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EQC score shows about $5b in payouts to go

The Earthquake Commission’s scorecard shows it has paid out $7.5 billion out an expected total payout of more than $12 billion.

EQC recently reported it was 85% of the way through the settlement of Canterbury building claims.

But the value estimate shows how the most expensive work of the most damaged homes is yet to be completed.

There are 11,980 homes in this category with damage less than $100,000.

Damage of more than $100,000 is managed by individual private insurers.

The ratio of homes with damage of more than $100,000 is constantly changing as more houses go over the $100,000 cap. 

In addition to cash settlements EQC has managed 58,020 homes with damage less than $100,000.

Comments and questions

A botched excercise that rubbed thousands of people up the wrong way. Brownlee in charge. Seems to add up

Still can't understand why they left the worst of us til last when the houses have continued to get more damage owing to Weathertightness issues and the like. Still not repaired ;-(