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Fonterra announces preferred HQ site

Fonterra's preferred site for a new global headquarters is on Fanshawe St, opposite Victoria Park, in central Auckland.

A press statement from the dairy giant says a joint venture between Goodman Group and Fletcher Buildling will develop the site, enabling Fonterra to bring its employees from several locations into one.

Goodman Group will own the building and Fonterra will take a long-term lease.

The dairy giant's lease on its Princes St headquarters expires in July 2016.

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Comments and questions

Which Goodman - GMT or one of the Aussie trusts?

My, how the office staff has grown in Auckland. To think when two companies they operated on 25% of the staff and space, and operated well.

How true -- being from two cockie families -- this Fonterra outfit is starting to get out of control. In terms of a Fanshawe St location, what's central about that? Ok for those coming in by bus from the Shore -- everyone else has to leg it from downtown or get a bus going back to the Shore -- and the cost of the lease? Send them all down to Hamilton.

Why do they need a head office in the Auckland CBD? Why not go out into the suburbs or the North Shore? (NB: the same question can be asked of the govt departments in Wellington -they all don't have to be in the CBD.)

Divide them up - Corporate Development in Edendale, HR in Clandboye, Treasury in Hawera!

Ross, if you were running a major organisation and wanted your employees to be able to get to work without using private cars, you too would want them in a CBD with good public transport links.

Now as to why they have to be in Auckland rather than, say, Hamilton, that I can't answer.

11 years on from the creation of Fonterra it would be interesting to see an analysis of how much, if any, cost savings have been achieved as s result of the merger and abolition of the Dairy Board. Farmers criticised the Dairy Board being Wellington based, but it looks like the cost structure has ballooned since it shifted to Auckland !

Selection of CBD Auckland probably has more to do with the preferences of the managers who took the decision to be in the best location from their personal point of view - and secure in the knowledge that their cararks are a safe benefit.

To attract the best staff.
Same doesn't go for govt departments, though - you're right that they make no sense.

Look at all the nay-sayers bereft of alternatives, all trying to chop down NZ's tallest poppy ... and for what?

Good on you Fonterra for helping NZ's bright reputation on the world stage be just that little bit brighter.

It's a splendid spot for Fonterra - down there on Tsunami Flats.

The whole structure should be moved to Invercargill. The heartland of pastoral production and the most progressive mayor in New Zealand.

What a surprise. Fletcher get another big job on a non-tender negotiated basis. Watch all the small subcontractors suffer in the wilderness as Fletcher support their subsidiaries and feather the pockets of the power brokers.

We are Auckland, Super Auckland, no one loves us but we don't care!

I wouldn't want to be trying to find a carpark down there once this is complete, with Vodafone, AirNZ, Telecom and the soon to be opened ASB head offices all within eye shot of each other (and this new development swallowing a fair chunk of current carparks) space will be very hard to come by, and what is there will be charged out at the appropriate high rate. Bus service is pretty good, but even now the Fanshawe St stop is crammed full at 5:30pm ... and a lot of the buses just trundle on by as they are already full.

How true. Why not move the whole lot to Tauranga. Plenty of building space and in the hinterland of the BOP and Waikato catchment.

Which is why Auckland needs the Central Rail Link built ASAP.

Farmers can only blame themselves for buying into Fonterra in the first place. Big organisations rarely deliver anything to the shareholder, other than poor returns on capital and a bloated overhead structure.

Co-ops are always run for the benefit of management. No member is big enough or informed enough to exert any influence to reign management in.