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Dick Smith Australia Day ad banned by networks

An ad by Dick Smith timed for Australia Day (January 26) has been banned by TV networks, reports marketing industry site Mumbrella.

The ad pushes OzEmite and other spreads and sauces in his Dick Smith Foods range (for which profits go to charity; his main occupation since he sold the chain store that bears his name).

That's all well and good. But apparently the networks found the sexual innuendo around his first name, and images of boat people struggling ashore from a burning shipwreck, all a bit much.

The jingoistic Aussie entrepreneur apparently spent $A100,000 on an ad buy for the spot. That's said to be money down the drain. Though maybe not so much if the YouTube version of the ad goes viral. Watch it above. (Warning: extreme Australianess may offend.)

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Comments and questions

Thanks for the laugh you just have to love those Aussies!

Go Dick, stupid PC people in Aussie too, it seems.
Run the ad. At least he is putting his money where his mouth is. Well done, Dick. Pity some Kiwis don't follow the same lead!

I love it, of course the global publicity he gets from this will more than cover the ad money.

I love Dick

Quite right, the TV networks ban the ads. Couched in salacious innuendo and double entendres. Tacky as it is crass.

Funny name, Richard :D.

Typical Australian corn - the sort of humour heard in a boys' schhol playground.

When the My Kitchen Rules ad has Jake saying to the other female contestant "game on mole" I it find offensive. This is shown all day starting at 7.45am. This deserves a higer rating than PG.

I love Dick, too. Good on him.

Good on yer, mate

I LOOOVE IT... Good on ya, Aussie Dick!

Dick is pretty big in Australia but it still takes big balls to pull off something like that. Come on Aussies, get in behind him and push hard for the Buy OZ campaign. Every country should have one.

I can't believe he doesn't make a selection of sausages as well.
I would have thought that banning this would only ever occur in New Zealand, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Aussies are usually up for a bit of a laugh, especially given the money goes to charity.

The advert is running on Aussie radio, and they Ockers love it, so I am told by friends across the ditch

Sigh. Doesn't seem offensive enough to ban. How silly.

Good on ya, Dick. Let everyone know where our money goes supporting foreign-owned products. Come on Aussies, get behind Australia and buy Australian. It's time to take a stand just like Dick.

Good on ya, Dick! The free internet publicity will now take over and you won't have to spend any more money on TV ads. Great marketing idea.

Good on ya, Dick. Stick to your goal and the rest will follow suit. Whatever happened to good olde Aussie heroes? We're with you all the way.

Go Dick! Wish I could buy Aussie Foods in America : (

When did we become so precious?

This ad is a great laugh. Aussies can always laugh at themselves. We seem to have lost our sense of humour.

Well done! I love Dick.

Fab Aussie advert, humour is alive and well. Well done, Dick!

Good on ya, Dick. Give him another tug for me, will ya?

Dick doesn't need our support, he can stand up by himself.

Politically correct wankerism at play. Next they will have a standard operation procedure for barbecuing "shrimps" - er, prawns, that is. OH&S gone mad, along with all the other idiots that approve the apalling array of ads that should be banned as a result of stupidity. ONYA Dick, spotted or otherwise.