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A declaration of equality

On Friday the Waitangi Tribunal reported back on the Maori Council’s claim for the ownership of New Zealand’s fresh water. This deadline was requested by the government to prevent a delay in their asset sales programme and a potential loss of value for New Zealand taxpayers. The upshot of a 275 page interim report is that the Tribunal says Maori do not own water, but can claim "residual property rights." Muriel Newman of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research considers what is at stake.



Ever since the New Zealand Centre for Political Research was first established in 2005, we have been fighting against racial privilege.

We firmly believe that all New Zealanders should be equal in the eyes of the law. There should be no special treatment based on race.

With the Maori Party spending $4 million to convince New Zealanders that a new "written" constitution based on the Treaty as supreme law, is in the best interest of the country, we are taking a stand.

Legal and official racisim has gone too far in this country. The public is being betrayed by politicians who do not have the fortitude to protect the public interest and call an end to the grievance industry.

Treaty sympathisers in the public service and Judiciary are complicit, with race-based preference now infiltrating every crevice within our public institutions.

The co-chairman of the Maori Council, Sir Eddie Durie, was interviewed by TVNZ on their Q+A programme last Sunday in an attempt to better understand the reasoning behind their water claim.

[1] He explained that “Maori law” is different from “pakeha law” and that under the “Maori legal system”, Maori had customary rights to water that should continue indefinitely. Where Maori still live near water, he argued, they should receive a royalty on all water taken by other groups; if they have moved away they should be eligible to draw from a compensation fund.

He implied that compensation should be available for water used without payment over the last 150 years.

In the interview he explained, “property rights are to be determined according to the customs and traditions of Maori. That’s a long established principle in New Zealand and internationally, and we’re saying that that right which was established in that way, through customary use, should continue to be recognised to the extent that it is still feasible to do so.”

Essentially, he is saying ‘Maori law’, not the New Zealand legal system, should be used to determine the future of Maori interests in New Zealand.

Sir Eddie, a former High Court Judge and Law Commissioner, spent more than 20 years as Chairman of the Waitangi Tribunal.

With such radical views, it is therefore little wonder that the decisions produced by the Tribunal over the years have been so outrageously biased towards tribal claimants. To expect the Tribunal to deliver anything but a biased decision is simply fanciful.

The Government is right to ignore the decisions of the Tribunal, but it should go further and abolish the Tribunal entirely. That would certainly be a more honest response than pretending it is anything but a vehicle and gravy train for radical iwi.

It is also no wonder that National’s foreshore and seabed legislation removed public ownership, with the Attorney-General Chris Finlayson appointing Sir Eddie Durie to chair the Ministerial Taskforce on the law change!

Ever since former Prime Minister Helen Clark changed the law to close off historic Treaty claims to the Waitangi Tribunal in 2008, the tribal elite have been inventing new ways to perpetuate the Treaty claims industry.

John Key strengthened their cause when he signed New Zealand up to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as part of a back-room coalition deal with the Maori Party.

Article 25 of that Declaration states that “Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinctive spiritual relationship with their traditionally owned or otherwise occupied and used lands, territories, waters and coastal seas and other resources and to uphold their responsibilities to future generations in this regard.”

Article 32 then suggests that governments have a duty to undertake special consultation with such groups “prior to the approval of any project affecting their lands or territories and other resources, particularly in connection with the development, utilization or exploitation of mineral, water or other resources.”  It then goes on to assert that “effective mechanisms for just and fair redress” must be provided.[2]

It is utterly contemptible that John Key and his National Government could sell their principles to appease the separatist Maori Party.

The bigger issue here however, is that New Zealanders are being treated like fools by the iwi elite.

For decades foolish politicians have pranced and danced to their tune, willingly donating endless taxpayer resources into the coffers of these private corporations - and allowing radicals to exert influence from within their own ranks.

We can now clearly see the result of that track record of appeasement - and a glaring lack of political courage – in the rise of radical tribal activists, the rise of corporate iwi pursuing more and more claims, in rackets and rorts, and in an increasingly divided country where people are progressively separated on the basis of race.

First it was the Treaty claims and politicians turning a blind eye to the fact that all of the remotely genuine claims had already been settled multiple times by earlier governments.

Now claims are becoming more demanding and absurd.

For example, Tuhoe demanded ownership of the entire half a million acres (2,127 sq km) of the Urewera National Park - in spite of the long established convention that the conservation estate would not be used for Treaty settlements.

What’s worse is that the Treaty Settlement Minister Chris Finlayson agreed to the deal! It was only the intervention of the Prime Minister - when he realised how strong public opposition was to the giving away of our National Park to a tribal group - that he pulled the plug. Whether the Urewera National Park will be part of the new settlement agreement with Tuhoe remains to be seen.

But the tribal elite don’t stop at land.

With the assistance of the Waitangi Tribunal, iwi are claiming ownership of New Zealand’s flora and fauna – our plants and wildlife including their genetic material.

That claim is simply waiting for the government’s response. New claims for Mataitai, or customary fishing areas, are now coming through, which give local tribes the right to seize control of an area for themselves and lock everyone else out – under the guise of environmental concerns, fishing stock regeneration, sustainability or some other worthy excuse.

New claims are being lodged by tribal corporations for ownership of the mineral-rich coastline – thanks to National’s appalling Marine and Coastal Area Act. And let’s not forget their successful claim to the electromagnetic spectrum.

The tribal elite’s next claim is for the very governance of New Zealand.

The Maori Council and the other elite tribal groups will be carefully watching the progress of the Maori Party’s $4 million constitutional review.

If they succeed in persuading New Zealanders that the time is right for the introduction of a new written constitution - that enshrines the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi as superior law - “Maori law” and privilege will become entrenched.

Non-Maori New Zealanders will become second-class citizens in their own land.

What’s worse is that any attempt by any future government to change such an arrangement would be struck down as unconstitutional.

David Round, a constitutional law expert at Canterbury University and a NZCPR guest commentator, says that if the Treaty gets into a new constitution in any way at all, New Zealand would be “irrevocably stuffed”.

David explains, “The present proposed constitutional review is not just another crime against the common good in this sorry catalogue. It is far worse; it would be the death-blow to our country. So far, everything that has been done can be undone." 

"A ‘constitution’ is simply the rules by which something is constituted and organised. We have a constitution now. At present, though, our constitution is not found in any one document which can be labelled ‘The Constitution’, but in principles of the common law and in long-standing customs and practices (much, although not all, originally inherited from England), and in many Acts of Parliament."

“The fundamental principle of our constitution is (at present) the ancient one we inherited from the common law of England that Parliament is supreme."

"That principle is not found in any Act of Parliament, it is simply ancient law. It is also, of course, a principle consistent with democratic government. "

"As things stand at present, then, any Parliament could abolish racial privilege and restore the equality of citizens and government for the common good."

"But if the Maori Party has its way ~ if we come to be saddled with an over-riding written constitution which controlled what Parliament may and may not do, and which declared that the ‘principles of the Treaty’ were a higher law which always prevailed ~ then Parliament would not be supreme in future."

"If future Parliaments were to attempt to establish and restore true racial equality, then, its laws could be struck down by judges who considered that those laws breached a ‘Treaty principle’ of eternal special status for those of Maori descent.” 

As you will be aware, ever since the New Zealand Centre for Political Research was first established in 2005, we have been fighting against racial privilege. We firmly believe that all New Zealanders should be equal in the eyes of the law. There should be no special treatment based on race. With the Maori Party spending $4 million to convince New Zealanders that a new "written" constitution based on the Treaty as supreme law, is in the best interest of the country, we are taking a stand.

Legal and official racism has gone too far in this country. The public is being betrayed by politicians who do not have the fortitudes to protect the public interest and call an end to the grievance industry. Treaty sympathisers in the public service and Judiciary are complicit, with race based preference now infiltrating every crevice within our public institutions.

In the words of David Round: “We, New Zealanders, having founded our society in the equality of comradeship, and living here at home in the land we have made, utterly oppose any laws which establish or promote racial distinction or division. There shall be one law for all. We have had enough of official and legal racism. We do not request the following items, we demand them:

We refuse to accept any reference to the Treaty of Waitangi or its principles in any constitutional document.

We require that such references be removed from all existing legislation.

We require that race-based Parliamentary seats be abolished.

We require that race-based representation on local bodies be abolished.

We require that the Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived any usefulness it may have had, be abolished.

And we pledge ourselves to oppose and resist all those of whatever rank or degree who, whether by force or the devious processes of the law, attempt to impose the fetters of racial inequality on the free citizens of New Zealand.”

Muriel Newman is founder and director of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research. For more information on this and other topics go to


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Comments and questions

It's pretty simple what has to happen next week.

1. Maori party coalition over.

2. Election date set (4 weeks should do it).

3. National, Labour, Greens, NZ First, Maori to declare their hand on legislative programme declaring an end to the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand and to every single cent spent in New Zealand by the Government on the basis of race.

4. New Zealand people to decide.

Perhaps Dr. Newman would be good enough to enlighten us on when exactly it became illegal for one nation to forcibly invade another and to take all its land?

When that same land has helped a nation become the biggest dairy producer in the world and for having one of the biggest sheep industry, notably for such a tiny population by world’s standards.

Whichever the date, it actually never stopped being immoral. Perhaps that is why native rights, whether here in NZ, or in the US with Native Americans or in Aus with the Aborigines, get relegated to the dustiest confines of reasoning and quickly brushed under the carpet of convenience.

Rather than continuing to prove the point that white supremacy is incredibly alive & well here, continuing to turn the natives into second or third class citizens in their own land, it will best serve us to acknowledge that past on which this ‘declaration for equality’ has been built on and focus on creating a more inclusive All-Kiwi society for the future. It will be better for national morale for all, it will be better for international business when we are trying to export more & more, it will be better for foreign investments and in negotiating for free trade agreements to improve our economy – unless we want to be seen by the world as racist wild-eyed hillbilly or bogan hicks; which might not be a good idea during one of the toughest economic times in the global economy.

As Voltaire said, free speech is a cornerstone of liberty, and with it also comes a degree of responsibility. Something Dr Newman and a number of bloggers here would do well to remember.

I dispute your assertion that my children are being turned " into second or third class citizens in their own land ".
No body has the power to make them so; they are self -determining for as long as we live in a democracy.
And they would deny possession of any attribute which makes them needful of "special consideration" based on race alone.
I assume that your "more inclusive All-Kiwi society" is one in which race plays no part in the allocation of resources, such being based entirely on need.

But we can't be living in a democracy when some individuals by right of birth get one more say at planning processes etc than others, and first dibs at new property rights created from common pool resources. That is an aristocratic system based on the 'divine right of kings that the Glorious and French revolutions sought to overturn.

I live in Wellington. My ancestors arrived on the Bengal Merchant in 1840. Ngati Toa and Te Ati Awa arrived here 10 years earlier. Yet they get both extra consultation rights and treaty settlement monies for compensation of rights purportedly infringed against. My family bore costs associated with the 'land wars' in Wellington in the late 1840s, but has received no government compensation for houses burnt and crops ruined nor any greater rights than later migrants in planning processes. Our property rights were most certainly not protected by the Crown against Maori aggression.

A plausible argument exists that the Treaty is in large part being used strategically by (some) Maori to use Crown sovereign powers to cement in place (i.e. guarantee) rights (over the other potential claimants such as the iwi in residence before the arrival of the European and the muskets) to territories acquired in conquest during the Musket Wars of the 1820s and 1830s, by virtue of the 'freeze frame' that the Treaty sets at 1840. Yet these same plaintiffs wish to deny the Crown the use of the same sovereign rights with regard to territories taken by conquest in the 1860s and 1870s when (purportedly) putting down a rebellion against the legitimate (by way of the Treaty) polity.

If the Treaty did not lead to Maori ceding ultimate sovereignty to the Crown in order to ensure all New Zealanders, both Maori and non-Maori had their rights to properties equally guaranteed, then it seems a little perverse to hold the Crown responsible for failing to uphold those rights subsequently in order to confer greater rights on some New Zealanders than others.

That's it "No name supplied", just keep brushing the genocide of the Moriori under the carpet of holocaust denial.

"Perhaps Dr. Newman would be good enough to enlighten us on when exactly it became illegal for one nation to forcibly invade another and to take all its land"?

I wasn't aware the Mori Ori were asked how they felt. They never got a Treaty.

Excellent article.

Nonsense article.

Fantastic. That's exactly what I want too.
I am sick and tired of paying these racists my hard earned tax dollars so they can progress their seperatist policies.

How many full and final settlements must there be for goodness sake.

Sir Douglas Graham, now disgraced by the inept way he was a finance company director has a lot to answer for in this country.

In many way he started this nonsense. Whatever happenned to the $1 billion dollar cap on the full and final settlement.

Many fo these racist Maori's won't be happy till we are all; sent back to England.

Notice how we have to sing the national anthem in Maori first, when did that bloody nonsense start....

But have you noticed how few people at an event bother to sing it in Maori

Perhaps because they are too racist to learn the words.

The bottom line is that most of us have had a gutsful of those grasping, layabout maoris.

And also of racists and their bloody stupid slogans.

1 Are Maori the indigenous people?
2 Being 3 generation NZer I feel I am a outcast in my own country.My parents and grandparents built this country up in what it is today and they are now branded as the bad guys.
3 The Waitangi Treaty has been highjacked by Maori who are not pure blood but half and quarter cast. Who is Maori?
4 NZ for one people, not Maori and others. The Maori Chiefs who signed the treaty were in many cases more educated than the white settlers of that time, the missionaries wrote the treaty not Maori as they did not have a written language.
5 Under Polonessian law the chiefs were paramount rulers and those sitting in the Waitangi Tribunials are not chiefs.

What the hell is Polonessian law?

Lol. Funny

Should Maori be successful Will Maori pay for the damaged & make for good repair caused by earthquakes & Volcanos due to contamination of water. If so what insurance liability companys have acepted their risk.

Great article Muriel. I'm a 7th generation New Zealander and I am disgusted by how our politicians cow tail to these gravy train thugs.

Maori are NOT indigenous peoples of this country. Fact. So why are we dealing with them? The country has moved on. Everyone has benefited. Let's just move forward under NZ law and work for what you earn. Not bludge like these so called intellectual Maori leaders. Whatever they want to call themselves they are still bludgers. Albeit self important bludgers.

Look what happened in South Africa. The majority of the population took control back. Europeans are the majority here. Taking back power would be easy.

These tiresome gravy train idiots need to get into their canoes and row to the great abyss in the ocean and never return.

Taking power back? You never lost it.

A great article, thanks for the clear expression of the beliefs of the vast majority of New Zealanders.
We all need to remember, Discrimination is wrong and Illegal in the eyes Mother Nature, of God and of the law.
This includes any form of racial discrimination.

but the murder and theft by your ancestors was ok and does not need reparation?

It would be interesting to see Maori make reparation for the centuries of murder, theft, slavery and cannibalism practised their ancestors.

Ah, but that's different, aye!

That's because they did it to their own people moron.

So there have never been iwi divisions among Maori?
No ancestry based on waka?
How did I miss that?

Tribal divisions of one people.

An election based on firmly stated positions around separatism, ownership of water, end of grievance claims and special treatment for a segment of society should do it. Could include a referendum on play dough in schools as well.

Racist idiot.

Guess your plea for equality extends to socio-economic well-being, health, and education? Then best for you to get to know a few Maori and learn to understand their culture before generalising about their intent.

Easy for you with wealth and racial majority to make your liberal assertions. Hopefully NZ society is much more "aware" and tolerant than you and your cronies.

Muriel Newman is talking about equality of rights - not artificially manipulated equailty of outcomes. Everyone in NZ, including Maori, has the same rights and access to healthcare and education, which is as it should be. Everyone in NZ, including Maori, has the same rights to socio-economic well-being if they make the right decisions about their lifestyle choices. Anyone who loses out because they make the wrong lifestyle choices has only themselves to blame. NZ has excellent welfare policies, but these should only ever be a hand up and never a hand out.

Let me tell you something Mr No Name, I grew up in the Far North in the 40's and 50's and can tell you the Maori had as much opportunity as the Kirima to share in the activities you mention above ' most (not all) couldnt be bothered -the same as a lot of them (not all) managed to find their way to the local hotels though.

I am happy to give $1 million to any living breathing person who can prove they are 100% Maori. There would be no takers. Therefore the Maori party and all this racist nonsense is a crock. The only thing holding 'Maori' back are the 'Maori' representatives who say that 'Maori' need a hand up - quickest way to convince people they are useless. Why are so many 'Maori' heading for Oz - no handouts or self imposed 2nd class citizen nonsense there. BTW the $4mill they spent came out of 'our' taxes. Crock.

You don't have to be 100 oer cent blood to be any race.

So if you are of mixed race , you can choose to identify with any or all of the races of which you are composed. Or you can simply ignore race altogether. Your call.

And if you want to identify with your Maori heritage you have every right to.

Funny how they identify only when theres a hand out in the offing. Yet a lot of them have Scottish, English surnames. Seems they are denying their own heritage.

Nope. They ar simply claiming multiple heritages, not denying any.

Australia already provides significant number of reasons for people in this country to immigrate there including standard of living, quality of life, employment and education prospects, career enhancement and climate. If New Zealand adopts a constitution based on The Treaty of Waitangi, not only will there be any number of reasons to go, there will also be a very good reason not to stay.

Totally agree. The Waitangi Tribunal is nothing more than a fast-track to building a society based entirely on race. It is the primary promoter of racism within New Zealand. Its promoters and adherents are themselves guilty of the ultimate act of racism in their denial that within their own genetic make-up the majority carry the gene of the European they so obviously despise. They use their maori blood instead as a cloak to acquire benefits denied to those who can make no such claim.

Reply to #3..
This nonsensse was started by Norm Kirk, then compunded by David Lange, all for Political gain at the Polls. Then the foolish NZ voters selected MMP, as our style of govt.
This allowed the Maori minority to start 'gouging' the NZ taxpayer 'big time'!; aided and abbetted by the Judiciary and the Public Serice.

What absolutley staggers me is that John Key panders to all these maori issues. NZ desperately needs leadership.

John Key is not the one, he has to go.

I say great give them what they want on the condition they use their resources to build 100% Maori schools, Maori universities , Maori hospitals and these institutions must be staffed totally by none other than 100% Maori teachers , Maori doctors and Maori specialists . Don't look to the non Maori to subsidiise costs or step into the health sector for delivery of specialist services.

What an idiot.

I disagree his comment is valid, Maori should have to pay if thats the way they want to play it. Put them back in their grass skirts and flax huts in the cold. The truth is if it was for the colonization of New Zealand, Maori would be extinct.

There is no place for apartheid in Aotearoa.
You may be aware of a document called the Treaty of Waitangi; it prescribes a partnership.

Excellent article and Im glad it was printed.
We have a right as citizens of New Zealand to voice our opinions on how we feel this country should be run.If we do not believe that Maori should have race based preference we should make it known and we also have the right to do something about it.
The government is there to represent the majority not a minority.If the government won't do what it's told by its electorate we have every right to replace them with one that will.
The problem today is that the treaty can be open to interpretation and this latest reccomendation by the tribunal over water rights is absurd.Clever lawyers are paid to persuade twist and distort facts to gain an outcome in ones favour regardless of the costs,clearly this is happening here.

A govt is there to represent everyone and not just the majority.

Reading about the abolition of play dough in child care centres this morning because it is culturally insensitive to Maori, is about the last straw for me. How can one be proud and motivated to advanced NZ’s place in the world, with this absurd and obscene nonsense going on?? Who in their right mind advocates such nonsense, and who in their right mind goes along with it? Words fail me.

Who the hell is No name supplied?? Why is NBR not publishing commentators names for heaven's sake, in response to this article? People want their voice heard in this matter and not hide behind some ridiculous pseudonym.

Paul Marsden

maybe its a software bug?

Software bug, or some idiot in NBR who thinks it will make peeps sign/pay up to NBR. But like a Gov. decree it will have the opposite effect ie turn them away.
John Morrison.

Perhaps the All Blacks should stop performing the Haka!

A lot of people are leaving New Zealand (in record numbers) - for economic reasons. Most of them - including Maori I meet o'seas are glad to be rid of the racially divisive politics going on in NZ - the treaty industry.

Still love the NBR though!

I think most have actually gone for economic benefit and the weather.

Well you obviously are a dreamer, the constant treaty BS is pushing good people out of NZ.

A bunch of rent-seeking professional lay-abouts are holding the country to ransom. Meanwhile I meet a succession of ambitious hard-working young would-be immigrants who are being first strung along for two years and then forced out of the country by Immigration bureaucrats after failing to jump through all their hoops.

This country has its priorities completely wrong. It doesn't matter who your ancestors were. It does matter what you are prepared to do.

I live in Perth and meet Maori on an almost daily basis here,, good is obvious to me that most Maori with any 'get up and go' ,, have 'got up and gone'!!

Hopefully Maori who are making a go of it in Australia, and good on them for doing so, have given up all their rights to treaty settlements in New Zealand, for they must understand that by working in Australia, they're profiting from the most appalling treatment of the Aboriginal people and it would be the most unimaginable hypocrisy for any Maori to be doing and expecting us in NZ to be attending to the Maori's treasured wounds.

No, they are profiting from a lot of very hardworking and low paid Chinese, just as most NZ shoppers are. But they are contributing a lot of their own effort. Sadly a lot of aboriginal people are still contributing only to their own personal destruction on welfare.

This fiasco is a perfect example of why this country will never ever get back to the living standard we once enjoyed back, post WW2 and through to the early 1970‘s. MMP has seen to that and you can all blame it on yourselves. Since MMP, we have a country that has suffered paralysis by analysis and as a result, we have the tail wagging the dog. Now we have the ludicrous situation of a minority group, influencing Govt policy on what it was elected to power to do. This is untenable in a democracy and we are now seeing signs of a party that was elected to power, prevaricating on major mandate issues. As sure as night follows day, if this matter goes to Court, the Court will find in favour of Maori, and God helps us all then. We need an early election to sort this Treaty nonsense out once and for all, which is destroying this Nation and our economic livelihood. I am particularly aggrieved that the legal profession have a pecuniary interest in ensuring that the Treat industry survives (at the prime cost of the NZ taxpayer), and that this gravy chain of theirs, must cease now.

Paul Marsden

MMP wasn't around in the late$70s and the 80s idiot.

The Treaty gravy train left the station with the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975. If it wasn't for MMP, the train would have been derailed years ago.

May I suggest that you actually read Paul Marsden very good letter.

No NZ court will rule in favour of ownership of water by any one group. Everyone knows that (except possibly you), and that is why this matter will never go to court. The result is a foregone conclusion.
You can expect that there will be calls for a "negotiated settlement".
You need to make a distinction between the law and the courts on one hand , and the legal profession , by which I take it you mean practising lawyers , on the other hand.

"You need to make a distinction between the law and the courts on one hand , and the legal profession , by which I take it you mean practising lawyers , on the other hand"

There is no distinction. Legislation is penned by lawyers. Made statutory by politicians, then enforced by lawyers (aka the Courts). All members of the legal profession must be members of the NZ Law Society (aka the old boys network).

Please, tell me if I'm missing something..??

I have worked for both local and central government, and the money spent on useless maori policies and programmes is absolutely disgusting. One time Treasury wanted to cut my budget and when I said I would have to cut the Maori initiatives and just go main stream, they let me keep it all. If I had said I would have to cut other programmes, they would have cut the budget. Once in a Hui, I asked the Maori leaders what were they doing to help young Maoris into employment, I was told they were waiting for the Treaty to be settled. This is the message they are getting to their young people. Unless this changes and people are thought about self responsability, rather than special rights and stop waiting for taxpayers handouts, we are going to have thousands of Maori people going through unemployment, violence against children and women, the prison system and abuse of priviledges.

Quickest way to disenfranchise a race is to make them dependent on handouts and feel useless. Welfare does this and they also do it to their own with the endless Waitangi greed. Shameful.

The Nation’s assets where built off the sweat and toil of our forefathers, both Maori and Pakeha alike, and we all enjoy the benefits they bring to us today. These assets where paid for by taxes that our Maori and Pakeha forefathers had earned in business/work, and had paid to the Government. When our Maori and Pakeha forefathers built the assets, they were taxed again on their labour. Now years later, an elite sector of Maori are trying to claim propriety rights (ie. ‘ownership‘) of water, of which the kinetic energy is harnessed by dams and from which power is generated. If we accept the absurd notion that Maori ‘own’ the water, then it is equally as preposterous for Pakeha to claim ownership of say the concrete and technology used in the construction of the dams/supply grid etc, and charge Maori for its ‘use‘. Water is invented and owned by nature. Concrete and all the peripheral technology that turns the kinetic energy of water into power (and the distribution thereof), is invented and owned by man. Spot the difference.

Maori and Pakeha are brothers-in-arms and family and Maori leaders should stop humiliating and making fools of themselves, attempting to leverage off mythical nonsense for an ‘easy hundy’ and political gain.

Sir Eddie Durie and his ilk, should reserve their ancestral mythology for the tourist industry.

How many races of humans are there?

All I can say is Maori are very lucky the Poms founded this country. the french or any Asian invaders would have wipred the lot out.

What is race?

No wonder this is an opinion piece - who would actually stand behind this as credible, news-worthy reporting? What ignorant, ill-informed drivel. Just because you are a "Doctor" doesn't mean you know everything.

I know you would be unable to understand it.
All she is saying that ALL NZ subjects should be equal in the eyes of the crown.
I go further and say somebody born and raised in NZ has no more rights to natures gifts than somebody born in say the Philippines, and raised in a car case.
But you wouldn't understand that either!! *sigh*
Have a nice day
John Morrison

There's quite a a few people - Newman included - who don't like the rule of law and the fact everybody's equal before it when it doesn't suit them. Like all the English law (now NZ law) around native title and customary rights.

Read this: Treaty of Waitangi.htm

So Dr Muriel is writing her Mein Kampf manifesto to attack the Maori. She is using pseudo-intellectual arguments similar to propaganda that Dr Goebbels and Hitler used to denigrate and exterminate Jews in Europe. Ein Volk ,Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer (one people, one nation, one leader). Lets see the Newzeelander Party march the streets of Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin. What will you look like? How united are you? At least Maori marched in mass to protest against law changes to Maori customary title. Or the Irish had the guts to fight for an Irish Republic. Or the Scots for their own parliament. Gaelic independence versus Angle-Saxon-Norman arrogance. Swap Gaelic with Maori. Similar cries for independence. So what is a New Zealander, Muriel? Define one for me so that I can say there marches a New Zealander, God Defend it. Heil.

Ad hominem nonsense. If you want to make a Nazi comparison you are on the wrong side. Hitler was for racial purity and entitlement casting out the Jews. That compares with the Maori separatists, not with those who wish to end racial discrimination in our laws and democracy.

What? Hitler wanted to be a Maori.