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Dotcom says he's signed up a sitting MP

Jonathan Milne writes in the HoS:

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom claims he has signed up one sitting MP to join his new party before the election and is talking to three more – a poaching raid unprecedented in New Zealand politics.

He refuses to disclose the identity of the MP, saying it will be revealed once the Internet Party is registered and has chosen all its candidates, probably in June.

His revelation came in an exclusive interview with the Herald on Sunday yesterday.

Dotcom said he was also in talks with Mana Party leader Hone Harawira to unite their two parties under one umbrella, enabling the Internet Party to ride into Parliament on the coat-tails of the Te Tai Tokerau electorate MP.

The two leaders and their party bosses, Vikram Kumar and Gerard Hehir, met on February 28 at a house on Auckland’s North Shore.

The Mana Party executive will this week consider a merger proposal. Mana would bring one or two electorates, the Internet Party would bring a more broadly-based party vote and $1 million-plus in campaign funding.

This is almost hilarious. Dotcom is a multi-millionaire who used to donate to John Banks, who allegedly pays his staff below the minimum wage, and has refused to pay dozens of struggling small businesses the money owed to them for work on his mansion.

He would normally be the antithesis of everything the Mana Party claims to stand for. But then he effectively offers them a million dollars and rather than picket him for being an abusive employer (look at how many staff have quit under bad circumstances), they’re going to merge with him!!!

The lure of a million dollars campaign fund is too much to say no to, and all they have to do in return is to make sure that a future government rules out extraditing Dotcom if a NZ court finds he should be extradited.

Politicial commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

Any guesses?

It's a risky play for a sitting MP? Who would take that risk?


my thought too - MP for sale

You are being unkind to Hone Harawira - he is an extremely honorable fella with super high ideals - Hone does everything he can to reflect the legacy of what he believes the white fella used to do in NZ to marginalize the black fella.

The end justifies the means.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

What current electorate MP would think they are bigger than their respective parties ? Hone ? Peter Dunne ? All the other directly elected MP's are part of a bigger machine who support, fund and ensure that the MP gets elected. Those MP's with the huge majorities (10,000+) are few and far between, and they know they have he support because of the party and make up of the electorate.
If the MP decided to jump ship, he/she loses their entire support base including those voters who voted because of the party being represented. If this claim is true (which is highly questionable) then I would suggest the sitting MP is dog tucker.

Ask yourself who is already dog tucker? My first thought was Brendan Horan.

Short straw on Brendan Horan - dog tucker anyway so why not get a few freebies from Kim?

After all, Kim gets his freebies from avoiding payments for anything unless it is via somebody else's work?

Sorry, remind me why we should believe a word that charlatan DC says?

Brendan Horan, perhaps?

It could always be Brendan Horran, or did he never get that party of independents started?
Then again, Dotcom has to front up with 500 members to even start his own party. That might be harder than he thinks.

Well that's MMP and we are now potentially seeing our entire democracy usurped by a cynical manipulation from a potential fugitive from justice, and possibly added and abetted by a Maori hanger-on. And New Zealand you, not me, voted for it.

I wonder if this country's people will ever get to a level of maturity where they stop snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

Money politics - and not a whisper from David Cunliffe.

A clear sign that Cunliffe has abandoned all principles?

You can't abandon something you don't have.

Overtly doing what others do on the QT

Shaping up as a real dinner & show election with the usual wallet lolly scramble in the last weeks

The only real question is how low can we go? For some its last hurrah so I sense way lower - I'm cancelling Sky

The two parties (or one party and one idea of a party) clearly have little in common besides the desire for more votes.

So the question is will anyone vote for a single entity that includes people of disparate policy opinions? There is precedent. The pre MMP Labour party of 1987 won despite vast and obvious policy splits among its MPs.

Quote me later if it turns out different, but even if they get it on, I'd be surprised if Hone makes any prenuptial policy concessions.