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Dotcom plans to drop bomb on Key five days before election — but Harre in the dark

Kim Dotcom says he has proof the Prime Minister lied about when he first knew about him (John Key has long maintained he did not know about his electorate constituent Kim Dotcom until the eve of the raid on his mansion).

The Internet Party leader told 3News he plans to release his evidence at an Auckland Town Hall rally five days before the election.

As far as Mr Dotcom's political stunts go, it's a juicy one. And while much of middle New Zealand is unlikely to be moved by any revelation GCSB Minister Mr Key was aware of the accused pirate before January 20, it would help the Internet Mana Party nudge toward the crucial 5% threshold.

There was one piece of awkwardness this morning however: Internet Mana Party leader Laila Harre seemed to be in the dark about Mr Dotcom's plans.

Regardless, she appeared to support whatever it is he plans to reveal on September 15.

"Without knowing details of the revelations that he intends to make, [what I can say] is that every single claim Kim has made during the course of this controversy has eventually been borne out by the evidence," Ms Harre told Firstline.

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Comments and questions

If Dotcom really wanted to weaken National's chances of re-election he would never have formed the Internet party. Its mere existence is going to cost all opposition parties votes. I'm not a supporter of Labour/Greens, but if I was I'd stay in bed on election day rather than risk this troublemaker gaining political power should the numbers fall to require Internet/Mana as a coalition partner for the left wing block.

So a proven fraudster - convicted multiple times in recidivist, less than honest behavior, wants NZ to believe him over that of NZ's most popular PM in living memory.

In politics one can be both popular and less than honest. However, if JK has been less than honest during this dotcom saga, I'd still back him as PM and I think that many others would as well.

I would not be so sanguine about the effects for National if DotCom can prove conclusively that Key lied. The old adage 'if he can lie about this what else can he lie about' still has plenty of mileage.

I would not be so sanguine about the potential damage to National if it can be proved conclusively that Key lied. The old adage - ' if he lied about this what else can he lie about' still holds true.
Expect National to wriggle mightily about this before revelation day.

Dotcon lied to get into NZ".What else can he lie about still holds true:"
Expect Dotcon to wriggle about this before revelation day..

It’s a relief that bureaucrats are held to justify their decisions and can be overridden when reasonable.
What Coleman failed to see was that KDC knows how to hold a nasty grudge and would go to extreme lengths to avenge his humiliation including forming his own political party to facilitate this. If Coleman/SIS knew KDC owned a copy of Mein Kampf they might have realised KDC valued its contents above its pure investment value and thus refused residency. They all did a shoddy job.

The fact Dotcom is going to try ride this out until the eve of the Election suggests he is going to try and attack national through the 'perception' Key has lied about.

You know, keep referring to this evidence that inconclusively proves Key's guilt for lying (about which many Nat voters wont actually care anyway), but hold off releasing it until the last possible moment.

Sounds like a great recipe for an anti-climax. Dotcom apologists, dont hold your breath too long. Not good for those precious remaining brain cells.

If it really was a 'king hit' he would release it now.

It is obviously so minor that he knows Key will recover very quickly.

What has our system degraded to when this foreigner can infiltrate our country's political system and stir up the nation with the dregs of his low life. KDC is doing nothing more than ensuring his miserable hulk remains in the press until the next event, he is a theatrical player, playing the press, playing the Mana Party, playing anyone who panders to be his friend based on his wealth. What a shame he is not starved of his oxygen, the platform he needs to spread his influence, none of which will make NZ a better place to live, he is in it for himself and no one else.

I kept wondering about thre size of KDC and now I have figured it out, he is full of hot air.

He certainly wastes more than his fair share of space.

Can the residency of KDC be withdrawn and kick him out of our country?

He has tapped into his $10 million investment funds so he is likely not compliant with his investment residency requirements.

So what? Cunliffe already has form for telling porkies.

If you want to start and win a war, first rule of thumb is to know the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy. There will be many people licking their wounds, as the fat guy has out-smarted and, out-manoeuvred them. To date, the only people who appear to have acted with any honour in this matter (much to my surprise), is the Court. There needs to be some serious sanctions imposed upon all those who have lied and broken the law in this farce, which has involved the illegal destruction of a NZ resident’s business, together with the illegal seizure of his assets and property. Far worse, he’s not accused of breaking any NZ law and, there needs to be serious consequences for all those complicit in this matter, from the PM down .

It aint over until the fat guy sings

Too right.
Finally NZ politics is getting interesting and even more wonderful to see the old guard used to their scheming stitch ups getting worried.
Those knocking the big boy should reflect on the belief that the country has got the politics (and politicians) the country deserves.
Our rich yank PM who glories in rubbing shoulders with Obama while running this little Pacific village, maybe popular, but only because the competition aint much chop.

Totally agree with your comments - I too would be happy to see those that have lied and broken the law held to account.. from the top down.

To quote you: "those who have lied and broken the law in this farce ..." about sums up the fat guy with his criminal convictions.

His criminal convictions (in other countries) where available for all the world to see, prior to seeking residency in NZ. To put that into context, there are activiies that one can indulge in (lawfully in NZ,) that would have you executed in other countries. Geddit?

You can't deny KDC's playing it fairly brilliantly. With Harre, he landed a real, live politician with experience, guts and vision (whether or not you choose to share in it).

And with his announcement of a 5-day-out splurge, he'll have rattled the cage of Key's entire cabinet. They'll be running from the green-eyed monster faster than you can say "bring out the dead" (which, incidentally, is another thing Key's lied about: they're still in the mine).

I wouldn't be surprised if the timing of the announcement was Harre's idea. It's a political strategy that's particularly relevant to minor parties.

And, to General Gordon, KDC and Harre are doing one thing that Mana was also very good at: activating a previously inactive vote.

If there's a higher turnout than last year's election, KDC can take a share of the credit.

In a sense, you're right: the people who appear to be leaving Labour in droves are spoiled for choice.

Don't underestimate the power of this bluff. Dotcom doesn't care about NBR readers. His electorate is Gen Y. They are products of a cosmetic pop culture where appearances are more impressive than content. And if the appearances can have the facade of content, that's good enough. I'm expecting a fair number to get off their chuffs and vote, due to the natural anti-establishment politik of youth. They won't look to deeply into the actual content of this crook. They like the free music he gave them, and care not for the musicians and studios who made it and lost $400m. They buy into the rhetoric that John Key is rich, therefore only there for the rich. They don't look deeply at much at all. Expect 3 or even 4 ManaDotCom MPs. Maori Party are dead. Act will make Tamaki , plus 1 at best. If Colin Craig doesn't make it in, with 1 or two List MPS, National are toast, despite the polls.

But what about Winston Peters? Dont all the recent calculations about a left-wing consortium outnumbering National assume that NZ First will be part of the mix?

If NZ First make it over the 5% threshold, I find it very difficult to imagine him playing second fiddle to the Green Party - which the Greens will naturally demand, given they will have twice the MP's.

Winnie may be a lot of things - but a Green Party whipping boy? He most certainly aint.

that's exactly right. Winston first will almost certainly be National's saviour; either by missing the 5% threshold, which is to National's advantage, or becoming a coalition partner. It will require a few baubles of course, but National could offer these without having to first satisfy The Greens. And I just can't imagine Winston first tolerating being part of a mix with Internet Mana and The Kermits anyway.

I am Gen Y and all my friends are Gen Y nobody can stand kim dot com. The only people that believe he has the gen y vote is old people who dont give Gen Y any credit. I could care how much money key has earned alot of Gen Y actually look to earn more than him.
If national dont get into power there will be a massive brain drain overseas by gen y's as they all realise how quickly our country will crash and burn - especially with the greens behind the steering wheel of the Economy. I suggest you talk to a few people from Gen Y rather than making these rash assumptions

The good thing about this whole Dotcom saga is the way it has highlighted how NZers in certain positions have been so absolutely willing to kowtow to US pressure driven from corporate lobbyists.

Customs' "brownie points with the FBI", helicopters and a militarised raid into Coatesville for secondary copyright infringement, restrospective law changes to expand spying powers...

The only thing that Kiwis can be proud of in this mess is the way our judges have refused to give the mess a free pass.

exactly Ishmael, a politician "misspoke", shock horror!

Any new evidence or claim will come down to interpretation / context.

Spin from both sides will mean we shall be none the wiser

Good media copy and entertainment value for a couple of days, Impact on national vote zero or positive as it will exercise national vote and or labour non vote if perception created crazies have a chance of winning

Well at least it livens up an already mad-hatter election in the Banana Republic of New Zealand.

Who gives a hoot if JK knew, he is the boss and made a decision which was right in his eyes at the time, and no doubt any call he makes is for the best of this country. Any alternative leader on the cards is not even close in competency or representation.
Do a survey who would you trust the most?

the guy that cleans his office

Hang on, didnt KDC say he would only release this eveidence in court ? Another change in story from KDC, or is that the courst dont think thsi si relevant in any way shape or form ? WHy 5 days before teh election ? I am guessing that gives the medai enough time to propgate the story as told by KDC without any checking of details ie maximum impact, least facts checked.

There has to be more to this than we are aware of or why would KDC bother with a Town Hall. Timing a week before the election will ensure it won't be like other contentious issues which are forgotten come voting day. It won't take much to tip National. I am sure this will have them very closely looking at their files to make certain there is no baggage lurking in the cupboards.If there is they would be wise to come clean and deal with the flack sooner rather than later.

Because he is master of theatrics. The selection of the Town Hall as a venue is about hiring credibility, buying 'localisation' and authenticity.
These things should not be for sale but only you can withdraw them from the market.

It would be interesting to see if somone in the media has checked to see if the town hall has been booked on that date, and by whom?

Thinking we are not thinking, Mr Dotcom decries manipulation using his influence to manipulate us to believe a government can be run without influencers.

One wonders if the Government anticipated their 2009 "significant investor" program blowing up in their face this way

does Dotcom own any other clothes?

Appalling that this bag of hot air comes to our country then plays games with our political system for his own gain. If 10 million can buy you enough power and influence to take our political and justice system on then we truly are a 3rd world country.

The point dotcom misses is that politics is the perception of the majority of voters about the lessor of two evils.

The best and most recent example of this was at the last election when the hottest policy up for debate was on asset sales. According to the polls some 80% of voters were against it. The parties were clearly divided and it was blatantly clear who to vote for to get what you wanted.

All one could determine from the vote was that the majority saw that a labgren government with no asset sales was a bigger evil than a national government with asset sales.
I suspect labgren supporters Will love it if there is some indication that key has not been fully truthful. But I doubt that many others will give two hoots, and are way over any issues over the dotcom saga.

He's actually going to reveal exactly who ate all the pies

Dotcom's promise (pompous?) tell-all at the Auckland Town Hall, won't register with the voters,especially, when it's 5 days before the election. He might as well announce it in the Royal Albert Hall, if he craves grandiosity.

Redbaiter comment above (#16) not from myself.

Someone using my nick.

On the matter of John Key not knowing of Kim Dotcom before the raid on the mansion? Completely implausible claim.


Because Obama's previous failure to get any legislation through that might stop file sharing was a major disappointment to his Hollywood donors.

If Obama wanted to keep the millions in donations coming in from Hollywood he had to do something to make up for his failure on legislation.

So they decided to make an example of a file sharing facility and Megaupload was chosen as the example.

This was a major issue for Obama who had millions of dollars of funding at risk. Its just not plausible that the US President's personal interest in the case was unknown to JK, and therefore he must have known of KDC long before the raid took place.

Or, the tin foil hat was wound just a bit too tight...

Honestly, I don't get it. Even if he did what? Let's say he did know. Seems the biggest error of judgement was in not saying so. Other than that - where's the conspiracy? A bit rich to be listening to Grant Robertson on the radio going on about integrity -- a man who straight-faced lied to a TV reporter only to get completely caught out. And Cunliffe -- no credit in that department either. And Dotcom?? Doesn't even qualify to enter the argument...

Can't believe the press still give this goon the time of day.
We are naive in NZ on so many levels.
And our politicians have certainly shown us this this year
But Dotcom....
Who needs him?
We certainly don't ... Waste of space.
Please stop reporting on this sludge.

We just don't care about the KDC soap opera. Maybe the police raid on his house was over the top, maybe it wasn't - who knows. It's been and gone and is but a small speckle of a news item that's now well past its use by date. Nobody died, there is little in this of national importance. Can we turn our minds to something that matters now . . . please?

We give too little credit to the young generation that they can tell a crook (who parties and lives the good life on other people's hard work) from a Robin Hood?

For all the stunts being pulled by KDC, his day of reckoning as a fugitive of US justice draws nearer and nearer.

And there are some in this small insignificant South Pacific country still believing MMP is right and good for the country....Unbelievable!!!

What an absolute circus....The 'dumbing-down' of the population has been a complete sucess. Of course all in the name of Democracy!!!

Wake up NZ... You cannot surely be that dumb!!!

Whether John Key knew this criminal or not will not make an iota of difference how people are going to vote. This guy is a waste of space and waste of time.

Who cares what Kim Dot Com thinks... He should be deported. Why is a fat git with a criminal record getting any airtime at all... His ego is as big as he is... His antics make us look like a bunch of fools. He should be sent to America on the first plane.