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Gen-i scores another XT win, stealing Radius from Vodafone

Telecom’s services division says it has “won back” another high-end customer from Vodafone, with Radius Health Group moving all its medical centres, pharmacies and retirement village staff to XT.

Radius chief information officer Steve Mayo-Smith told NBR that his company previously had all of its mobile business with Vodafone.

Asked to name the number one reason he switched to Telecom’s new XT network, Mr Mayo-Smith replied, “Two reasons: cost and service”.

As part of a whole-of-business Gen-i package, which includes networking services and a point-of-sale system, mobile costs will be cheaper for Radius under XT, said Mr Mayo-Smith.

Radius has 70 locations nationwide, plus a data centre in Napier, which is also coverd by the new contract.

As Telecom’s IT and telecommunications services division, Gen-i has been using XT as a beach-head to win larger information technology and communications contracts.

Other Gen-i XT wins include the Crane Group and Harcourts, taking the number of new XT mobile connections to over 17,500. The services division has also upgraded 7,500 customers from Telecom’s older CDMA network to XT.

All told, more than 100,000 customers are on now on XT - although the vast majority, so far, seem to be upgraders from CDMA rather than stolen from Vodafone.

Telecom has not set a public goal for how many customers it wants to steal from Vodafone. But it has said it wants XT to fuel a 10% lift in its mobile revenue, and that it wants to migrate one third or 675,000 of its CDMA customers to XT within the new 3G network’s first 12 months. With their emphasis on talk and data over lower-yielding txt, XT plans should generate higher average revenue per user.

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Comments and questions

I suspect there will be a new market segment for peoppe using Vodafone for mobile and XT for data because you can get a data stick. This could be a transistional phase but until 2Degreess launches all bests are off. Running an iPhone on XT can be done but many iPhone users may feel more comfortable and some are just plain locked in.

from what i understand, 2 degrees does not have full 3G coverage as it has a 2G roaming contract with Vodafone, this leaves Telecoms XT Data still superior.

Should Vodafone start bragging at the customers that they steal from Telecom?

On the launch of the XT network our shop did more than the Telecom Shop in phone sales, which says that "Vodafone always will be better than Telecom"

Telecommunications are one of the main business planks - and cost centres - in almost any modern company.

Fonterra is, I believe, still New Zealand's biggest company by some measures and that is what makes this story newsworthy.

They will not have moved the rest of their communications and data to XT without doing their homework first.

(Since their Chinese venture's San Lu melamine debacle, they are probably also doing their homework more thoroughly on joint ventures ... even though they look to be a big winner from it as Chinese parents are buying more foreign sourced milk powders now, including from Fonterra).