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Election 2014: Hauiti pulls out

National list MP Claudette Hauiti has suddenly announced she will not stand at this year’s election.

The reason for the late announcement is not clear: Ms Hauiti was found last week to have used a parliamentary expenses card for personal use during a recent trip to Australia and, although she has paid the money back, the issue appears to have damaged her prospects.

The National Party list is to be released within the next few days and she is understood to be not ranked high on that list.

No reason has been given for her withdrawal. 

Ms Hauiti entered Parliament last year after the departure of disgraced Christchurch list MP Aaron Gilmore.

At the last election she stood in Mangere and she was to stand in the newly designated west Auckland seat of Kelston this year. That seat is, on paper, reasonably solid for Labour.

The sudden decision means a late re-opening of nominations for the Kelston electorate by the National Party. Nominations close on 30 July.

Before entering Parliament she owned television production company Front of the Box Productions.

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Comments and questions

It is a great pity that Claudette has withdrawn her candidature, she is a fine person, extremely able and has done very well during her short time in the house.

Additionally Claudette has demonstrated very ably that National's philosophies and support for individual responsibility and private enterprise are widely supported.

Haere Ra Claudette, all the very best for the future.

Tom Bowden

This is a serious lack of judgment from Tom Bowden, who is apparently an officeholder in the National Party. What part of credit card rule breaking and employing family members with taxpayer jobs fits in with "doing well"?

Unless Tom meant she was doing well for herself!

Got caught out on the private enterprise side. About $200.00 ? Yeah, right.

I think Tom has been watching a different channel to the rest of us.

Tom Bowden is clearly thinking of some other Claudette Hauiti, one who wasn't caught with her light fingers grubbing about in the public purse.