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Ewen Macdonald jailed for five years

Ewen Macdonald has been sentenced to five year’s jail for a string of offences, including arson and vandalism.

RAW DATA: Justice France's sentencing remarks PDF)

The 32-year-old was acquitted of murdering his brother-in-law Scott Guy, shot on his Feilding farm in 2010, after a High Court trial in July.

But he admitted six unrelated charges for which he was sentenced at Palmerson North High Court today.

"I saw and heard no sign of remorse; indeed if anything there were statements consistent only with continuing indifference," Justice Simon said in his sentencing remarks.

The charges included:

  • Theft: Stealing trophy stags from a nearby farm (for which McDonald was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment)
  • Intentional damage: Releasing 16,000 litres of milk from a vat on a neighbour’s farm (nine months' imprisonment)
  • Wilful damage: Killing 19 calves by bashing them on the head (on year imprisonment)
  • Arson: Burning down a hut and Kylee and Scott Guy’s old home (three years' imprisonment)
Intentional damage: Vandalising Kylee and Scott Guy's new home (two years' imprisonment)

Justice Simon France reduced the sentence from five years and six months to five years, with the two arson terms to be served cumulatively.

Justice Simon noted the Crown had asked for reparations of $250,000 declined. "I do not consider that any purpose is served by creating expectations that cannot be met," he said.

Macdonald, who has already been behind bars for 17 months, was remanded in custody after his murder trial at Wellington High Court to await today’s sentencing.

Comments and questions

Should have been the maximum14 years with 10 non parole period - then justice would have been done

The guy is a low life of the first degree

The low life deserves more than 5 years

No remorse and indifferent attitude to his victims but get this, sentence is reduced by 6 months!!!!!

As he has already spent 17 months in jail, he is eligible for parole now!

If you want to commit a crime of any description, NZ is the place to do it (some Scandinavian countries excepted). The penalties imposed here are pathetic.

With time already served and coupled with the generous parole discount, he should be home for the Macdonald Family Christmas. If not, Guy Fawkes.

He hasn't really spent 17 months in jail, only on remand. Have a chat with anyone who has spent time in prison on remand; they'll confirm it's a joke: playing pool & poker, watching TV, and a flash under-floor heated single room; an all-expenses paid compulsory holiday. You can't call that punishment. Anyway, he's entitled to parole after 1/3rd of his sentence carefully calculated so he'll be home by Christmas?

Bugger how we all feel about it

How does Mrs Scott Guy and the Guy family feel about it - probably not very chipper about this weak sentence by the judge

In 5 years this pr**k can go flatting with Wilson in Wanganui.

smack, smack, ouch that wet bus ticket really hurts

He should have only got 3 years max, he wasn't convicted of murder.

Well, that's your opinion Mrs Macdonald.

You've got to wonder how much having a police Dectective Inspector for brother has influenced this whole sorry saga.

The completely inept police prosecution, on the flimsiest of evidence, willing accomplice whisked away to Queenstown, relatively light sentencing .... say "six unrelated charges": burning down their own home and vandalising their new one. Still, unrelated in the way the cases were dealt with by the justice system, so fair enough, I suppose.

And only one year for killing 19 calves by hitting them with a hammer? Think about that carefully - can you imagine the intense pain and prolonged suffering those poor animals underwent. Sure as hell wouldn't have been quick and painless.

# 12 - this is a particularly low remark to make - I would imagine the police have spent even more time and money on this than would otherwise have been the case.

I do however think it is a great pity that the jury were not advised of some of the horrific things he had done - especially with regard to the animals - one type of cruelty often leads to the other type aimed at humans.

Judging by the nature of the misspelling on the house (never mind the disgusting sentiment) prison may be a useful place for him to learn reading and writing and in particular, spelling. It may help ultimately to make him a better and more socially integrated man.

Rehab would be good,but in reality he is probably one sick bunny,maybe a psychopath and unless he has a personality change or a revelation he will only come out a sicker bunny.One thing is for sure he will be as welcome a s fart in a spacesuit in Fielding.

Yes MacDonald is scumbag and every other applicable descriptive term - but take time to reflect on the wretched life that Anna & Kylie and their kids have had for the last few years - that is the greater cost and sadness.

So have the police got any new leads on the actual murderer of Scott Guy?Or,has it cost too much taxpayer money already?Police are very quiet.

Sorry mate but everyone in NZ knows who murdered Scott Guy, the hardest part of the equasion is actually having enough evidence to prove it, and if you don't have that then there is a major problem, like if a pair of dive boots were to turn up, hey presto clunk goes the steel door.

Is not it about time we judge the judges.5 years is a an insult to that community,families, who have been affected and infected by this man of debased character.Shame the wizard Greg King had not been there he could have got 6 months .

Just think guys, he will be home with {i'm so proud of my boy } mummy for Xmas, as he must be up for parole next month?
The Justice system in NZ stinks!! or is it the continuing case of we must not disipline our children, rolling over in to adulthood???!!!