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David Bain's love story

Possible imminent compensation for the years he spent in prison may not be the only good news ahead for David Bain.

Talk is he is engaged to wed Liz, a primary school teacher, who is said to be already sporting a big rock on her finger.

NBR ONLINE is told Mr Bain is getting ready to tie the knot soon in Christchurch. 

Mr Bain’s long-time supporter and former All Black Joe Karam was not willing to answer questions about a possible engagement today, but odds are he will be at his pal's side should there be a happy day.

Mr Karam said he had nothing to say, having made a pact since Mr Bain’s 2009 acquittal he would not be speaking on his behalf as far as Mr Bain’s personal life was concerned.

Press Gallery journalists are already chasing the story.

If the David Bain love story is true, expect to see it handsomely bought by a women’s magazine where happiness will be revealed.

Meanwhile, it is up to the Cabinet to decide whether Mr Bain meets criteria for a compensation payment for the close to 13 years he spent behind bars.

A newspaper has reported the payment could be close to $2 million, based on the formula Cabinet used in a recent compensation payment for non-financial losses.

Compensation for Mr Bain has been recommended in the report of an overseas judge Ian Binnie, who the government appointed to examine Mr Bain’s application to be compensated for wrongful imprisonment.

However, it is understood Cabinet’s decision will not be straight forward because of current compensation guidelines. A decision in Mr Bain’s favour may come down to Cabinet’s discretion to pay compensation based on extraordinary circumstances.

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Comments and questions

he better not get any tax payer money. The jury couldn't find him guilty, that doesn't mean he is NOT guilty. what a joke.

sporting a big rock on her finger when Bain is broke! wonder where he got the loan from!

Of course he should recieve compensation, after all you are innocent until proven guilty! also what was his motive, clearly he had none as opposed to Robin bain.

Rather give him a few mill than the Maori rabble grasping at any free dollars they can score for water and wind. At least Bain might be a useful human being!

cr*p from anonymous 4 read your Maori history swat up the treaty anomolies maori were well shafted by the english and then continued it for years when stealing alnd from Tuhoe wake up and sell not the roses but the ashes

i hope that the $4m dollars spent on his legal aid and his free board for all those years is paid out of any compensation,why should we be the mug's

If you can't use an apostrophe correctly, how can I take you seriously?

Amazing how many people who have not yet seen the report can continue to argue the same old arguments against David, based on evidence they have never seen and people they've never spoken to.

I would be too ashamed to show such ignorance and stupidity. Reading biased media reports, and speaking to someone who knows someone, does not make you an expert. It makes you a fool to believe it, and worse to keep reposting the same tired arguments.

What for the report, then argue against what's in it, if you can.

sorry, that is 'wait' for the report. Didn't proof read! My bad.

Guilty beyond reasonable doubt is a hard test, in a jury trial.

I was more recently a juror on a ten day trial, and speak from experience.

What concerned me most about the trial was not so much the verdict, rather the laziness or incompetence shown by the detective in charge. His own words, 'We didnt go down that line of inquiry because it would have been a fishing expedition.'

Whats worst, his superiors should have seen holes in the case; not too mention the Crown Prosecutor. What were they thinking? Incompetence all round. Where you can remove elements of doubt, the prosecution should.

Being under resourced is not an excuse; especially when the government is spending hundreds of thousands on an inconclusive result.

Didnt detective incompetence provide an element of doubt in the Bain case!!

In my opinion, there appears to be flaws in the selection of detectives, and maybe Crown Prosecutors.

Perhaps these government departments should consider hiring people with high investigative skills directly, rather than promote from below?

If Bain gets $2 million, let's hope he invests in some decent sweaters.

Although it seems those garish 80s sweaters are now all the rage with the 20-somethings...

Only David Bain knows if he is guilty or not, so he is either a) a brilliant actor worthy of an Oscar or, b) he isn’t the killer. Without knowing what is contained in Binnie’s report, I will say this.. I would put more weight on the opinions of an individual (be it layman or a judge with life experiences and who is possessed of an enquiring and dispassionate mind), reviewing mountains of evidence in the cold, hard light of day, than I would over the findings of any other persons (or, group of persons). In other words, someone with a cool, analytical mind who can sort the wheat from the chaff, away from the pressure of courtroom antics and prejudices. Accounts given in court, are more often than not, not the full truth.

Binnie put in 300 hours thats 7.5 weeks at 40 hours a week looking at the evidence in the case, there have been many that have put in a lot more hours than that and have come to the oppisite conclusion. By the way is there anybody that can tell me what evidence connects Robin to any of the four murders he would have done if he was indeed the culprit.

Can someone tell me how a report from a Government appointed Judge gets "leaked" to the media?. I thought NewsCorp type antics were a thing of the past.

I'd been wracking my brain puzzling over how any woman would choose to marry David Bain. Thank goodness that puzzle has been solved, with the revelation that the bride is the daughter of one of his biggest supporters.

Good luck to them but i would be getting the paper on line

Should the Govt decide to pay Bain compensation.
Is there any way that surviving members of the Bain family, such as Robin's brother do an OJ Simpson and take a Civil case against him?
Or is that something that could only happen in the States?
I sincerely hope he doesn't get a cracker.

My word, there are some aggressive, as well as some racist, posters here (to say nothing of the poor grammar).

Whatever one's reservations about its mechanics, the legal system is undoubtably better-informed than the posters. If they feel they know more, then take it to the police.

As for whom he may marry, what business is it of anyone except those two?

Comments which attempt to re-litigate the Bain case have been disabled because they are offensive and potentially defamatory.

Assuming he is exonerated and found to be wrongfully convicted:

$2m for 13 years of time is $17.56 per hour locked up. That seems fair compensation (depending on his profession) for the actual time locked up, but it does seem woefully inadequate for the 'pain and suffering' caused by being perceived as guilty. A glance at the comments above shows the true reason that Bain should be seeking compensation well beyond $2m.

Absolutely no to compensation and there is still the need for a retrial. Finding Robin Bain guilty by inuendo is absolutely wrong.

Robin appears to have gone to bed the night before with a book and a hot
water bottle. His alarm was set for 6.30am. In order to have committed the crimes
Robin, wearing shoes, would have had to go into David’s room while he was away
on his paper round; take David’s white opera gloves from his chest of drawers; know
of the existence and whereabouts of the spare key for the trigger lock; remove the
rifle from the cupboard without damaging David’s pre-existing prints on the
forearm; find the magazines and probably load them; take off his shoes; use the rifle
to effect the killings, again without damaging David’s pre-existing prints in spite of
the fierce struggle with Stephen; dispose of the white cloth used in the shooting of
Laniet in a manner or in a place which resulted in its not being discovered despite a
thorough search; put his bloodstained clothes in the laundry for David to put into the
machine; change his clothes to those in which he was dressed when he was found
dead including putting the same shoes back on; go to the lounge, switch-on the
computer and type the message; and then, while for no apparent reason holding a
magazine in his right hand, shoot himself in a manner which somehow allowed that
magazine to end up on its narrow edge and in a most unlikely position; and all this
without having emptied his bladder of its normal nightly collection of urine.
That extraordinarily strained scenario must be compared with the case against
David which includes the presence of his recent fingerprints on the rifle; his having
heard Laniet gurgling at a time when she was very likely still alive; his statement
that only he knew of the existence and whereabouts of the key which unlocked the
trigger; the near impossibility of the magazine having ended up accidentally on its
narrow edge in the position it was found; the essentially unexplained injuries to
David’s head; the presence of Stephen’s blood on his black shorts; and the various
other points which have been mentioned during the course of this judgment.

Can David Bain prove his innocence and by default declare Robin Bain guilty of 4 counts of murder.

This is the question retired judge Justice William Ian Binnie has answered, but this report containing his answer has not yet been made public.

As a person who has had an interest in this case for many years I firmly believe the answer from Justice Binnie should be a firm no to David Bain’s question of innocence on the balance of probabilities. The reason I believe there is no way for David Bain to clearly prove his innocence is because already over the last fifteen years many Judges have looked at all the evidence “which is substantial” possibly implicating David Bain with the murders and have never ever come to the conclusion that David is innocent.

All the evidence against David Bain was taken to the privy Council in May 1996 and the answer from the judges was NO to a retrial.

All the evidence against David Bain was also heard by the court of appeal in 2003 and the judges also found there were no grounds for a retrial for David Bain.

On May 10 2007 David Bains case was once again heard by the privy Council in London but even then a retrial was ordered because there was no DNA or substantial forensic or any other evidence showing beyond doubt that David Bain was indeed clearly innocent on the balance of probabilities.

So after all this time one has to ask what has changed that could possibly make Justice Binnie determine that in fact Robin Bain is a 4 times murderer and that David Bain is in fact innocent on the balance of probabilities? Yes David Bain was found not guilty at a retrial in 2009 but every law professor and expert in the country keeps explaining to us’ that is almost irrelevant, as being found not guilty has a completely different meaning to being found innocent on the balance of probabilities. Not only this one QC who has dealt with other compensation cases even advised David Bain to take his freedom and “run” making it obvious that at least he had little hope for Bain receiving compensation.

So its still my firm opinion that there is no way Justice Binnie can honestly state David Bain is innocent on the balance of probabilities, it just can’t be done, we have blood from Davids brother on the front left, upper back and lower back of David Bains white T-shirt, and in a sample taken from a bloodstain on David's black shorts, then we have prints in pristine condition from David Bain found on the murder weapon with none from Robin Bain and also no blood on Robin or his clothes from any family members, then we have David Bain knowingly washing blood drenched clothing, not to mention substantial changes of testimony regarding some of that clothing and the fact he changed testimony regarding rooms he visited before he rang 111, and then there were the glasses and unexplained injuries.

Conclusion. The answer from justice Binnie can only be a firm unequivocal NO to David Bains compensation.

Make up your own mind on Davids innocence all the facts can be found here!

Bill Rodie the cleaeest and most constructive comment on this blog