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Family First takes complaint against, gives advertising advice to, Internet Mana

Christian lobby Group Family First has laid a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority about an Internet-Mana Party video featuring Kim Dotcom in front a cheering crowd chanting "F*** John Key"

The video is being used as promotional material by the Internet Party on its YouTube channel.

“Internet Mana is dragging political debate to a new low level,” says Family First NZ national director Bob McCoskrie. “We really are in trouble as a country when a political advertisement is deemed appropriate when it simply denigrates another political leader in an offensive fashion.

“Advertising standards say that ‘advertisements should not portray people in a manner which is reasonably likely to cause serious or widespread hostility, contempt, abuse or ridicule’ and ‘should not contain anything which in the light of generally prevailing community standards is likely to cause serious or widespread offence,’ Mr McCoskrie says.

“The party’s advertisement is not advocacy. It is personal denigration, and Internet Mana needs to find a better advertising agency.”

Others believe Internet Mana’s campaign will prove very effective – for National.

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