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Dotcom gets $60K monthly living allowance, Mercedes

High Court Justice Judith Potter has ordered the Official Asignee to release $60,000 a month for Kim Dotcom's living expenses.

The funds consist of $20,000 a month derived from the interest on $10 million in New Zealand government bonds owned by Mr Dotcom, and the balance in $40,000-a-month installments from a now-unfrozen $301,758 bank account.

The alleged internet pirate has also been given use of a 2011 Mercedes Benz G55AMG, one of nine Mercedes in his fleet seized by the Crown.

$9000 a month for van der Kolk
The Official Assignee will also release $9166 a month in living expenses for co-accused Bram van der Kolk.

Mr van der Kolk was earlier granted the use of his seized vehicle, a 2005 model Mercedes.

Funds previously released
On February 29, Mr Dotcom and his wife Mona were given access to $33,000 in frozen funds for a three week period, which ended yesterday (21,000 was for living expenses over the three weeks, the balance for medical expenses for Mrs Dotcom, who is pregnant).

The February decision also saw the release of $74,000 from a trust account to be pay creditors of Mr Dotcom's Megastuff company, owed $550,000. The money was to be released on the condition it was paid into a trust account of law firm Simpson Grierson.

Justice Potter also granted Mrs Dotcom access to one of the couple's vehicles, 2010 Toyota Vellfire people-mover, estimated to be worth $75,000.

Comments and questions

Why hasnt he got it all back the initial judgement to seize assets was illegal!!!

Because a new amended application was recieved.

OHHHH Poor old dottycom, how on earth is he going to live on only $60,000 a month. How mean is that?
Wouldn't surprise me to see him out protesting with the wharfies.

You're an idiot - and an embarrassment to the family

Its his money he is being given back, money he has earned , so this is a ridiculous thing to say and probably from a person who has never achieved anything in life.

He is charged with stealing other peoples property. That is something I have never done.
I have achieved and what I have achieved, and am achieving, has been and is being through hard, honest, productive and personal endeavour.
This is in the hands of the authorities and we will see what washes up, shall we? And please do not be so insulting to the NBR readers intelligence by inferring that he "earned" it.

John Morrison. Everyone is a criminal in the eyes of the law. Careless driving, speeding are two that you should be before the courts on right now. The list of laws you have no doubt broken goes on and on. You are guilty, no doubt about that! Now how about a dawn raid on your family and all your assets seized.

Give the guy a break.

Any rational person knows this whole fiasco is clearly a beat up by the USA because they didn't get SOPA through.

Do the copyright math and get your head out of the sand.

"John Morrison. Everyone is a criminal in the eyes of the law. Careless driving, speeding are two that you should be before the courts on right now. The list of laws you have no doubt broken goes on and on. You are guilty,"
GARBAGE just like megaupload. a place for losers that do not want to pay for the use of others property.

John - Just a heads up, I know several legitimate businesses internationally have / had megaupload subscriptions for transferring data that email was just plain incapable of. This is the reason why so many complaints occurred when the servers were going to be purged. Just think how big some of the data files are for large civil projects. I reckon a lot of big corporate names are going to be exposed as clients of a service you have already judged as guilty.

So okay, what you're saying is that , not all of mega uploads activities were/are illegal?
I find that easy to believe.
It is very common for a criminal activity to have a legitimate front.
Thanks for the "heads up", but I'm afraid I don't believe legit users of MU should have anything to worry about.

you are a sanctimonious self serving dork with no idea of commercial reality

Thanks for character reference. It is what I would expect from people who think that "commercial activity" does not, and should not include ethical behaviour,
Are you a Director of a merchant bank? Your comments certainly suggest that you are, or have been?.

I have always found the more ethical people purport themselves to be the more untrustworthy they are ,normally these people are god botherers as well.

You sure as 'ell don't know me, so stop guessing and stick to the topic.
That is if your attention span can handle it.

i wasnt talkint to you , you bore me.

60k a month!!? lucky if that would take care of the fish-tank man....

Meanwhile in another part of town someone else has all their assets frozen without any charges being laid. Well done Winklemann J... makes you wonder how you sleep at night with that sort of justice being handed out.

contary to what you may think our judges do have theit fingers on the pulse....

He should be given the whole lot. Not because the seizure was illegal - After all just retro fit one! But because NZ legal system is innocent until proven guilty. At least it was !!!

I'd just like to know how you manage to spend 60K PER MONTH on day-to-day expenses - not on luxury items, but just on day to day living, which is what they say it is for.

what a total joke - this guy is a crim and he gets to live in the lap of luxury???? what about hafrd working honest people on the bones of their arse???? this stinks

Lawyers will be dining out for a long while on this one .... and then they become judges ....

he is not a "crim" .... innocent until proven guilty ... alleged crimes ... and you just opened yourself up for a defamation lawsuit.

For those who are thinking this is too much money, he is paying a lot in rent of that mansion. Dont forget the poor people who own the mansion who have been missing out on their rent payments!

Thank you. I am amazed at the ignorance of some people!

he is not a "crim" .... innocent until proven guilty ... alleged crimes ... and you just opened yourself up for a defamation lawsuit.

nice garage

looks a sight better than my house!

Run Forrest! Run!!!

Thank you. I'm amazed at how ignorant some people can be!

I think its incredibly insensitive that people are baulking at the fact Kim needs $60,000 per month living allowance. Anyone with half a brain can see that it at least costs that much to feed him.

mate that is just soooo funny!!!! never laughed so hard in my life. a comedian like you should be on the stage.....

End this and deport that fat bastard, enough is enough. Do you think the german authorities would show the same sort of stupidity if a kiwi were in germany and had this sort of conviction.

I for one am sick and tired of reading about this guy.

He'll be able to wine and dine and serve his body well on $60k...and then when he winds up in the coronary care unit of Auckland Hospital the tax payer will pick up the tab. What a mickey mouse country we live in.His residency should be revoked forthwith and he should be dispatched ASAP to which ever country will accept him(he has passorts for 2 or 3) . Good riddance i say

Could you please leave my country too?

People get it in your head - this is his money he is wanting to get back not public money. He is innocent until he has been proven guilty - and personally i think the US Authorities are going to have a hard time proving those charges. This is all to do with the USA trying to throw their weight around. Kim Dot Com has raised valid points - that Google and other File sharing companies are doing the same things. But hey they are American owned - wonder why there not being charged??? Time will tell - until he is proven Guilty he has a right to live his life, and spend his own money the way he wants too. Crown law argument was poor and cannot not say what Kim Dot COM wanted Monetary wise was unreasonable based on that the average Kiwi does not live on that amount of money. He is not the average Kiwi - he is a successful businessman who employed all these people in his Auckland community to do work for him. If he is found guilty fair enough strip his assets - but until then, grow up little New Zealand and let him live his life.

I get the whole innocent until proven guilty thing but I cannot help but wonder if the same amount of legal effort would have been put into a case involving someone who wasnt as wealthy as this character... It seems we now have two laws in New Zealand... one for the rich and another for the poor.

What a shame all of our comments are giving the editors of this vapid site a hard on for more kim dot com coverage, I am utterly bored with it and think we should just boot this guy out of the country and spend limited legal resources on those that really need it. let the US try to pin these charges on the guy.

Excellent comment - anonymous

Pretty sure I saw him driving a red convertible up parnell road last week. Anyone abl to verify this and back me up?

High Court Justice Judith Potter is just asking for a beating. Lets hope the geek gets some sense into him/her/it.

If Dotcom is deported it just proves that the sovereignty of NZ has been radically been compromised by a sell out government that is being controlled by the US