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Fonterra director candidates announced

Eleven candidates are vying for three positions on Fonterra's board.

In a statement, Fonterra names the candidates as NBR columnist Jacqueline Rowarth, Blue Read, Donna Smit, Eric Ray, Grant Cochrane, Grant Rowan, Jan Marten Kingma, Lachie Cameron, Michael Spaans and two incumbent directors John Wilson and Nicola Shadbolt.

Voting papers and the results of a candidate assessment panel, led by Tower chairman Bill Falconer, will be sent to Fonterra shareholders on November 26.

A candidates' roadshow will be held across the country in early December and voting will close on December 15.

The results will be announced at Fonterra's annual meeting on December 17 and the successful candidates will start at the close of the meeting.

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Comments and questions

Interesting times at Fonterra. The current dictator is fighting fires on every front.Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If Wilson gets back in,he needs to spray sir henry with spray and go away.

Dictator ? Really Ok, so you don't like Sir Henry, we get that but, dictator ? If you had any understanding at all of business structures and governance, you'd realise that neither the chaorman of the board nor the CEO can be dictators...

I have a pretty reasonable grasp of business structures ,and governance my friend.John Wilson is chairman elect of a farmer owned co-op because he was voted there by the outside directors,appointed for their special skills to set policy and make sure Theo does the job he is paid to do. Now Henry thinks we need another outside director ????When dairy farmers realise they have been shafted and the corporate boys have control they are not going to be very happy.The cat is already out of the bag. Appointing John Wilson as chairman before he has earned the respect of farmers might be a strategic blunder .

Point 1: I am not your friend. Point 2: Although you do make some really good points about the concept and how it has been handled nothing in your diatribe supports at any level, the dictator claim. You have some good points but the dictator thing really doesn't help your credibility.