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Feeley forgery furore – court latest

A hearing of charges against ex-SFO chief prosecutor Anita Killeen, accused of forging emails to smear her former boss Adam Feeley, has been adjourned to September.

Ms Killeen, who was charged in November last year, appeared briefly in the Auckland district court today wearing a smart green jacket.

Queen's counsel Paul Davison agreed to the indictment against her being amended. 

Ms Killeen, an Auckland barrister, originally faced four charges under the Crimes Act relating to accessing the SFO’s computer systems, modifying an email and distributing the modified email to newsrooms at the National Business Review and the New Zealand Herald.

The charges allege Ms Killeen – who was earlier remanded at large and required to surrender her passport – created a forged email, purporting to be from SFO director Adam Feeley, and intended for it to be acted on as if genuine.

Mr Feeley, who yesterday quit the SFO to become chief executive of Queenstown Lakes district council, earlier denied writing the email.

The fake emails were sent soon after news broke of Mr Feeley celebrating the laying of criminal charges against disgraced Bridgecorp boss Rod Petricevic by drinking champagne belonging to the company's directors. 

That celebration, with his staff, earned Mr Feeley a reprimand from the State Services Commission and then Police Minister Judith Collins.

In February, Ms Killeen went to the High Court to try to keep information on her seized computer from the police

Two forensic searches of Ms Killeen's computers failed to find evidence of the faked email, it was reported last month – but at that stage police had not tried to recover documents from web-based email systems.

Ms Killeen, who insiders say was on a meteoric rise up the legal pole, was made redundant amidst restructuring at the SFO in 2010 and moved to City Chambers.

According to the New Zealand Law Society website, she now works for herself.

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Comments and questions

I'm sorry to hear that Feeley is going he has done fine work at helping to protect investors quite unlike previous people. I think they deserved to celebrate their win and should not have been reprimanded. All PC poppycock.

Ms Killeen "wearing a smart green jacket" and this is relevant how?
Don't recall other NBR reports documenting what men wear to court!

Perhaps she was wearing nothing else...

...with delta-winged lapels, and flared disco-type slacks. She, sure looked purdy.

A shame that the SFO is losing Feeley; he was doing a good job in cleaning up the finance cos mess; more than can be said for his predecessor who fiddled while Rome burned.

I agree Liberte NZ needs more of the likes of Mr Feely in positions of authority.
His "supping of the crooks brew" only proved he is human.

Seems Feeley couldn't stand the heat or keep his ego in check. SFO needs a steady hand - not a lime lighter!

I agree with you #7 Anon

#7 - what rubbish anon talks - who cares about ego, heaven alone knows our society needs a results-driven director. It often takes a drama queen to get the bad guys; the important thing is to get them rather than worry about the Pc angle. Give me a performer rather than some grey-faced patsy towing the PC line - which has cost what people love to call "mum and dad investor"s way too much money.

We need more people like Feeley, not fewer. You don't have to want to sit down at dinner with them or like them, you should be looking for results not affability.