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SFO boss Feeley quits for Queenstown job

Serious Fraud Office boss Adam Feeley has resigned, three years into his five-year appointment.

The SFO boss has landed a new job as chief executive of the Queenstown Lakes District Council.

He starts in three months.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the SFO but I am relishing the future challenge and very much look forward to engaging with my new community,” Mr Feeley said.

Queenstown Lakes District mayor Vanessa van Uden said Mr Feeley has "an exemplary track record as a decisive and action oriented leader" and "comes with political and business acumen".


Yesterday afternoon:

Serious Fraud Officer director Adam Feeley will announce his resignation this week – probably tomorrow – three years into his five-year contract.

This follows well-placed legal and political insiders assuring NBR ONLINE last week Mr Feely was on the verge of quitting.

Mr Feeley, who has found another job as ceo of Queenstown and Lakes district council, is said to have been under pressure to quit after some well-publicised lapses of judgment.

Last week SFO spokeswoman Andrea Linton insisted to NBR ONLINE “Adam is not leaving the SFO”.

Mr Feeley has had a wide range of management roles in the public and private sector, including Baycorp, Crown Minerals and the Ministry of Economic Development.

He was chief executive of the Eden Park redevelopment board before his appointment to the SFO in November 2009.

It is understood Mr Feeley's departure will reopen the possibility of bringing the often-troubled SFO and its cowboy image under the auspices of the police.

Mr Feeley will start his role within the next three months, according to a statement on the council's website after media reports surfaced that he was poised to quit the SFO.

The council's statement came out ahead of any release from the SFO or Police Minister Anne Tolley, BusinessDesk reported early last night.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the SFO but I am relishing the future challenge and very much look forward to engaging with my new community,” Mr Feeley said.

“Initially, I am looking forward to forging relationships with staff, elected members and the wider community and getting on with the business of ensuring the Lakes District continues to be successful and vibrant.”

Queenstown Lakes District mayor Vanessa van Uden said Feeley has "an exemplary track record as a decisive and action oriented leader" and "comes with political and business acumen".

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Comments and questions

As he glances at his $22,000 IWC Big Pilot watch, Feeley will think, my, how the time has flown.

A real loss to the office of SFO. White collar crims will be laughing, and hoping to get a replacement that can restore things to the inefficiency that used to exist at the SFO.

Hopefully A Feeley wont be lost to NZ.

Another win for Crusher Collins.

New CEO at QLDC. Now Queenstown can benefit from arrogance and nastiness.

A real shame that Feeley couldn't stay and finish thejob on Hanover Finance and Strategic Finance. Hopefully he signs off with results with these two dodgy companies and leaves behind the legacy he deserves.

Thanks Adam Feeley for your honesty and integrity and turning the SFO around. From other comments it appears that Judith Collins didnt appreciate your true value which is a reflection on her, not you

To say Crusher Collins didn't appreciate his value is stretching it somewhat. She gave him plenty of rope.

Big question now is who will replace him?

Maybe Mark Weldon - he is out of a job and very close to the Government?

Would he have the balls to make the hard decisions though

Bankside Resident? You must have seen Feeley there from time to time. I wonder what club he will join in Queenstown for nice lunches?

Doctor the man is a brash gloater. If he had enough to get those boys he would have stayed in the job long enough to announce it.

there is nothing happening on strategic and nothing will. as to hanover you are chasing shadows

The country's gain is Quenstown loss; look out for restructuring, the loss of expeienced staff and a level of petty vindictiveness that will make your eyes water.

Remind me. What did he do wrong to irritate Collins?
I though he lifted the game at SFO significantly. His predecessors were useless. We should be cloning people like him rather than demotivating them!

Off to join George Kerr........

I felt, Feely was on borrowed time, after he wet his beak in the sparkling.

Here we go again on the merry-go-round at the SFO: all touchy and no feely.

Good news. The bruising to Adam's Ribs is healing, quite nicely, from the painful jabs from Collins' elbow.

If this guy had actually interviewed Hubbard he'd have a different legacy. Nutshell.

Hubbard gave a voluntary interview right at the start but it's my information that the SFO lost the tapes.Which is just about as effectiive as when the only interview they did with Mark Bryers was via a telephone call to Australia.

A job well done, Mr Feeley.

You have delivered for New Zealanders.

Many did not like your style but the crooks out there need to know that they will be exposed and they will be charged, and yes, can and will go to jail.

Only mistake you made was to have a high profile which overshadowed that of your minister. That is a no no in NZ.

All the best in your new job.

So Feeley is now hinting at a new SFO investigation of potential fraud that could involve more than $250 million. Is it just me or is media savvy Feeley teeing up significant media coverage and interest in a new "big" case, in readiness for announcing the dropping of its investigations into Hanover?

Call me cynical, but what a way to exit from the SFO - talk up a massive new case to create a diversion, meanwhile drop an investigation (late on a Friday afternoon) that's being lingering on for 4 years that has hasn't found anything. Nice work Mr Feeley.

Hmmm, I wonder which Epic fraud they are about to shine their Torchlight on now??

Haha. Love it.

There's no fraud in Hanover.

Just a lot of dumb investors.

I remember well the meeting for Allied Farmers to take over Hanover - the likes of Bruce Sheppard were shouted down by the investors who wanted and who chose to believe Eric Watson and Hotchin.

The guy is a showman with an ego to match. Good riddance. We need somebody who operates out of the limelight as SFO Head, and which becomes this position of office.

"Departing SFO boss hints at huge fraud case"

What's with the "hints"? This is very poor form, from someone who's regarded as head of a government regulatory agency.

Feeley, should not be engaged in titivating the public, by drip-feeding -- teasingly -- tidbits of info with regard to impending SFO cases. It is not congruent with the position, he holds. Either say it, out-loud or just shut-it.

You are a regulator; not a budding Hollywood reporter, uncovering celebrity scandal.

Way to go, Adam Feeley!

Putting a few crooks out there on notice.

It is time to make the crooks out there feel extremely uncomfortable - all the time.

Time for a genuinely Independent NZ Commission Against Corruption.

Given that the SFO is supposed to be NZ's 'lead agency' in fighting corruption and last time I asked they hadn't even heard of 'State Capture'?

Has this had anything to do with Adam Feeley's resignation?

How come on Mr Feeley's watch, Don Brash and John Banks were never charged for signing Huljich Kiwisaver Scheme registered prospectuses dated 22 August 2008 and 18 September 2009 which contained untrue statements?

The 'old boy' network protecting DODGY John Banks?

That's how I for one 'perceive' it.

Penny Bright
'Anti-corruption campaigner'

Let us hope for the sake of NZ that his replacement is strong enough to stand up to the ill-advised criticism that will doubtless come his/her way if he/she is foolish enough to do a good job and give the SFO a strong profile.