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Dotcom and Mein Kampf

3 News reports:

Internet millionaire and alleged cyber-pirate  has admitted owning one of the rarest pieces of Nazi memorabilia in existence.

On the eve of the launch of his Internet Party, Dotcom has confirmed he purchased one of the first copies of ’s book, Mein Kampf, signed by the man who went on to establish the Third Reich.

It is one thing to read Mein Kampf. It is widely available. But to buy a rare first edition personally signed by Hitler is incredibly suspect, and very bad taste when done by someone of German nationality. To do a comparison, could you imagine a Cambodian buying an signed copy of the memoirs of Pol Pot?

“Let me make absolutely clear – I’m not buying into the Nazi ideology,” says Dotcom. “I’m totally against what the Nazis did. I did buy a cigar holder off Churchill and a pen off Stalin.”

There’s a big difference between a pen and the book which was used at motivation for genocide of around six million Jews.

Whale Oil has more details:

On May 21 2011 Alex Mardikian sat down for breakfast with Kim Dotcom in Spain. …

Dotcom asked what Mardikian thought about the fact he now owned a book written by “the greatest German who has ever lived”.

This is an on the record statement from Mr Mardikian. I am sure it is denied, but then you have to judge the motives of the two parties. What reason would Mardikian have to invent such a quote? Not hard to think of the reason you would deny it.

But there is more:

Further investigations by WOBH have revealed that not only does Kim Dotcom own a signed and autographed copy of Mein Kampf, one of the rarest copies on the market, but he also possesses other Nazi memorabilia.

One item is a Nazi flag, that until recently was displayed in the cellar of his mansion at Coatesville.

This presumably can be substantiated also. It either was or was displayed.

The flag was given to him on his birthday in 2011 by one of his guests at his birthday party.

At the time of the birthday and the gift Kim Dotcom exclaimed to all in attendance that this was “the best present he had ever been given”.

He profusely thanked the guest repeating over and over how happy he was to have received the flag. Again his closest confidantes remonstrated with Dotcom over the flag and he shrugged off the criticism by claiming it was all a big joke.

There were lots of guests at that party I assume, so again should be easy to verify if this is correct or not.

WOBH can confirm that the flag is still in the possession of Dotcom because in the days after the raids two staff were tidying up ahead of the arrival of John Campbell and his cameras. They were going to tour the mansion for a soft piece on the aftermath of the raid.

Those two staff thought, rightly, that the flag wouldn’t look good on television and so folded it up and put it away for safe keeping in some boxes also stored in the cellar.

One former staff member spoken to by WOBH (who wishes to remain anonymous due to ongoing threats from Dotcom) in our ongoing investigations of the REAL secret life of Kim Dotcom has told us that regularly, at dinner, Nazi salutes would be made and Nazi chants like “Heil Hitler”  and “Sieg Heil” were made, especially if the guests were mainly German.

The former staff member is unnamed, and again it is he said vs he said but what is the chance that both Mr Mardikian and the former staff member are both making it up, especially when combined with the fact that Dotcom did buy a signed copy of Mein Kampf and did keep and display a Nazi flag given to him?


Will this be enough to scare Hone Hawarira off the Dotcom Party? I don’t think so. The only demand Mana have made of Dotcom is that he agree to vote to get rid of National if they get MPs in Parliament. Of course the aim of the party is to get rid of National, as they want a sycophantic Government to replace them that will decline Dotcom’s extradition if the  courts find the extradition order is valid. So I am sure the Dotcom Party will in turn soon declare they are committed to getting rid of National, and then we’ll see how much control Hone has over Mana and can he get them to agree to an effective merger.

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

You and Whale Oil tag teaming on Dotcom's Nazi memorabilia on the eve of his Internet Party launch. Is this fomenting happy mischief?

I'm not happy if Dotcom is a Nazi sympathiser. Not a good look.
a. Strange coincidence this issue surfaces prior to him launching his political party, and
b. Should we dump the Ministerial Limousiunes? I am sure BMW profited under Hitler's regime.

"It is one thing to read Mein Kampf. It is widely available. But to buy a rare first edition personally signed by Hitler is incredibly suspect...."

I don't really see this as suspect....those with money can read AND buy this sort of thing. It is far better to remember history so one does not repeat the Nazi flag, lets not forget the Swastika on the Nazi flag had a history long before Hitler put it on the flag.....

Political storm in a teacup...meh

This is a new low for NZ media.

Of course, the headlines and spin wouldn't have been nearly as sensational if they had highlighted the truth buried further down in the story:

KDC has a collection of WW2 memorabilia including rare articles from Churchill (gasp), Stalin and Hitler.

Let us not forget that Prince Harry is also obviously a Nazi sympathizer. Perhaps that story needs spinning up again.

Has anyone ever accused Dotcom of having good taste? I hope not.

DotCom clearly belongs in the US where showing off all the "cool stuff" your wealth has obtained isn't as frowned upon.

Yeah. Like buying a first ed. of, say, Muldoon's memoirs, or Prebbles, or Jones's, or Douglass's. At least Hitler limited his output to a single volume.

Play the ball, please, not the player.

That said, if Internet Party policy turns out to be blatantly (or even subtly) racist, divisive or elitist, I'll accord it the same level of respect I do all such menaces, including National and Act.

Racist, divisive or elitist? So add Labour, the Greens, Mana and NZ First to your list all of whom have been that and more. Who are you left with to vote for? Or are you just in favour of more discerning forms of racism, elitism etc?

the NZX and FMA should be looking very carefully at Dot Coms attempt to back MEGA into TRS a listed company whose main shareholder is under investigation in OZ with 25 charges of market manipulation and insider trading.
Otherwise NZ will go back on the FATF AML/CTF Black List like we were until a couple of years ago.
NZX needs to clean up its act and stop undesirables being directors or shareholders of NZX companies. We have enough local undesirables on the boards of NZX companies. We don't need any foreigners.

Personally, I'd be more concerned if he had admitted to owning a collection of Val Doonican records.

Or his cardigans.

This smells very like mischief-making...simply drumming up trouble. I'm disgusted.

What an overt political hit job. I have been thinking for some time now that Mr Dotcom has worn out his welcome vis-a-vis his album, political party and other attendances. He seems unaware (and/or has poor advisers) that New Zealand culture is very provincial and if there is one thing Kiwis loathe it is person proud of their success. Mr Dotcom originally had momentum, e.g., in winning a number of Court cases, but now the dark nature of Godzone is beginning to show itself. He will be incarcerated in the United States in 12-18 months not because he deserves it but because he has said naughty things about too many powerful people and as a foreigner that is the kiss of death. Read the Orlov case Mr Dotcom, when an immigrant speaks out against the government it is a death sentence in Lilliput. Be afraid, be very afraid. You think you will get a fair go, but that is all propaganda, the racism here is ingrained.

John Key wears Hugo Boss... Hugo Boss dressed the Nazis... why am I the only one worried about this connection?!

In fact other members of the cabinet may also have some connection with Germany in some way - perhaps they have even visited there at some point in time?!

The blogosphere should give their audience a bit more credit - I long for a simpler time when media manipulation wasn't as transparent and cynical...Its enough for tears to pool in my handlebar moustache!

What a beat-up - so he has a rare book - I'd treasure a signed copy of Mein Kampf - 'twould be worth a lot, methinks.

He also has a pen that was once owned by Stalin. Does that make him a cheerleader for the gulags and the killings under Stalin?

The majority above seem to see this as a storm in a tea cup. I wonder if they would have the same opinion if John Key had a Nazi flag in his cellar and used the Nazi salute, even in fun (which of course he wouldn't do). I find this very disturbing behaviour, especially from a German.

I agree Noel.

The apologists are simply swallowing the PR spin spun to them by the telly and granny horrid.

Perhaps they should re-read his long list of convictions for dishonesty offences and then re-evaluate their auto-default setting with making critical analysis and informed decisions.