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First election votes cast today

Advance voting for the November 26 election begins today for those who can't make it to a polling station in their electorate on election day.

“If you’re unable to get to a polling place on election day, because you’re on holiday, working, in hospital or for any other reason, voting in advance is the easiest way to have your say," Chief electoral officer, Robert Peden says.

There are over 250 advance voting places around the country, including ‘mobile’ advance voting facilities in Christchurch. There is also a polling station set up at Scott Base, Antarctica.

Advance voting closes on November 25. More information is at

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Comments and questions

Go National!

Stop the lies and bribes by Labour - send them to oblivian... behind ACT, The Greens and Hone's Gotno Party...

George of the Jungle - a sad example of what happens when cousins marry.

ACT Party vote, National Electoral

I'm another with ACT party vote & National electorate as long as the Nats don't pull a fast one on ACT in Epsom, in which case the electorate vote goes elsewhere.

None worth voting for. Democracy gone. 120 MP's - waste of hard earned money. Voter will just get stung again. 2008 - Key said no GST increase. What did he do? Oh that's right, altered tax!!!!

I'm voting National. John Key will tax us out of the recession.