Foreigners flood UK as Brits flee their homeland

New Zealanders worried about the exodus of Kiwis to Australia should spare a thought for their Commonwealth cousins in Britain.

More than 3.5 million people left the UK permanently in the 10 years to 2011, according to the Office for National Statistics.

And of these 2 million were of working age, forcing employers to rely on immigrant workers flooding into the country in their droves.

Migration Watch UK says net immigration quadrupled to nearly 200,000 a year between 1997 and 2009, with more than 3 million immigrants arriving since 1997.

The migration watchdog says the population of the UK will grow by over 7 million to 70 million in the next 16 years, 5 million through immigration.

The European Union’s freedom of movement legislation opened the floodgates for thousands of Poles and other Eastern Europeans to enter Britain in 2004.

Their numbers are expected to be boosted dramatically later this year when Romanians and Bulgarians are granted the same freedom of movement rights.

Migration Watch UK is predicting this will result in 250,000 extra immigrants arriving in Britain over a five-year period.

At crisis point

The social and economic effects are enormous, with some towns already at crisis point, swamped with immigrants.

The gravity of the situation was brought home during a live television debate on the BBC last week.

Angered by a Cambridge University academic dismissing claims that migrants were overwhelming the Lincolnshire town of Boston, a member of the audience put a flea in her ear.

In an impassioned speech Rachel Bull, herself a resident of Boston, said: “Boston is at breaking point. All the locals can’t cope any more.

“You go down to Boston High Street and it’s just like you’re in a foreign country. It’s got to stop. The services are at breaking point.”

Mrs Bull (35), an office manager, says she doesn’t blame the migrants.

"It’s not their fault. They are only doing what the law allows them to do, which is come over here and work.

“I blame the government for not realising the impact it’s having on ordinary people – or managing it.

“The politicians in London and the academics are living in another world. They have no idea of what effect their policies are having,” she said. 

Over the past 10 years an influx of mainly Eastern Europeans has increased the population of Boston by 15%. 

According to the Daily Mail, most come looking for work picking cauliflowers, leeks, sprouts and beetroot in Lincolnshire’s vast fields.

The newspaper says officially there are 61,000 people living in the market town, which in medieval times was at the heart of the English wool trade.

However, the borough council believes the true figure is more like 70,000.

Compared to the UK, New Zealand had an overall net loss of  4120 migrants in the August 2012 year, continuing a trend that has gone on since the October 2011 year.

The record annual net loss to Australia of 39,956 was offset by net gains of migrants from most other countries including the UK (5400), China (5200), and India (5100).

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MigrationWatch is not the UK migration watchdog, it is a right-wing pressure group with a very transparent agenda. And the Daily Mail? Please.


Right wing - left wing, so what? Interesting how the record number of people leaving and arriving in the UK happened under labour's reign of terror.


The UK's population is way beyond sustainable limits. Where an earth are they going to get the resources to pay for health care and pensions? The parlous state of the economy (about to enter a tripple-dip recession) is only going to see their debt levels further expand. The UK is going to become a very difficult place to live.


NZ is heading into the same problem!
I cannot understand why we have to bring so many immigrants into NZ so quickly. It is not having new immigrants that is a problem - they add to our society. It is having so many arrive so quickly. Meanwhile, our young flee overseas.
I'm told the economy needs immigration for growth. This implies that our economy cannot cope without growth. Rubbish.
To cap it off there is an idiot faction suggesting we need to grow rapidly from a population of 4.5 million to 15 million. No valid reason appears other than some individuals lining their own pockets.
Our infrastructure is creaky now, what then?


Where are the Brits going to move to? At least they are still able afford to eat meat and have an occasional beer at their local pub. And if the population gets too much they can fly to Europe for next to nothing to get a break. Poor things don't know how lucky they have it compared to the Kiwis.


Not fair or so Jo. Many Brits work long hours so that they can enjoy a reasonable standard of living, whilst contributing substantial amounts to pension schemes and the treasury. However, a population that grows without control places an unbearable burden on the system & erodes reserves to a point that cannot easily be recovered. Taking a brawl in Europe may be an affordable distraction but not an escape. Hence why many educated and hard working people have cut their losses and bailed out on their motherland. Don't worry, wherever they go, they will contribute more than they will ever will take.


Nightmare! Thank god I got out… and it’s all Tony Blair's fault…. worst prime minister in British history. We spent 2000 years repelling all invaders (apart from a few Romans, who eventually went home!) and he destroys it all in less than 10 years and not only that, he funds the buggers once they get there. Unbelievable! (Rant over).


Actually, Blair wasn't that bad to begin with. It was the loony left fringe that was allowed to have their way that ruined things. Gordon Brown, now that's a different matter. Single-handedly wrecked the British economy, raised over 100 new and increased forms of taxation, sold the UK's gold reserves at record low prices, sold out to the EU, expanded the public sector to unsustainable levels and left British in debt for generations to come.


New Labour was a pretty right wing party.


And what did the Romans ever do for us?


Large scale immigration to the UK started in the 60s, I think, and how many times did the good people of Britain vote TB into office?


Edinburgh, Scotland, looks great, though. You can enjoy the benefits of earning pounds, full of beauty and history. You don't have to stay in rip-off NZ.


This is a shocking state of affairs. No country in the modern age should have to put up with such a massive and disruptive wave of economic immigration.

The burden that this places on the long-suffering residents and their local infrastructure is as unacceptable as it is unfair. The non-reversible cultural change that speedily happens to indigenous societies by these massive waves of immigration is, frankly, an unreasonable burden of change forced upon the indigenous culture that has organically evolved over centuries. No one asked them if that's OK or not! And why weren't they asked?

Indigenous communities shouldn't be told to like it or lump it, the profound changes that happen to their cultural landscape in such a an incredibly short space of time, by apologists and those who benefit from this rapid rate of immigration. This form of modern imperialism imposed on all by certain elites and the self-interested has to stop.

All countries must control their immigration in ways that make it sustainable and acceptable to their indigenous communities, and after full consultation with those communities. The open door has to close.


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