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David Carter confirmed as Speaker

As list MP David Carter was elected Parliament's Speaker this afternoon, Labour's feeble nomination of Trevor Mallard takes the biscuit as an exercise in pointless political stupidity.

It speaks volumes for David Shearer's petulant inability to give up head-banging brick walls.

And here's the joke - Labour admits there would be very little show of Mr Mallard's nomination succeeding.

They were right - Mr Mallard tweeted his loss early.

Mr Shearer says it is a "point of principle." 

Mr Shearer says Mr Carter saw him yesterday about the nomination but he feels it is too late.

On Tuesday Mr Shearer criticised National’s choice saying his party was not consulted.

Mr Carter had already discussed the nomination with the Green Party at the request of its leaders.

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Comments and questions

Pay Attention NZ, Capatin Mumblef**k demonstrates his true colours and his disconect with the practical and real world consequences. His stand being described as a "point of principle" is actually a schoolboy tangy ... "the mean Nats didn't ask me what I thought so I'll show them!" Hey, David, here's my message to you: boo f'en hoo, get used to being a loser!

What a shame the duck didn't get the nod. It could have bought a bit of excitement to the job with his penchant for a scrap and fisticuffs. Maybe he will be nominated again if the Labour outfit gets the nod from the nation when a change and spendathon is required.

Surely this will be a case of a duck being put out to pasture.

Yes! Points of Order could be resolved out in the foyer, or out on the front lawn of Parliament.

Pistols at dawn, perhaps.

Typical of Labour's stupidity. Make National look great by proposing the most contemptible of Labour's MPs as speaker.

Imagine if they used their brains and just abstained?

Then they would have gotten twice the coverage, look principled, and cast doubt on the process.

No brains. Nowhere near ready for government in 2014.