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Giant NZX stock ticker goes live in downtown Auckland

NZX has opened an electronic stock ticker, which stretches across the Zurich building in downtown Auckland (you'll have to walk around the corner if you come at it from Queen St; it's tucked on the side of the building facing onto Queen Elizabeth Square).

Opening the ticker, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce noted the local exchange has seen a record $7 billion in capital raising this year.

The sign would remind Aucklanders of the role the NZX plays in our economy, and the job market, Mr Joyce said.

The electronic sign was made by NEC. NZX says it's the largest high defintion market display in the Southern Hemisphere.



Comments and questions

Yawn - back to the 70's

Bit more transparency on some of the confidential settlements would give real confident - even ma + pa smarter now than the average PM re recent non sell downs

What did it cost? Who paid for it?

Good questions, Anonymous.

I've put them to NZX, who have acknowledged receipt.

Full disclosure is on its way, I'm sure.