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Fyfe resigns from Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe has confirmed this will be his last year at the helm of the airline.

Mr Fyfe took over as chief executive in late 2005 replacing Ralph Norris who had guided the company through its government recapitalisation in 2001.

Since Mr Fyfe took over the airline maintained its profitability through the global recession and has won several international awards.

"Rob has been - and continues to be - an outstanding chief executive officer with the full support of the Air New Zealand Board," chairman John Palmer said in a statement today.

“He has ensured that Air New Zealand has remained profitable despite the backdrop of turbulent economic times that have seen airlines lose billions globally.”

Mr Fyfe says his decision to leave Air New Zealand on December 31 coincides with the end of his term as chairman of Star Alliance and will also see him complete four years as a Board member of the International Air Transport Association.

He did not say what he intends to do next.

“I committed to the Air New Zealand Board that I would not look to leave until I was confident that I had a strong team around me and the Board was in a position to attract significant interest from global candidates alongside very strong internal candidates for the role of chief executive.’

Mr Fyfe says the executive management team has been working on a suite of initiatives to seize some exciting new opportunities and address the challenges Air New Zealand faces. 

Air New Zealand shares [AIR:NZX] fell 1c to 90c in early trading. The fall off continued with the shares trading down 3c (or 3.3%) at 88c at 1.30pm

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Comments and questions

When is the NZ Gov't going to let Singapore or someone take them over?

Great idea ! much prefer SQ than CA, shame the taxpayer will now get a lousy return on our investment.

....hello Telecom.

With all due respect, I would think that Telecom with all it's profit losses, politics and problems would be a serious step down.

Only Fyfe could fix the mess the overpaid-for-his-'achievements' -- by tens of millions -- Brogue Rogue.
It's that or the Pope and Billy Graham doing a final fling by bringing in 'the other Big Guy in the Sky'..

Will so miss the beautiful crepe de chine outfits.

Hopefully they'll appoint someone who knows how to make money not just cost cut and leave a hospital pass.

Bring back Ralph Norris.

Stop being so negative! Look at all the ways he's made money.
The pedo-puppet. That must have brought in huge sums.
Richard Simmons?? Can't get any more Kiwi than him and the punters were queueing at the doors!
A fleet of aircraft nobody wants to fly in - not even the crew.
Inflight robbery disguised as inflight service! Now that's innovation.
I, like air travelers world wide, make airlines with black planes my first choice when traveling.
After dressing like brandless members of the Schutzstaffel thousands of crew followed in his pink wearing footsteps. A clearly calculable money spinner to be sure.
These are just a few. I'm sure there are many more ways the cash came rolling on his watch.

Anonymous. Have you had a close look at CBA/ASB?

Good riddance! and his comments "I committed to the air new zealand board that I would not look to leave until I was confident that I had a strong team around me"... hopefully that means he will take the other arrogant, massive ego wannabes with him!
Bring back Ralph Norris...... a man with more integrity, honesty and business acumen then fyfe has in his little teeny toe! See ya!

There is no truth to the rumour that Rob Fyfe is leaving because the board has stated he is no longer allowed to take his shirt off ,flirt with the ladies, star in Air NZ ads and wear pink shirts.

Oh but the staff just loooove their new uniforms.....................

A bit like Mark Wheldon of NZX and in recent times but to a lesser degree Marryatt from the CHCH City Council

What ego's these guys have
They write their own scripts and their own press releases telling everyone how great they are.

In the meantime they cream it on their salaries as they cut costs everywhere else
All of them are yesterdays model - good riddance to them all

Absolutely correct

They cut costs everywhere including staff costs and yet take home huge salaries and bonuses.In Fyffe's case it cost cutting creeps perilously close to jeopardising safety

How hypocritical is that

The guy's a legend, good luck to you Rob.

The best thing Air NZ could do would be to let Fyffe go now or within a couple of months

Start the recruitment programme straight away - his heart is no longer in the job so he will become a liability very quickly

No man is irreplacable.

Sell it off to Virgin

The negativity in some of these posts is deplorable, but distressfully so like NZ It makes you wonder why anyone would want to become a CEO of a public company in NZ. Fyfe and Norris were both very successful CEO's of Air NZ, but with different styles of management.

Yes, truly negative. So are those Syrian's saying they don't like Al Assad's style of leadership.

Sometimes the only way to point out negative truths sounds a bit negative.

At least AirNZ dont kill those who challenge their way of thinking. They just sack droves.

Agree but unlike you were Lindsay Fergusson, in your time

You must be envious

[see pic above]
Rob, when did your hair go green? Green and pink don't go girlfriend. Have I taught you nothing?

Is this news? Why is the Air NZ pr machine spinning release after release all day today. The Herald may as well be running an advertorial. Fer sure there's some bad news story about Jetstar on 3news (wonder who fed that one wink wink).

Whats really going on that Air Nz isn't talking about and is all this noise to divert attention from something else?

Is it the amazing reforms to be announced at the long haul department.

That's it fairfax, you just keep on getting those free upgrades and gold elite renewals while the real news slips under the radar.

Perhaps there are vacancies at Airways Corporation

Strange how many people will make comments and post as anonymous.
Take a walk through Air NZ from the guy sweeping the runway to the booking centres to higher managament, seems to be a hell of a lot of people like the guy. I would think that says something about him

The guy sweeping the runway works for the airport, not the airline. And I'm pretty sure they don't sweep them.

I'd say most of the people posting as anonymous work for the airline. Should they post here with their names they'd be sacked. Mr Fyfe doesn't believe in free speech unless it agrees in totality with his own ideas or kisses his behind.

It's forums such as this that allow the real stories to be told. Not the reprinted press releases.

The NBR has much respect among the true workers within AirNZ. Those who know what it was to work for a New Zealand icon and find themselves now working for a person who wants to be a New Zealand icon.

Credit where credit is due but there's none due in Fyfe's direction

I should also say that I dont not work or have any finnacial connection with AIr NZ, Star Alliance or Rob

Lindsay Lohan is looking for a new handbag