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Dover on why he is not voting Labour

The Herald reports:

Former  minister  says he won’t be voting for the party at the election.

He cited the party’s opposition to the Puhoi to Wellsford extension and Leader David Cunliffe’s “prima donna grandstanding” over the issue of sexual violence.

The former Maori Affairs Minister who now serves on the Northland Regional Council confirmed the Herald this morning he did not intend giving his party vote to Labour.

“Labour’s moved away from me, I’ve never moved away from Labour. I’m as staunch of the principles of Labour as I ever was, since the days of Mickey Savage.”

They’ve lost Shane Jones also. There is a pattern here.

“Winston Peters has been somebody that certainly has been an advocate of the regions and I’m a regional councillor and I find that spokespersons for the Labour Party have really turned their backs on some of the initiatives that the Northland Council have been advocating.”

He pointed to Labour’s plan to indefinitely postpone the Puhoi to Wellsford extension which it derides as “the holiday highway”.

” I don’t know where they got that from but the Puhoi road is integral to Northland’s economic future.”

Everytime Labour calls it the holiday highway, a Grey Lynn liberal applauds, and a local in Northland gets furious.

Mr Samuels said his advice to Labour was “come back to the grass roots principles”.

“I was a minister and a Member of Parliament under Helen Clark. She recognised you never become Government if you don’t take middle New Zealand with you.

“Shane Jones saw that and unfortunately this idea of “rich prick” and this idea of “I’m ashamed to be a man” and all of this kind of prima donna grandstanding does not actually resonate well with middle New Zealand at all.”

Mr Samuels said he was hearing many Labour Party supporters of long standing asking “what is happening to our party?”.

Their support base appears to now be reduced to the unions and people who comment at The Standard.

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

Dover is an idiot

Worst politician in decades for Maori
Lost millions for his tribe at Matauri bay
Urinataed in public when an MP

Who cares what Dover thinks or who he votes for

Well see your comment just confirms how deluded Labour and its few supporters are.
Post election Labour will self destruct and the various factions will re group and a number of new Labours will appear, thou they will from then on sadly play 2nd fiddle to the Crazy Greens as the main Left party.

Oh no. Dover has now been declared an enemy of the people for his heresy. To the gulag.

I believe Dover makes some sound points. But the biggest reason you can't risk a vote for Labour is that a Labour vote is also a vote for the Greens. New Zealand just can't afford to give responsibility for running the country to these loonies. They have come out with a few good ideas of late but basically trey just fire from the hip with whatever takes someones fancy. No analysis ever seems to happen to say what will this cost, what will be the benefits and how is this spend would be better for New Zealand than items 2-50 on the wish list.

It's also a vote for internet and Mana. Almost makes Winston's mob look not too bad. And it might be Winston who saves the day. bI doubt very much if he will go into coalition with that lot, but would probably go with National if they rattle the right baubles.

So people who are thinking of voting Winston should be hoping that National rattle the right baubles. What if National doesn't?

That is how I felt about the Green party until I looked up their policies online. Judge the party by its policies, not the media spins;

And you would trust them (The Green Party). These radical left-wing liars are masters of spin, targeting the gullible hidden under a convenient 'Green' label.

Really? Too many people like to bash political parties they don't like by saying they're "radical ^insert side here^-wing liars" and go on to make claim such as they "are masters of spin, targeting the gullible". It doesn't say anything about the party except you dislike it. As I said before; judge the party by its policies, not the media spins.

The only people I know who will vote Labour this election are the ones that always have and always will just like their parents. However, you should see the absolute moron that the Nats have parked in my electorate and is suddenly lording it around the community groups with feigned speeches about concern for local affairs. Its put me right off my gardening.

who gives a damn what Dover thinks, and votes for, wasn't much of a MP when he was there...

Too busy filing his GST returns.

Or, doesn't trust himself to go into the polling booth without leaving a puddle behind.

Sad to see a once strong party disintegrate.Roll on the Nats.

I agree and the unsympathetic comments above are a clear sign of Labour's serious problems. No one, least of all low-income and working class New Zealanders, wants a bar of such bile and bitterness.