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Dotcom offers $US5m bounty for whistleblower info that could help his case

Kim Dotcom, who faces an extradition hearing in July, has put a $US5 million bounty on the table for information that could help his case (mirroring a move by Flight MH370 families, some of whom are backing a new crowdfunding campaign that seeks to raise a $US5 million reward for whistleblowers).

“Let me be clear, we are asking for information that proves unlawful or corrupt conduct by the US government, the New Zealand government, spy agencies, law enforcement and Hollywood,” Mr Dotcom told TorrentFreak.

How will he fund the bounty, and who will decide the worth of information?

The details are still being ironed out.

“I’m currently in talks with my legal team about how to formalize the bounty. We will probably setup a trust account to deposit the bounty and provide terms and conditions for anyone who will provide information. I will not just offer a bounty for the piece of ‘case winning’ information but for anything useful,” Mr Dotcom said.

Mr Dotcom says his legal team's opinion is that disclosure of such information would be legal (although the experience of Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange has been that, justified or not in a legal context, the US government has taken steps against data leakers).

He promises anonymity, and free legal assistance for whistleblowers, and suggests they use a new tool from UK paper The Guardian called Secure Drop.

Mr Dotcom faces piracy, racketeering and money laundering charges filed by the US Department of Justice, and civil suits brought by the MPAA (representing Hollywood studios) and the RIAA (representing multinational record labels).

Comments and questions

Sounds like a gullibility test to me.

Interesting that people are now openly doing this

Lotto for info is a good marketing line

This is all going to end badly & most are pretty sure it wont be DC

Charge him with treason and move on.

This guy has the ability to topple governments.

Maybe but crooks tend to shoot themselves in the foot so don't get too excited

To which "crooks" are you referring?? ....

Maybe the artists and film company investors and everyone else he screwed over should put up a similar fund for whistleblowers as to MegaUpload's intent... that from day one DC intended to hijack IP to create traffic to sell that stolen IP. This is the core of the case, not some BS about surveillance paranoia and how to use "illegal" evidence gathering (of FACTUAL evidence) as a mechanism to step out of a $400m theft and fraud noose.

It all seems to be an admission of guilt on his part. He's showing just how desperate he is in fact. It's the USA after all. He's got plenty of money to hire the best lawyers. Even OJ got acquitted. He surely could too if there was even a shred of doubt. But no, the only way he sees out is to find some technicality to get it thrown out or actually form a government with anyone willing to take his cash and stop his extradition at the ministerial level. These are the actions of a guilty and cornered person.

Stepping Back, I hope you are not selected as part of the jury as you have convicted him without hearing the evidence. What about innocent until found guilty?

Now if Herr Dotcom is found guilty, and his money is found to be the proceeds of crime, it will be confiscated, and anyone who has received some will have to pay it back - Like Hone and Harre. (Anything to do with Helen and Heather?)