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Google Nose beta offers search-and-sniff

"What does the inside of an Egyptian tomb smell like? Google Nose" - so goes one of the taglines for the search giant's latest product, Google Nose beta.

A mobile aroma indexing progam has been able to amass a 15 million sentabyte database of smells from around the world, the company explains in the clip below.

By intersecting photos with infrasound rays, Google Nose beta temporarily aligns molecules to simulate a particular scent:

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A busy first day of April development schedule has also seen Google release Gmail Blue, a new version of its webmail featuring  all-blue characters, buttons and menus.

The clip above explains the all-blue interface was always part of the plan - but technology has only caught up with the original Gmail vision.

The search giant has also announced YouTube has been an eight-year effort to find the world's best video.

The service will shut at midnight for judging by a panel including YouTube celebrities and the most prolific commenters, then reopen in 2023.

Plus a new Treasure layer in Google Maps:

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Comments and questions

One can only gaze in wonder at Google's April Fools' Day budget

Agreed - but if only they could go back to doing what they did well 10 years ago... it would make my life so much easier!

Google: trolling people since 1998.

Are the above true.,,......

My Girlfriend now thinks I'm crazy, Thanks Google!

It's terrible that we still can't communicate with neither Google earth nor YouTube. I wonder if we are lack of the technique of searching or using technology as a video camera. Certainly, the probability for both of them within sharing will neglect the negative answers and the good advice for this majority of sharing is to concentrate upon the highest beneficial idea to children. Mature and brilliant.
My best of luck to everybody.