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DB pulls Dotcom Tui ad

DB Breweries has taken down an advert poking fun at internet millionaire Kim Dotcom.

In a recent version of its well-known Tui ads, a billboard stated: “She clearly married him for his body. Yeah, right.”

Complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Authority and upheld.

The main complainant, S Webb, said she was offended every time she drove past the sign.

“The clear insinuation is that Mr Dotcom has an unattractive body and that Mrs Dotcom married him for money.”

Other complainers say the ad was “hurtful and insulting” to overweight people in general.

The ASA says the billboard was disparaging and derogatory in a high personal way.

This was not saved by the allowance for use of humour and satire provided by the code.

It found the ad had not been prepared with a due sense of social responsibility.

ASA chief executive Hilary Souter says she understands DB Breweries took down the ad as soon as it had received notice of the complaint. In its response it requested the complaint be settled on account of its immediate action.

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Comments and questions

Good job, never buying Tui ever again.

Seriously? The guy is obese. It's a fact. Just like no one married Donald Trump for his hair. Get a life.

"Yeah, right" ?

That makes sense. Oh no wait, it doesn't.

Time to impose a hefty fine to punish for all this try-ons by DB.

Take a chill pill and relax. Life need not be so serious. The complainant should drive down another road, or stay at home and think of something else to complain about.

Irrespective of my views on the complaint, it WAS on the main motorway into Auckland.

I cracked up laughing when I saw it. Perhaps I should go to the doctor and get some pills for political un-correctness (yeah, right).

My, oh my. Aren't our sensitivities in a tenuous state when people jump to conclusions. Mrs Dotcom may very well have married Kim for his body. Not, necessarily, in its totality but for a constituent part that was "mightily impressive".

Very funny.

Just as funny as the fact that you are obviously a loser in life.

Perhaps you are the loser.

The billboard is hilarious! Sadly, there seem to be more and more people that obviously don't appreciate a good sense of humour.

Three words that tell you black is not a slimming colour:
Kim Dot Com

Black was very slimming on Steve Jobs.

What is wrong with the complainant's a clever piece of humour. For heavens sake get real and stop being such a PC stirrer.

It was brilliant social commentary.
The un written rule of thumb is never mind age, shape, size, looks one leg, impotent etc it is HOW big is the Wallet.
It brought belly laughs and embarressed chuckels from Woman because they know full well the underlying truth about a lot of relationships.

I was neither well written or particularly witty. They could have done something much more engaging. Perhaps DB could redress the balance with a snappy Key/GCSB jibe.

So is it now a crime to be a "fattist" ?

The GCSB cameras and microphones in the Dotcom master bedroom could probably help the Advertising Standards Authority with correctness of the Tui billboard's claim. Just saying.

Glad to hear Tui pulled this ad. It's not good taste and it is insulting to both Mr Dotcom's character and that of his wife. And not even funny.

The billboard says what everyone was thinking. Dotcom has been stirring sh*t since the day he arrived in this world. Lighten up, people. Even dot com's wife had a laugh. Why is NZ so politically correct? It's so boring! Good job, Tui. You achieved exactly what you set out to.

The humorless, vegan, green voters should chill out. This was funny.

One smidgen of an argument against it is that it is highly personalised but when the target himself finds it perfectly OK to lap up the media attention and use it to denigrate others personally, then sorry - but all sympathy disappears.

I can't wait for this guy to be extradited.

"The fertility medication made me do it"

Yeah, right?

This board was up in Welly for ages and no-one complained. Goes to show Wellington is more fun than Auckland! :)

It is only the sad and unhappy people who cannot see humour in life around them, and who get get their kicks from being whingers. Stop complaining and accept what many others see as just a laugh.


sugary brown water Kiwis pay the price of beer forNow

Now that is funny

Kiwis are starting to rival the Poms as complainers...

Seriously, if that billboard made all you armchair laugh connoisseurs 'crack up' with its so-called 'non-PC' nastiness then take a long hard look at yourselves. Either your sense of humour stopped evolving in primer 2 or your parents never did getting around to teaching you the meaning of the word empathy, or both. It's easy to gloss over your own inadequacies, low relative IQ and average-looking female partner by laughing at a very public personal attack by a major New Zealand corporate, producing, BTW, a massively socially damaging product, on an obviously stunning-looking mother of children who's been put through the mill, including a helicopter-borne special ops armed terror ninja raid on her home and family at the height of being pregnant with twins and courtesy of the NZ state. Think of that next time you are swilling your 24-pack like there's no tomorrow.

"I didn't hear Dot Com's name until January 19." Yeah, right