Foreign spend during Sept tops $150 million

Foreign vistors spent just over $154 million last month, says electronic transaction merchant Paymark.

The spend is a 29.4% increase on last year. An extra 254,000 transactions were put through in September, amounting to $32 million in total.

According to Paymark chief executive Simon Tong, the figures show an injection of Rugby World Cup-related spending contrasting with more moderate general growth rates. But he also warns that other influences need to be factored into the total equation before judging the World Cup's impact.

“Our figures show what is being spent via electronic transactions around the country, but as we have heard from a number of our merchants, tourists are using cash for a lot of their purchases. Also pre-paid bookings and other agent bookings need to be considered as part of the total spending picture as well.”
He says there has been a “pockets of spending” pattern since the beginning of the World Cup. The spending pockets occur as tourists travel the country; eating, drinking and watching Cup games.

“This has been a huge bonus for some regions, particularly amongst hospitality merchants.”

Hospitality sectors show game-time surge
Transactions for all hospitality sectors were up compared to the same day last year.

Nelson – up 45% on match day and the next day, up 11% other days

Waikato – up 34% on match day and the next day, up 7% other days

Southland – up 26% on match day and the next day, up 14% other days

Otago – up 15% on match day and the next day, up 6% other days

Auckland/Northland – up 14% on match day and the next day, up 6% other days

Situation still tight
But in other parts of the country, there is only a modest change in spending both in the hospitality sector and across retail sectors.

Mr Tong said spending within other sectors did not change significantly on a national level. While some spending increasde and some decreased, there appeared little change elsewhere that could be related to the Rugby World Cup. “Overall the general situation remains tight.”

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Nice to see them stroking the figures by giving percentages
Show the real $value and also take off the visitors that each year come in sept / oct vs previous years


Figures were estimated to be $500m plus over and above normal visitor spending for the world cup
Up $32m
Long way to go yet


Yes - lets see what happens in the months AFTER the RWC. If spending then declines in Nov, Dec etc then all that has happened is that the RWC drew spending forward and TOTAL annual spending is hardly changed. Mind you with the hot air promises made before the Cup began no wonder there are so many vested interests trying to gild the lily


No wonder Auckland City is spending an extra $5M for te closing stages of the World Cup

How ridiculous - all Auckland city is dpoing is subsididng the bars around the Viaduct and free entertainment for non tax paying tourists and rugby supporters - the GST from the tourists hardly justified this spending or the Governments total spend

Sure it's a great World Cup but the only winners are the greedy baaarrstards from the IRB


DUH! To all the Anonymous above. The use of percentages is common when putting forward information such as this. The percentages used, as being up, you have to start with a point to measure where you are now so the percentages quoted are on previous years. Paymark is not counting prepaid hotel nights and prepaid transfers, tickets etc that’s all part and a large part of the $500 million. You forget the teams and the IRB, who stay in expensive accommodation and eat on account is also part of the $500m. Of course spending will decline, those who came to the cup will be gone for the most part. How could the RWC bring the spending forward of those who main reason for coming to NZ was the RWC. Golly is that so hard top comprehend? Non tax paying tourists, HUH? Last time I was in Auckland last week I paid GST on everything I purchased including my hotel my ticket to the game, beers food etc. Same as all tourists. No I don’t pay rates in Auckland any more, thanks goodness.
Gee take some time out to think before you write. AND when you count it all up, note the many people who are getting a wage due the RWC being here and many, many of those are in Auckland. Where I live we did OK too


most of the spend was just to cover the additional hike in the price of a pint!


Thanks JP, only sensible comment. The rest must be unemployed idiots.

Listen up people, its not all about YOU, its about what this does for NZ


JR and DR - you may as well be anonymous for all the sense you write. National party shills no doubt, trying to keep the smiley wavey stuff going for as long as possible. Fact is the benefits of the RWC look mixed at best.


List Phil just because you didn't get to DJ on Radio don't give me grief.

PS. Notice you are plain anonymous, just like Phil


I suspect a big chunk of the credit card expenditure has also been on ticket sales which have been strong since the tornament began. I understand many hospitality businesses are in fact well down on the same period last year. Spend is focused around the council funded party central. Way to go Auckland City going into competition with hospitality venues that have struggled for the last two years.

Council staff going around viaduct venues placing restrictions on the number of patrons they are allowed based on 1 toilet per 40 patrons when they have 12k people at party central with how many portaloos, not many.

All the hype about Auckland's hospitality not being abvle to cope is a nonsense.

At least Auckland City can pack up the cloud once they have taken all the tourist dollars, what will the other operators do?

Pity we can't all have rent holidays like the Wynard Quarter tenants, who's the landlord again....that's right Auckland City.


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