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Former MP and wife jailed

Former National MP Trevor Rogers and his wife Glenda have been sentenced to a month in jail for contempt of court.

Rogers, 67, who was an MP between 1990 and 1996 had already been jailed for a month in February for disobeying a court order to surrender intellectual property to receivers of his failed multi-million dollar helicopter project.

Comments and questions

It looks like the creditors are never going to get the items they're after. I wonder when the court will give up if they still don't get them.

These guys are too tough for our court system. They are not dumb and regardless of the legality of their position I suspect that they are taking a calculated risk that they will be able walk free eventually and head overseas to complete the project they have sunk their lives into. It's a shame they have ruined their integrity and reputation in all of this.

And when they let them out in a month, ask the same question. Same result? Put them back.

In fact, just video link to them in jail. Cheaper and easier!

One month for a multi-million dollar project....if this is not a JOKE, what is, John KEY? Perhaps they are your "supposedly respectable seniors" from your same National Party....

As often the case in these matters, there will be at least two sides to the story. Exactly, what does the court mean by 'intellectual property''? Has someone here read the judgement?

I have read the judgements and totally agree with the Judges decisions - the Rogers have most recently attempted to settle the issue by, in effect, offering to sell the intellectual property at issue, which belongs to the receivers, back to the plaintiffs in exchange for staff, premises, computers and wages! Needless to say the Judge was most unimpressed, and sentenced both to a one-month imprisonment term. Mr Rogers belief in the value of the intellectual property means that there is an unlikely incentive for him to return the property to the receivers, which he claimed he sequestered in overseas banking institutions.

You are not anonymous Andy Mackay. As a former SACKED employee of TGR your bias is showing.

I suspect there is a lot more to this story than kicking a former MP or his attempts to develop an industry in NZ. Would be good to hear the other side of the story and not just the bloggers and journos who give little thought to getting the facts and printing a balanced report. Noteable absence is comment by the Rogers.

Anonymous at 9.31.

How does the court define 'intellectual property' in its judgement? For example, If it's to do with drawings (ie. artistic works), has ownership of copyright been established?

I think they have enhanced their integrity with their courage and two fingered approach to the bloodsucking recievers and the courts

Out of curiosity...Was it the same judge who passed sentenced previously?

If anyone is interested in the details of the case, can I recommend viewing the judicial decisions online at the following links -

In those judgements, you'll read a fuller account of what transpired, including the redundancy of all employees, and subsequent actions which might be construed as theft and fraud.

I have no sympathy for the Rogers, I have had business dealings with them in the past prior to his 'buying' his way into politics!! they are frauds and not to be trusted...when they cant pay their bills, they hide their 'assets' or steal them from lock ups..and hide them...give false addresses etc etc.... they are just repeating what is their usual pattern of behaviour...AND it is not the Rogers money they used for TGR Group etc...they fooled investors.. he is a CONMAN !! and should be stopped once and for all!

I concur.. They are real smart ass con people.

Take it from one who knows...

Wasn't there supposed to be a TVNZ Sunday programme on TGR Helicorp and Trevor Rogers? I wonder if they will play or release that footage.....I think it was Mark Hudson as journalist.....

you mean john hudson

It is a tragedy that this project could not be completed in New Zealand. Reading the court judgements you can see how frustrated the Rogers had become with NZ. If National Party connections were of any use TGR would have been granted Export licenses and the picture would be a whole lot different - no point making references to Trevors connections helping to get him a light prison sentence! For goodness sake the govt shutdown his and the shareholders dream! It is crazy that this project may be abandoned due to the current madness around the Rogers.

Frustration with gaining an export license was a minor consideration, there was never a flying prototype completed, despite the Rogers claims that one had flown. The idea to branch out into other helicopter models before completing a single flying example was the major cause the investors pulled the plug.

There are also a lot of other issues out there that would astound most people.
History generally catches up with these people