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Google Nexus One for Vodafone Australia, but not NZ

Vodafone Australia has released Google's first branded mobile phone today, the Nexus One (which, naturally, runs Google's Android operating system).

A spokesman told NBR that Vodafone NZ is looking at the handset, but no details on a possible release were immediately to hand.

The Nexus One, which features a 3.7-inch (that is, larger than iPhone) touchscreen, is similar in specs to HTC's Desire (no coincidence, as HTC also makes the Nexus One for Google under an OEM contract).

The Nexus One caused controversy when it was first released in the US due to search giant's policy - since relaxed - of only letting people by it through a Google website.

In Australia, Vodafone is the Nexus One's exclusive carrier.

The handset costs $0 up front, but buyers must sign on to a $A79 cap on a 24month contract with a minimum total cost of $A1896.

Whether to goose early sales or as a reflection of a genuine stock issue, Vodafone Australia sales its supply of Nexus Ones is "strictly limited".

Living the Nexus loca
Although the Nexus One is not officially available in New Zealand, some Android fans have brought handsets back from the US.

One, Diversity Ltd principle Ben Kepes, told NBR earlier today, ""I live my life in Google - using gmail, docs, calendar and other Google products.

"As such a device [like my Nexus One] that is built from the ground-up as a Google interface is a no brainer.

"I'm not swayed by the Apple fanboys, my Android device gives me the experience and usability of an iPhone without all of the feeling of being locked down to what Apple deems acceptable."

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Comments and questions

Nexus One is available in a 850Mhz flavour also, would like to know Telecom's plans...

I imported a Nexus One for both myself and my wife in Feb. We've been running them on the Telstra network since then and they work just fine. 3G in Adelaide and "edge" outside the metropolitan area.

Love my nexus.

Good phone, happy user for the last six months. With the Froyo (2.2) update, WiFi access point functionality for sharing the 3G Internet connection is standard which is great.

Still waiting for Vodafone to release it in Australia, they put the release back to 5pm which has been and gone and have told me that they will call me when it's released.

[Guess that does indeed count as "strictly limited" - CK]

I've been hanging out for this phone for soooo long (since Jan this year) and am quite disappointed at the lack of information available from VHA regarding what could potentially be its flashiest handset. I mean reading all the reviews found on the internet, I think the iPhone has nothing on the Nexus One, yet even the simplest info is not available on VHA's own website. Get your act together VHA, as this phone deserve a launch event at least equal to (if not bigger than) the attention rival Apple handsets has been receiving.

I 2nd that

i also like the stock android. and the instant OTA update is one of the reasons i like the nexus one. but im holding for the gingerbread release. i don't mind being stuck w/ that for 2 yrs. hopefully it's a google phone too.

loving my nexus one. best phone definitely

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