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Finlayson reshuffles court benches

Auckland-based Russell McVeagh partner Sarah Katz has been appointed a High Court judge. 

She told NBR ONLINE she is "naturally" excited about her appointment.

Ms Katz specialised in complex commercial litigation. 

According to Russell McVeagh's website, she has acted for some of the country's leading corporates as well as multinational clients who have become involved in disputes with a New Zealand focus or connection.

She is not related to Queen's counsel John Katz.

Court of Appeal Justice Susan Glazebrook has been appointed to the Supreme Court.

Attorney-General Chris Finlayson appointed Ms Katz today, as well as promoting two judges. 

Justice Glazebrook has worked in the Court of Appeal for 10 years.

Before becoming a High Court judge in 2000, she was a partner at Simpson Grierson.

High Court judge Christine French goes to the Court of Appeal.

A Christchurch-based High Court judge since 2008, Justice Christine French moves to the Court of Appeal.

All three appointments take effect from August 6.

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Comments and questions

I remember, when Susan bought her first house in Matipo St., Balmoral, in 1986.

I'm still waiting for a return of the privy council. Until then anything Finlayson does I couldn't give a monkeys.

Until, Maori comprise the highest court in the land, I couldn't give a monkey's, either.

I hope that these three are of a higher calibre than some of the present incumbents on the 'High Bench's'.

Probably not to difficult

If a defendant appeals, then does their case go to the Court of Appeal even if the court in which their rahapelit netissä sentence was declared? Or are there appeal courts of different divisions and levels?