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Georgina Beyer standing for Mana

Georgina Beyer has joined Mana and will stand for the party in the Maori seat of Te Tai Tonga.

The South Island seat is currently held by Labour's Rino Tirikatene who won it back from the Maori Party in 2011.

Ms Beyer became NZ's first trans-sexual MP in 1999, standing as Labour's candidate for Wairarapa where she defeated National Party candidate and broadcaster Paul Henry in Wairarapa (which after its Baz Luhrmann movie moment returned to its usual true blue).

She resigned from Parliament in February 2007, in part because of an issue with kidney disease.

Ms Beyer says her health is no longer an issue.

She is standing for Mana in Te Tai Tonga partly to atone for voting for Labour's Foreshore & Seabed Bill in 2004, she says.

Comments and questions

Partly to atone for nothing actually. How about 'I am standing for Mana 'cos Labour didn't want me back.'

Or because she wants some easy money.

She is a great bloke and did a lot for the Wairarapa so steady on Fish