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iOS Gmail app back on the market

UPDATED:  Google's iOS Gmail app is back on the market.

The app was pulled just hours after launch two weeks ago when users' reported a bug that broke notifications and displayed an error message.

In a blog post on Google's blog by product manager Matthew Izatt said the app was back in the App Store (ComputerWorld reported that at writing the app could not be found by searching in the App Store and instead was accessible via a link through the iTunes page on the Apple site.

"We've fixed the bug and notifications are now working."

He said in the short time the app was public Google received a lot of "helpful feedback and feature requests." 

"This included requests for everything from bigger features like multiple account support to customizations like improved notifications and mobile specific signatures."

Mr Izatt said Google would be iterating rapidly to produce these features and more, and had improved handling of image HTML messages based on comments already received, which were now sized to fit the screen and users could pinch to zoom.

The app was available today for iOS 4 and higher, but Mr Izatt said those who had already downloaded the buggy Gmail app should uninstall or log out prior to installing the new app.


Google has pulled a Gmail app for Apple’s mobile operating system iOS shortly after launching it (iOS is the software that runs the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

The Google team on Twitter announced the app this morning, saying it was available from the iTunes store.

But two hours later, the app had been pulled citing a bug contained within notifications.

“Sorry we messed up,” Google tweeted.

A Google blogpost by product manager Matthew Izatt detailing the app said it had combined features from the Google mobile web app and iOS.

The app was designed to be fast, efficient and to take full advantage of the touchscreen and notification capabilities a smart device, Mr Izatt said.

Features included push notifications, inbox search, autocomplete email addresses from contacts, upload of photos, and split view on iPad.

But it was not to be, with Google’s updated blog saying the app had contained a bug which “broke notifications” causing users to see an error message when first opening the app.

“We’ve removed the app while we correct the problem, and we’re working to bring you a new version soon.”

The error message according to ComputerWorld was "Notification Error" and "no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application."

Those who had already installed the app could continue to use it, Mr Izatt said.

Vice president of apps David Girouard apologised on Twitter for pushing a bad version of the app.

“Google culpa! Sorry but we pushed a bad version of our iOS app for Gmail. More info shortly - we're working on it.”

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Comments and questions

Google obviously to blame for putting out a app with errors and little innovation over their web version but also blame on Apple - aren't they meant to quality control all the apps to make sure they work

Are you joking? Approx 1k new apps added a day to the app store = no quality control whatsoever. Do you expect Apple to listen to every song on the iTunes store first, and whittle out all the rubbish ones?
Typically, debugging is done in response to bugs cropping up, and when the vendor feels like it. If an app is rubbish, you're welcome to write a review or go to app support.

Apple does review apps, or at least they hold them up. For a while, apple refused to allow Google to ave apps, including gmail and google voice.

Considering the app apparently showed an error message as soon as you opened it the first time, they surely must have seen it.

Alex/Chris what sorts of mobile phones do you both have?

you two can bicker all you want, I'm buying an Android device - gmail and all the other google goodies are baked into Android at an operating system level

you two can bicker all you want, I'm buying an Android device - gmail and all the other google goodies are baked into Android at an operating system level

I am underwhelmed by it - why not just use the exchange supported Gmail in the default email program.

New emails took too long to open.