Government's ISP filtering system two months away

In less than two months the government’s anti-child pornography filtering software will be available for internet service providers that wish to offer it to their customers.

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has admitted that the software will not necessarily stop child pornography from being distributed across the internet as the majority is sourced from peer-to-peer files and not from websites.

In a statement the DIA said; “The DIA appreciates that website filtering is only partially effective in combating the trade in child sexual abuse images. In particular website filtering does not prevent the creation of illegal material nor, in the case of images of child sexual abuse, the exploitation of children.”

Tech Liberty spokesman Thomas Beagle said the software would not catch people downloading illegal content and would also not remove illegal content from its location on the internet.

Another issue that has been raised here in New Zealand, Australia and the US, is that parents may be given a false sense of security and think because an ISP has blocked such sites their children will be safe from everything on the internet. This is not the case.

Due to the controversy surrounding the government’s will to censor the internet, an independent review board was commissioned in December.

Before Christmas NBR reported that the filtering system would be run by the board to ensure only child abuse sites were blocked on the internet and nothing else.

DIA deputy secretary of regulation and compliance Keith Manch told NBR in December that the software would not be used for law enforcement and that only statistics of blocked sites would be recorded.

The board of the Independent Reference Group was recently announced; the board includes; Nic McCully, deputy chief censor, Nic Johnstone, Office of the Children’s Commission, Steven O’Brien, Censorship Compliance Unit manager (Department of Internal Affairs), Mark Harris, Andrew Bowater, Telecom’s government relations manager and Duncan Campbell, deputy editor of Netguide.

Mr Beagle said the makeup of the group was less “than ideal.” Mr O’Brien is included in the group despite the fact that he is the manager in charge of implementing the internet filter. Mr Beagle said his inclusion undermined the independence of the group.

The government bought the “White Box” filtering software from Swedish company Netclean that was specifically created to target sites with child sexual abuse images. The software cost $150,000 and the DIA has further customised it.

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Will there be a published list of sites available or is this planned to be a 'behind closed doors' system like the Aussies? (except not mandatory)


Have any ISPs signed up to this service yet?

Share seems to answer both the above questions - although being third party I can't swear by its accuracy


Child P0rn and crap like that


My comment was rejected twice because it contained offensive words. After the first rejection I omitted the words that might have been thought offensive. How on earth does one discuss censorship when comments are censored? So if I leave out everything that is likely to cause offence, my comment would read like this would read like this:

What is the current NZ definition of child p------y and how will the Swedish software tell what is p-------y and what is not? Australia now has a "unlawful p--------y" system which leaves the door open for anything to be declared p---------y. For example, k--s in swimwear has been mentioned. What is a "child"? A full-beared near-18-year-old rugby player is a child in Australia. I have no comment re the workability of the filtering scheme. But I do have a question for the team of net guardians. If they will not be adversely affected by exposure to child p--n, why do they expect that other people will be so affected? Perhaps, Kelly, you might like to ask them.


I'm sure that everyone knows this will be extended...


Ah Watchdog and Netclean...strange how whenever they pitch their products, governments fall over themselves to buy them even though they have ZERO impact on halting the CP trade.

Anyone who thinks that people are currently inadvertently exposed to CP are delusional to say the least.


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