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English lying over iwi support claims Harawira

Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira claims Finance Minister Bill English is lying when he says most iwi do not back the Maori Council’s actions over water rights.

Speaking this weekend on TV3’s ‘The Nation, Mr Harawira said 99% of Maoridom was backing the Maori Council and their bid to take the government to court over the issue of ownership.

“When Bill English talks about Iwi, he’s not actually talking about the general Maori population, he’s talking about sitting down with maybe 20 people behind closed doors. Now that’s not public consultation, that’s doing deals,” he said.

“I know Iwi Leaders have spoken to me personally to say that they don’t agree with this deal.

“So when Iwi Leaders – when people purporting to represent the Iwi Leadership Group say all Iwi Leaders agree with it, it's a lie," the Mana MP claimed.

“So I think the best way to get these sorts of deals is the open and public ones, so that you can actually hear what people are saying.

“Not what you hear about afterwards behind closed doors.

“ I know for a fact that not all Iwi Leaders support the deal being offered by the Crown.”

He also said he had a difficulty with the Maori Party’s position on the Issue.

“They announced that they’re four square behind the New Zealand Maori Council on a Monday, then on the Tuesday the come out and say that they’ll accept the compromise. You have to be one or the other. It’s a matter of principle.”

He said the debate about shares was a “red herring” to the real issue about the recognition of Maori water rights.

Watch Rachel Smalley's interview with Hone Harawira here.

Comments and questions

Ha Ha! With less than 1% in any poll, Harawira cannot claim to speak for Maori. He is a liar too!

He can speak for ngapuhi the biggest iwi in the country. Hes more honest than john brain fade key

Sick to death of Maori wanting something for nothing get a life

recognition of water rights
what about the rights of all new zealanders to walk the streets with out fear of been mugged and assaulted by ferals the majority of whom are maori.

If our country's systems are working properly, then you remove the incentive for 'ferals' to mug and assault people. Maori are New Zealanders too and are not exempt from being afraid of lowlifes.

As a nation have to stop acting like we're not all in the same boat. If Mainstream NZ keeps working on a solid infrastructure to keep all of us safe, and Maori keep revitalising their culture which gives them something much better to do than being a public enemy...

We'll all be better off.

clown !! u ain't even funny !! prove it then !! with legitimate statistics, not all brown faces are maori, and most maori ain't one race either !!

"Sick to death of Maori wanting something for nothing get a life"
I'd suggest they had a life - not perfect, but theirs - and sovereignity over a vast domain. Now, what was taken by guile, theft, inequitable western-style 'law' they want some of back. Pakeha wealth is built on Maori land. Your something for nothing complaint cuts two ways. Get a life.

Your the one that needs to get a life, get into the real world.

Yes -and what a life it was. Inter-tribal wars, cannibalism, slavery. I don't suppose that is the highly romanticised version of Maori life you were thinking of, was it?

Some pertinent facts: colonisation of New Zealand by Europeans begins from about 1790 (first major settlement established in Kerikeri in 1822), Britain outlaws slavery in 1832 while the US in 1865. Cannibalism was practiced by many cultures the world over. There is evidence of cannibalism in Britain during the Iron Age and incidences have occurred in more recent times during famine (for example amongst Russians during the siege of Leningrad 1941-1942). Europeans as a race have many "tribes" (English, Scots, Irish, Welsh, French, German etc) and a long and recent history of inter-tribal wars.

too much hate on one race, if you need to hate someone, hate yourself !!

When will ordinary New Zealanders be paid for the Maori Treaty breaches. Maori have not obeyed the law of the land as required in the treaty. This claim could run into billions.

I don't trust any politicIan, least of Jonkey & his merry men who are selling this country off to his overseas mates. Back room deals have such a bad smell I'm with Hone on this one.

Sorry ? Tell me againg who has just sole a large parcel of coastal land to an American ? Wast it the government - No. Was it some western capitalist pig dog - No. Was it a Maori tribe - why, yes, it was.

Funny that those Maori were effectively forced in to selling beacuse the government/local council wouldnt even allow them the opportunity to develop the land (not until some white guy got involved anyway).

Not thea land. Land that was given in compensation for the land theft they suffered. Their land is long gone. Doesnt ma tter what maori do aye richard. They cant win in your prejudiced eyes.

not prejudiced, just factual..By the way, the land isn't "gone" anywhere.. It's still there, just been sold to somebody else.Somebody who isn't a New Zealander. This was done by Maori and Maori alone. Fact !

Stolen by someone else. Pay up or give it back.

What racist nonsence about maori treaty breaches and feral maori. pursue sectarianism at all our peril. nz is built on land theft. Put it right. Its about fairness and truth.

The only ones who will profit by the sale of our waters to private companies, are the private companies and the fat cats who run the country. Maori are actually protecting us all from a great cost to ordinary private citizens down the line, of all ethnicities, caucasian, Maori, Asian, everyone. Good on them and most of us who understand the workings of multinational-corporate/ national government PPPs are on your side. No matter what the ramblings of the nat shills here.

Maori want this ,Maori want that,Maori dont know how well off they are living in NZ ,its the top fat iwi that are getting all the treaty money,they dont care about the maori at the bottom of the ladder.

Ngai Tahu don't appear to be supporting you Hone, so maybe Bill English is correct. Good to see at least one iwi with a bit of commonsense.

I'm am Kai Tahu and I support Hone Harawira on this statement.

I do not support Mark Solomon for not supporting the Maori Council. That is a major breach of his remit.

Taken literally either in the English or more generous Maori version, the Treaty of Waitangi- grants the maoris the rights to their rivers, fisheries and forests- in neither version is it really debatable-( even the most right wing Canterbury Law lecturers like David Round stated that and therefore rejected the treaty) so eventually the courts are likely to side with the Maori interest - if you recognise the Treaty as the foundation document. Therefore any actual attempt to check the momentum and legitimacy of the Maori and tribal interest acutally requires the unlilateral legislation of the sort put into place by Helen Clark to prevent the legal development of anachronistic indigenous rights and treaty interpretation.
The Brash, Ansell- Orewa speech racism discredits Act and the NZ right because the real urban ferals are just as much the urban feral whites in the suburbs over the class line. Fundamentally the creation of makework protected manufacturing jobs in household goods, whiteware, cars, grocereies at low wages by Sutch, Fraser and Jack Lee destroyed the urban white poor in Auckland and most of the Act spokesman and their constituents are the production of five generations of intergeneration failure and white feral inbreeding.
The Hariwarea famility and North Island private school girls have managed many magnificent actions probably largely apart till know such as the sacking of the Auckland hosptial board in 1989 and Titiwhai and Ramsdens magnificent standing up to outdated unscientific psychiatrists.
Helen Clark at least represented an intelligent oppostion to progress towards NZ being a multi racing melting pot like Argentina- Act represents working class male defiance.
The many magnificent handsome Auckland private school girls of Asian, Maori and Polynesian represent an impressive face to the city where if you cross the class line in say borderline suburbs like Kingsland or Ellerslie you see the face of white hopelessness and regression.

Don't try and lump Asians in with your lot. They respect education and will own most of New Zealand over the next 50 years. Its a shame you and your kind spend all you time trying to destroy the county from the inside. At the end of the day you will be the losers because you just can't grasp anything other than some miss placed feeling Kiwis owe you something. Guess what, no one wants to pay any more. Get a life.

And when it distils right down, as usual its all about class, access to land and capital and the pursuit of profit. Even more simply its about greed and individual selfishness vs a sense of community and sustainable sharing of limited resourses. And ultimately progress without growth. Land, water, air. Its all connected.

Why does this mental midget even get press coverage at all. He has to be an embarrassement to Maoridom, surely. We should treat all his comments with the respect they deserve - none. We should ignore the ramblings of this twit.

Reality check, who the _ are you to tell us what we should do???? Do what you want and we will do what we want. What a ham-handed attempt to use the media to sway public opinion.