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Dotcom gets $6m for legal, living costs

An Auckland High Court judgment has allowed Kim Dotcom $6 million from a seized government bond to pay his lawyers and cover the costs of his lavish lifestyle. 

Justice Judith Potter has allowed Mr Dotcom access to $3.6 million for his legal costs, $123,000 for his wife's legal costs and $1 million for rent due on his Coatesville mansion.

The money will come from a $10 million government bond which was seized by police.

Mr Dotcom's lawyers had not yet been paid for numerous court appearances since he was arrested on copyright charges in January.

The judgment also allows Mr Dotcom to sell some of his prized cars, including a 2009 Mercedes E500 and a 2008 Rolls Royce Coupe. 

RAW DATA: Read the judgment (PDF)

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Comments and questions

Good. Would have been a hell of a lot cheaper if Judge McNaughton had spent half-an-hour reading the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, Extradition Act, and thinking about the Copyright Act' before kick-off. Guess he was too blinded by the prospect of receiving a medal like the Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong to worry about such minor details that might curb power

Really, Big-boy needs to rinsed the same way as he rinsed the movie studios. He could be offered a bit-role in the next 'Pirates of the Caribbean' anthology. And he's made to walk the plank into shark-infested waters.

Your clueless! no use describing just how clueless because your most likely too old to understand the tech industry anyhow.

Kim Dotcom for mayor !

Good on him , after all it is his money, shame of it is the greedy lawyers will likely leave him with nothing by the time this soap opera concludes. still has a long fight so far he has managed to show that new zealand justice and police are blind to the rule of law . how can the young respect those institutions and on top of it we have key supporting banks

Tell me again that John key had no prior knowledge of the dotcom road.

I've claimed all along that he did, and the wolves are at his door. I hope this matter will bring the Government down, for lying to its people. Either way, the taxpayer is going to pay dearly for the foly of its leaders.

He may not have, but his administration sure as hell did

Well then, he has some very serious questions to ask of his administration as to why he was not in the loop. Lets see some heads roll, because as a taxpayer, I am really pi##ed

Brace yourselves taxpayers of NZ, because we will be picking up the tab for this in the end.

The Govt should keep all his money and then dispatch him to the US - that's a true win/win for all except the fast food chains in his neighbourhood and his lawyers.

This dotcom fiasco raises doubts about the govts ability to "negotiate" a free trade agreement with USA. This govt has no dignity when being dealt to by USA!

Google links to far more illegal content than MegaUpload ever did....

Great, the court have "allowed" him to spend some of his own money ....

I guess it is like how the govt. "allows" us to keep some of our income.

We are no longer living in a free country.

Quite obvious how this all ends- Dotcom gets to stay in NZ, and the Yankee movie companies use his technology to realease movies. Any other solution is going to mean a real legal bunfight. The Yanks just wanted to a delay while they got organised.

How much sympathy and attention would a kiwi have got if convicted of similar crimes whilst residing in Germany?

Somehow I guess it'd be a jail sentence and then deportation, yet here in NZ we make this guy, a criminal, into a folk hero

What does giving him his $6m back do for the proceeeds of crime act? Perhaps we should have followed the EUs example and jailed this guy and then deported him

You clearly dont understand the issues involved in this case and the only sense I can make from your comment is your acceptance that Kim Dotcom has become a folk hero.

I totally agree? What if it's proven that this "$6mill." was ill-gotten? What then?
Does he need to live in a rented mansion?
What has he done that is so bad that he needs million dollar lawyers?
He could use a months rent and buy the flashest house in Otautau.
Then work through his problems with Invercargills Citizens advice Bureau?

So what time's the party??

John Key must have known as PM, that is PRIME MINISTER, all others report to him and the local MP for The electorate that Kim Dot Com lives in. We know that the Coatesville electoral office had cpmplaints about Dot Coms penchant for driving too fast for many months before the Botched Police raid, so with all these connections does John Key really think we as the eclectorate can buy his absolute declaration on TV that quote, "he had never heard ofo this man until the day before tha raid on the Coatsvills mansion." Nonsense and lies.
We now know that various ministries have debated who will hold the can for liability for the inevitable damages litigation and the Police have won that ballot.
Bunch of muppets in Wellington from the top down

todays herald spells it out clear the government had to nominate a stste institution to accept responsibilty if kim . com prevails. or the court was gtoing to unfreeze all his assets and mega upload s data . but then the american ambassidor steeped in. . its corruption at the higest level as i have stated before if it dont suit just change the law . that is not true justice .

Congratulations! Dotcom keep fighting, after all it's your money. I hope every person who signed off on the Dotcom raid and illegal warrants will publicly apologies to Dotcom and NZ taxpayers and do the decent thing by offering their resignations and back off, before anymore taxpayers money goes down the drain. This will be an expensive and good lesson for some officials who make the law as well as break the law... On that note we need more judges like
Judge Winkelmann, who is not swayed by outsiders :) and has exposed the flaws in our justice system