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Diary Duchess steals Ridges last act

Forget about a faked “boxing” bout – cuddly gossip queen Rachel “The Duchess” Glucina trumped the last act of The Ridges TV series.

As Mummy Ridge and her gorgeous offspring raged over nasty comments tweeted by the New Zealand Herald’s much-loved diary darling, who was seen coming down the stairs but the hugely popular Ms G herself.

Trapped like a moth to a flame by the camera, a black-clad Ms Glucina appeared to falter – was she going to turn and run, the viewer held his breath? – before striding resolutely on, turning her face from the unrelenting lens.

Did we hear “bitch”, “don’t trip over”" yes, trip over"  and other ugly-ness from the Blonded Ones?

Surely not.

The Blonded Ones made the most of Ms Glucina’s cameo appearance to settle a few gossip scores.

Which raises an interesting point.

Ms Glucina’s appearance was without doubt the highlight of the final episode, yet oddly no reviewers – content to scribble feverishly about the “boxing” bout – appear to have mentioned it until now.

Could it be the others wrote about what was already well known for weeks and didn’t watch the show at all?

RIDGES' TWIN PEAKS: Between the mouse in episode one, and the cat fights of episode six, it was all down hill for the reality show (Nielsen TAM ratings via; click graph to enlarge.)

Or maybe, just maybe, it wasn't the real Trixy Tattle-Tale, but a cunning and cruelly stage-managed body double planted to fox us all...

Will the truth out??? Do we care???

Guess who, don’t sue…

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Comments and questions

Was it my imagination or was Glucina carrying a Big Ben pie wrapper when she was walking down those stairs?

That is a cruel, hurtful and unhelpful remark...Is it true??? Hmmm...

what I found interesting is that TV3 wrapped up the show last night with a 'one hour special'. i.e., they daren't stretch the series out by one more episode and conclude it next week.

I think Jamie had the wrong opponent someone should have thrown Glucina in the ring.

Would have to be someone very strong to pick her up let alone throw her....

who cares

this is just trash tv that lowers the IQ for everyone involved

please tell me my taxes weren't wasted on this shite by NZ on air

I watched it for 5 seconds, then my eyes started to bleed and I had to change channels

Like you Anon, this 'shite' lowers an already low IQ level and dissipates whats left of any EQ! I abated my morbid curiosity and didn't even watch one second opting for a good book...a paper with spy's, book.

Beauty and The Geek Australia kills this trash show.

What were those idiots at TV3 thinking? It looks like free to air TV is rapidly becoming a ghetto for those that cannot afford sky TV (which in itself is only marginally better)

The real shame of it is that she was probably the friend of a friendf of a producer who decided to pitch this rubbish. TV3 should IQ test its execs and have as clean out, as should TVNZ

no doubt about it - that had the hallmarks of Porkchop.

pretty awful show- who are these wannbe celebs and who at TV3 decides to present such a woeful show?

Poor Jamie, she should have been taken away from her mother at birth!!!

Woeful is correct! the scenes are all contrived. The mouse scene was possibly filmed a few times to ensure it ran where it could be filmed-the fight was a farce and frankly it was boring to watch (so I didn't for long!). Will Jamie ever grow up or will she need Sally to 'mother' her through her adult life?

It's all Matthew Ridges's fault, should never had said jokingly "you two should have your own show". He must have known it would all end in tears, especially after the curry enema. Oh well, what cr*ps on TV next?

Haha - I loved the show

The Ridges who?

Mouse was the star. Give him his own show

Did David Hartnell write this article?

If you watched unless you have no sense of humour and a heart of stone I don't see how you could help but like it. It was light, quirky and entertaining. Nothing more. Nothing less. But certainly a surprise to many that they actually enjoyed it.

I think tv3 execs think the average viewer is mentally disabled to put this garbage on air. Thank god for the piratebay

Why would you watch David Attenborough's Planet Earth, when you can nourish your brain with The Ridges?

I enjoyed it the Ridges. It was no more cr*p than the offerings of those in the media who pooh-poohed it. I listened to Mike Hosking, Wendyl Nissen, and Jeremy someone talk about Wendyl's underpants this morning and it was very funny but they all hoe'd into the Ridges as being low brow entertainment over the last few weeks. Jane Clifton had a similar attitude in her Dompost article so I have to wonder what she thinks she is writing. Are her articles not just low-brow entertainment for the masses? Commercial media (those that go broke if they don't make a profit) are not there to inform or educate us they are there to sell - as I think Rupert once said - toothpaste, tampons and toilet paper. If they identify a market out there who will watch, read or listen for a few minutes then they will make a show out of it.
You can still watch Attenborough as well you know. I usually watch the Wellington Lions for serious sport and am now going to follow the New Auckland Blues coach for some Ridge-like entertainment! The best of both worlds.
I thank God though that Sally Ridge wasn't my mother. She certainly has a sporting fetish. First she married a top rugby/league player then a top cricketer and now she condones her teenage daughter to get in the boxing ring just so the 'look at moi look at moi' Silly Sally Show rolls on.

The series was unbelievable rubbish. Was it intended to entertain the Auckland Jet set? I hope NO taxpayer dollars were spent on this nonsense.

"Cuddly Gossip Queen" was beautifully put, Jock. You also could have called her the "Chubby Celebrity Stalker".

Who are all these high brow people anyway? Lighten up NZ, it was six episodes of fluff, but actually quite entertaining fluff. It was not funded by NZOA, so why the public outcry? Nobody got hurt in the making (except possibly the mouse?)

Ok - not the best show ever but it was funny. And average, but sweet.

Rachel on the other hand? Really - you have put yourself in a bad light. I've met you a few times and you're nice 'in an arrogantly rude' way.

After this episode - no. Just plain rude. Best of luck finding your next job.