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Election 2014: Three deals and no more, says Key

Prime Minister John Key will not yet say whether any electorate deals have been made with smaller parties but also says no more than three will be made.

Mr Key also indicated yesterday that all three deals – the ones which have not been made, or if they have, not quite, anyway – will probably be announced together.

Those arrangements would be with Ohariu MP and United Future leader Peter Dunne, along with Epsom Act Party candidate David Seymour and Conservative Party leader Colin Craig.

If that were to happen, which, Mr Key says, is not definite yet. Or if it is definite, he is not going to say so.

But National would provide an indication “soonish ... some time in the next 25 or 16 weeks would clearly be useful for the voters of those electorates, but not this week. Or next week.

“We would like to deal with them all at one time.  I would like to  be a bit more transparent about that.”

While Mr Key all but confirmed – without actually saying so – a deal is happening where such arrangements have happened before, in the Ohariu and Epsom electorates, he was more distant about prospects of any similar leg up for Conservative leader Colin Craig.

“My understanding is a couple of weeks ago he put out a statement, or made a statement, to the effect he wasn’t terribly interested in an accommodation ... that’s what I heard. It was a second hand report.”

This morning Mr Craig told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report his party wants to stand on its own two feet - “We are not asking National for a deal”, he says.

He is, though, sitting in front of Mr Key’s armchair, head on one side, with a pleading look and the foodbowl in his mouth.

Mr Craig indicated he expects a deal in one of National's safe seats on Auckland’s North Shore – the most commonly mentioned is Murray McCully’s East Coast Bays seat, but others being discussed are the new seat of Upper Harbour or North Shore.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has laid a loud public claim for the Upper Harbour seat – which would give her a safe berth – and Ms Barry, while not a government minister, is a popular MP.

The difficulty for National internally is its party organisation is strong in East Coast Bays and it will be a difficult “dead rat” for party members to swallow.

The North Shore seat electorate is less strong but Ms Barry has strong appeal among non-traditional National voters and any perception of her being shoved aside would be damaging.

But National’s strategy is leaning increasingly heavily on cultivating morally conservative voters who have previously voted Labour – especially, but not solely, Pasifika voters in South Auckland.

Mr Craig’s party has already announced candidates in Mangere and Manurewa.

The strategy appears to be the obverse of the one run by the Maori Party in the Maori seats – in this case, tell Pasifika voters they can still vote for the local Labour electorate candidate, but vote for the Conservatives on the list.

But this is highly unlikely to get the Conservatives over the 5% threshold.

If it is to work, a deal to provide Mr Craig with an electorate seat is crucial – more crucial, for all the fuss and bother over the issue – than any cup of tea on the Remuera Road tearooms in the Epsom electorate.

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Comments and questions

The voters of NZ wanted MMP, and this is just a part of that system, just as some on the left advocate that their supporters vote for Goldsmith in Epsom.
One has to expect such "oddities" as part and parcel of the imperfect MMP system. Certainly a restriction on coat tailing might be a help.

People haven't forgotten how bad Peter Dunne was with leaking material to the press and with John Banks and ACT.

The problem with MMP is that National have to deal with these clowns and a Labour \Greens coalition have to live with Mana/Internet parties

Bring back first past the post and lets vote for whoever is best for the country and hopefully one party wins most of the time.

I think the Prime Minister should have a long chat with Victorian State Premier Dennis Napthine about the folly of political cohabitation with separatist social conservative ideological purists, such as the wretched ambulatory fruitcake Independent MP for Frankston Geoff Shaw, whose antics have led his party to the brink of defeat. Need I point out that Colin Craig has never held political office, would commit New Zealanders to a ruinous and never-ending stream of referenda, and that embracing him and his sycophants might lead to a situation where once elected, he retires to the parliamentary crossbenches? Craig has refused to rule out the latter possibility. One hopes Mr Key sticks with United Future, ACT and the Maori Party. Better the devils one knows.

Go for your life Mr Key. Do all the deals you want. The most important thing you can do for your country is to keep those dreaded, leaderless socialists away from the cheque book, by whatever means possible.