bruises on David Bain, family members' blood on David Bain, his glasses lense (bloodied) found in Stephen's room, his bloodied palmprint on the washing machine, his clothes (washed) in the washing machine with fibres from his green (washed) jersey under Stephen's fingernails....the list goes on and on AND David Bain has never been able to explain any of it. God save us all from imbeciles who end up on juries.