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Google turns to Twitter during massive outage

Google is back online after a massive outage that took out services from its home page to Gmail in the US, China and Australia. [UPDATE: Google has now issued an explanation.]

The outage - which quickly became known as #googlefail - as Twitter users relayed the news - lasted from about to about 2.45am to 4.20am NZ time this morning - or 10:45am to about 12:20pm EDT in the US, smack in the middle of people’s internet day.

With its own site down for many users, and very slow for others, Google used its corporate Twitter account to relay service updates.

During February Google extended Google Apps’ users 12-month licenses with 15 bonus days after an outage violated the company’s new uptime guarantee.

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Comments and questions

Yes is affected me...I could not get my email, or update my web page...I knew something was up and now, I know I wasn't crazy!!

Yes, It affected me and turned my Google Email/Calendar and other functions within Google into a total tailspin!!! Some of my appointments got lost and others were duplicated and triplicated. I really thought I was losing my ever loving mind and so did my boss ! Please fix it and get us going ASAP.