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Eric Crampton joins think tank

Regular NBR ONLINE contributor and academic Dr Eric Crampton has been appointed as the new head of research at The New Zealand Initiative.

Dr Crampton, a senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury since 2003, also blogs at Offsetting Behaviour, where he skewers popularly held economic myths from a market perspective.

Offsetting Behaviour is among New Zealand’s top-20 blogs and is recommended by the American Economics Association. He also edits The Dismal Science for The Royal Society’s SciBlogs initiative.

Few topics do not attract Dr Crampton’s libertarian perspective. Recently they have ranged from gender quotas on company boards and controls on alcohol through to failures in the Canterbury rebuild and anti-gambling measures.

He will take up his new position in August and lead the Initiative’s research team to develop recommendations for New Zealand’s most pressing public policy questions.

Canadian-born Dr Crampton is obtained his PhD at George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia) under Professor Tyler Cowen, another noted libertarian economist.

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