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Dotcom granted internet, pool, music studio access

Kim Dotcom has been granted three extensions to his bail conditions in a hearing in the North Shore District Court this afternoon.

Judge David Harvey granted the accused internet pirate the right to access the internet.

Mr Dotcom, who is living at the $4.2 million mini-mansion be bought neighbouring the Chrisco mansion he rents, was also granted the right to swim in the larger property's swimming pool between 8pm until 9.30pm - or another time agreed with his electronic bail assessor.

The German millionaire's bail conditions had previously barred him from the sprawling Chrisco property.

He was also granted his third wish - to continue to musical recording he had began at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios in central Auckland before his arrest - but only for four hours a day two days a week.

Co-accused Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk asked for the right to meet with Mr Dotcom to discuss the case.

The judge allowed them one six-hour visit per week.

The Crown unsuccessfully opposed Mr Dotcom's request to travel to Roundhead Studios, claiming it raised a flight risk.

It did not oppose the accused pirate's request for internet access.

Asked outside the court if he would copyright the music he is working on, Mr Dotcom said yes. He had big legal bills and needed every revenue stream he could get.

Comments and questions

This could almost be an april fools joke.

Judge grants NZ resident:
- internet access
- right to swim in neighboring pool between 8pm and 9.30pm (did he also grant him enough money to pay for the heating of the pool?)
- to record a rap album in the hope of starting an international career in the industry he apparently destroyed.

At least he know has internet access to can defend his world number one position in call of duty 3.

I agree.

I suspect the typical US Govt over zealousness in this whole case. Interesting to note the number of US Govt depts that have apparently used the Megaloads website if Dotcom produces the evidence he indicates he has.

Egg on the US Govt face? Not the first time although the egg will be shared with the NZ Govt this time.

I think the Media Moguls case (for that is what this is really about) against Mr Dotcom is slowly dying a death of a thousand cuts. Little by little the courst must give him the freedoms that any unconvicted Nz'er should and usually enjoys including those who committed grievous crimes I'm sad to say.

Anon - Give him the freedoms like Mark Hotchin has? At least Dotcom is charged with a criminal case.

the question i have is say if NZ govt has this wrong, and it feels like it - will we need to pay out about a billion dollars back to him for destroying his business???? whoopsy !!

Agree. Did we get an indemnity from US for civil actions. What does the treaty say?

All I know is I am sick of hearing about this fat german waste of space.. surely there is some real news (a cat stuck up a tree anyone?)