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For first time, Brown does not rule out resignation

Embattled Auckland Mayor Len Brown, who has previously been unequivocal in his statements that he will not resign (most recently on Campbell Live last Friday), was vague on the question when questioned by TVNZ this afternoon.

Asked by Lisa Owen if he would quit, Mayor Brown replied, "Oh, I think that we will just, um, await for an assessment of the council tomorrow and then we’ll go from there (see full interview transcript below)."

At a 10am meeting tomorrow, the Mayor faces formal censure from the council, plus a bid - so far backed by a minority of councillors - to pass a no-confidence motion.

Even if the motion passes, it will be up to Mayor Brown whether he resigns or not.


RAW DATA: TVNZ's Lisa Owen questions Len Brown:

LO: What do you think of the views of these people [street protestors] here, behind you?

LB: They’re expressing their own view democratically and I accept that and acknowledge it.

LO: How determined are you to stay in position as the mayor of Auckland?

LB: Oh, I think that we will just, um, await for an assessment of the council tomorrow and then we’ll go from there.

LO: Are you determined to stay on in your job or are you considering resigning?

LB: Look, I’m just listening to what has been said and then we’ll reflect on the final decision tomorrow from the council

LO: Are you leaving the door open then to resignation, it sounds like you are?

LB: Look, I just think that it’s important for the… (heckling) it’s going to be really hard to get interviewed here

Watch the full interview here.

Comments and questions

Look like the only persons who can save him is his wife and ifs or buts.

Why are only a minority of councillors standing up for honesty and integrity?

As it is, even that minority has been slow on the uptake.

I think that the fact that "only a minority of Councillors standing up for honesty and integrity" tells you everything about the character of the people who are running this city.

Or that the other councillors reject the political agenda being enacted?

Sadly have to agree. Many of the councillors would have known of Len's 'digressions' and they all kept quiet.

I agree. I think that a lot of councils need a clean out. Kapiti, Christchurch, Dunedin just to name a few. Sadly, the councillors reflect the people in general who vote them in!

Oh to be so pure as the driven snow. The level of unctious comment and action(?) genuinely demonstrates just how many sanctimonious citizens, who have never put a foot wrong in their lives, there are in Auckland - pathetic.

It would be interesting to see if you had the same understanding view of Browns actions if perhaps it had been your daughter he had an affair with.

But Bevan Chaung was not a child! She was a consenting adult of 30 years!

David. Private citizens are always held to a differing standard to those who put themselves forward to represent the public and a city as their "leader".

Lame Lennie has not only lied and deceived Aucklander's before the vote, but his on-going lies and deceit as Mayor, coupled with his political corruption and nepotism enabling him to disrespect the office of the Mayor and certain rooms in the Town Hall, means the Mayor has ensured his tenure is no longer possible due to the compromised position he put himself in.

His continued denial and inability to accept his wrong doings and corruption whilst lying to all about it means his personal and professional integrity has completely vanished - due to his own actions, behaviour and continued attitude.

Then there's still the unanswered issues of trips to Hong Kong, hotel rooms outside of Auckland and all the other matters that fell outside of the exceptionally narrow ToR EY had to work within.

Lame Lennie is hopelessly conflicted and totally compromised and certainly doesn't deserve to be any form of representative of Auckland and her peoples.

It's not a Left v's Right political issue - it's an ethical, corruption free issue..

The issue here is that he can not be trusted. Either in his public or private life. As such he is not mayor material.

In truth no councillor really cares about anything other than furthering their own political ambition, in this case they conveniently feign morality to try and create a vacancy at the top

It is the way he has handled himself since the first revelations and more recently following the release of the EY report that I find disturbing. The false humility mixed with increasing aggression suggests to me that he will not be able to successfully lead Auckland City, We need a visionary facilitator not a beleaguered bully.

Interestingly that another news source quotes Brown as his "annus horribilis" What was he expecting - sympathy????? I think not!!
What gets me is his smugness as though he's beyond approach, resignation is the only option

Judith Collins, speaking with Duncan Garner this morning on Radiolive, as good as said, 'Len Brown should pack his bags and go'.

Let's hope he takes heed.......

When this scandal first broke I supported him staying on, even though I deplored his actions, because I didn't think having an affair should disqualify anyone from pubic office. Its not great behaviour but its not relevant, in my opinion, to anyones ability to do their job.

But I agree that its a different issue now. His cavalier use of perks, blatant disregard for requirements to disclose those perks, and his utter contempt for the views of Aucklanders has completely soured my opinion of him. He gets 10/10 for bravado but nil for honesty or integrity.

We need a mayor who we can trust, not one who makes us wonder what he is going to screw up next.

This time tomorrow he won't be Mayor and good riddance.

There's a lot to be learned by Central Government in this matter and they need to make some urgent, legislative changes to protect the taxpayer/ratepayer, from such a bizzare fiasco ever happening again.

Zabeel has been honourably retired. John Banks appears to have opted for the abyss of perpetual denial. What's it to be for you Len?

To get the right answers you need to ask the right questions and you need to have the legal right to demand the answers.
Ask the hotels about the 'short term' stays len had.
An hour here and there during the day or after offical functions for him and his concubine to 'freshen up'......It is widely known in the hotel industry in Auckland but they won't confirm it unless they are forced to.
Len - your time is up.....

I wonder what the council HR has on female staff complaints about this golden goose. Surely these must be made public if Len has to have any credibility. This inquiry was a joke, do they think the ratepayers are really gullible.