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Goodman Fielder to integrate retail businesses

Goodman Fielder has begun the integration of three of its retail-focused businesses in New Zealand.

The company had previously said it was reviewing its Baking, Dairy and Home Ingredients businesses to see if there was a more efficient and effective model that “leveraged the company’s size in the market into a scale opportunity,” the company said.

Goodman Fielder said today it had decided that the integration of the businesses would improve interaction with customers, suppliers and stake holders while creating opportunities to reduce operating costs.

Chief executive Chris Delaney said operating as three semi-independent companies made it hard for customers and suppliers to do business with the company and meant it had not been able to use its scale to drive efficiencies.

“This new integrated structure will allow us to bring the considerable capabilities of Goodman Fielder to the marketplace and to service our consumers and customers more effectively.”

The company also announced Peter Reidie to the newly created position of managing director, to lead the company’s about $1 billion New Zealand retail division.

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Comments and questions

I am wondering if the chairman who presided over this mess will resign soon? How this mess was allowed to happen doesn't show very good great vision. A chairman's job is to plan for the future, the GFF board and chairman have failed badly in this area.

its a joke, this is all an attempt to cut labour costs, but what happens is that the intimate knowledge and localised customer service goes out the window. it does little to advance the performance of the company. look at the major competitor of GF who tried this in oz to see how they benefitted (not)