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Dotcom wants his computers, security footage returned

While Kim Dotcom continues to make headlines relating to the John Banks donation scandal, he is still fighting a court battle over property police seized from his home earlier this year.

Lawyers for the alleged internet pirate were in Auckland High Court this morning, attempting to reclaim some of the many computers taken when police raided his Coatesville home north of Auckland in January.

Ahead of the brief court proceeding, Paul Davison, QC, said the search warrant gave police rights to seize digital data storage items if they were relevant to the charges brought against Mr Dotcom.

But police took everything that contained data, including the computer that operates the swimming pool heating and CCTV footage from security cameras, said Mr Davison.

"The warrant was unlawful because it was overly broad, and did not distinguish between items that were relevant to the charges, and those that weren't."

Mr Dotcom wanted the computers returned so he can prepare his defence against the bigger court battle to come.

He is on bail awaiting a hearing on an extradition order sought by United States authorities.

The application about today's matters - to have the computers returned - will be heard later this month.

Meanwhile, Mr Dotcom has revealed Act leader John Banks asked him to split a $50,000 donation to his SuperCity mayoral campaign into two half-payments, so he would not have to say where the money came from.

Mr Banks maintains he did not know Mt Dotcom had made the donation. 

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Comments and questions

Totally agree, they had no right to take it the first place, who do those cops think they are, power and control freaks.

The police cannot be expected to vet every computer for relevancy during a raid.
I commend the police for their performance.

Surely you jest...?? The conduct of the poilce in this matter was not ony bizzarre, but also disgraceful. You'll find that out when Dotcom sues them for all and sundry. ie you and I, the taxpayer

agreed but when they go in and seize all funds and property with the soliciter genral and crown law knowing it was not legal with the documents and restraning orders incorrect is absured is this the same collins that advised on the tuhoi raids . the old saying the end justifies the means . nothing but a pack of nazis as far as i can see. home invasion of the worst kind . wake up kiwis

Personal opinions of Dotcom aside, he is at least someone who has been up front and honest about his previous convictions, and I think has made a genuine attempt to enjoy life and contribute since arriving in our country.

Not hard to see why he is now possibly feeling a bit p**sed, perhaps he has realised that he has contributed to nothing more than a group of self interested, morally deficient scum who have no interest in transparency, and who show little respect for the hard working taxpayers who employ them. And then justify their actions with New Zealand's corruption statistics. Just because it is "legal" doesn't mean it is not corrupt.

There are positives tho, Dotcom might become the voice that is big enough to be heard regarding the calibre of our politicians.

Rubbish. when you "borrow" other peoples property for personal gain, without the owners permission, you are committing theft.
Pure and simple.

You're obviously an expert in these matters.

simple as if kdc was an american citizen and newzealand wanted to extradit him to newzraland from america it would not be possible no matter what the crime was. what do have to counter that mr john morrison.?

Well said Anonymous!

give Dotcom his gear - will be a drop in the ocean compared to the tax payer funded payout he gets

Come on Dotcom
Stick it to the govt and their cronies
We are all behind you

The only payout this individual will get is a free trip to the US of A.
My wish, for the good of NZ"s future, is that all his supporters go with him.

Jim Morrison, stop being an old egg.

John Morrison displays religious convictions, dogmatism and a complete lack of humour.........

what a bore!!!

"religious convictions ........."

And you display that, 1. You know absolutely nothing about me. 2. You are like other lefties, you attack the person to deflect peeps noticing you have no argument. and 2 Your insecurity and lack of confidence in your argument forces you to find comfort behind a non de plume.

John. Argument?? You obviously know things about Dotcom we don't. Or, is it that you just believe everything you read and hear, and base all your opinions on heresay?

I do know that 1 He is wanted in America to face charges of theft. and 2. He is going to extraordinary expense and trouble to avoid a free flight to the US to prove his innocence, and sue millions off both the US and NZ governments for defamation, false arrest, get his company back again and live happily ever after.
Go figure!!

also kdc is cooil and a bettewr man than the low lifes banks brash garret capel dunn williamson and of course the key to them all