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Gower asks: Why Cunliffe is scared of Dotcom?

David Cunliffe should forget about fretting over his red scarf and start worrying about the black tracksuit.

Yes, Kim Dotcom’s black tracksuit is all over the political scene once again – and Cunliffe is running scared, refusing to rule Internet-Mana out even though voters think he should.

Internet-Mana is on the rise big-time and the Dotcom-boom is hurting Labour.

Cunliffe has left the door open to Labour working with Internet-Mana to form as Government. But the latest 3 News-Reid Research poll shows a majority of voters want Labour to rule them out.

Voters were asked:

Should Labour work with Internet Mana to form a Government?

  • NO, rule them out: 59 percent
  • YES, work with them: 29 percent
  • Don’t know: 12 percent

Even a majority of Labour voters want Cunliffe to rule out a coalition with Internet-Mana.

  • NO, rule them out: 47%
  • YES, work with them: 40%
  • Don’t know: 13%

A lot of Labour supporters would rather Labour lose, than have Dotcom having his proxies in the Government.

So the rise of Internet-Mana has created a big problem for Labour. Dotcom and Harawira are love-hate figures.

The reality is, with centre voters, they are probably more hated than loved.

There are lots of centre voters who don’t like Dotcom and lots who don’t like Harawira and a fairly decent core who don’t like both of them. The refusal to rule out Internet-Mana is hurting Labour with centre voters.

Hone Harawira, Annette Sykes, Laila Harre. Kim Dotcom and John Minto. It’s enough to send a lot of people running.

Cunliffe’s refusal to rule them out just gives them further credibility and as it rises, Internet-Mana will probably end up taking votes off Labour too.

As its own popularity falls, Labour cannot do without Internet-Mana’s numbers.

That’s why Cunliffe is scared of Internet Mana – he’s too scared to rule them out.

The rise of Internet-Mana tells us a lot about the fall of Labour.  

If the result is that Labour is in a position to form a Government with the Greens, NZ First and Internet-Mana, it will be fascinating to observe!

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

It would be a bit of a gamble for Cunliffe to rule out taking Internet-Mana in as a coaltion partner, but it's an even bigger gamble not to. If the Labour govt. expects to be able to rebuild after this election, then it must rule them out now, or look towards a future where Labour/Greens eventually form into a single party if they are to ever regain power.


I think you all might be forgetting that the majority of voters also don't want National to gift ACT the Epsom seat or the Conservatives the East Coast bays seat - which means they don't want these two loony parties in Government.
And that also includes the majority of National voters wanting the same

Maybe a bit of consistency is required here

Then why is it that voters have twice chosen MMP as their preferred voting system? Certainly by the last referendum voters had realised parties must have partners, and sometimes will need to assist their preferred ones. Incidentally the only party likely to benefit from coat-tailing in this election is Internet/Mana. The last election didn't produce any coat tailed MPs

Those poll are corrupt! It's hard to believe whether those polled are actually Labour supporters or just the National and Act Party supporters pretending to be Labour supporters to influence others.

It should be John Key that should be worried about, not Cunliffe. Key's brain fades about Dotcom is slowly coming back to bite him in the butt. Karma is a wonderful thing!

Polls are pretty much spot on, deal with it

Says you...
If you think you are so right, what's the bet jonkey will not be able to form a government this election?
Have you ever considered the internet mana party may attract youth voters that wouldn't otherwise vote for either labour or national. Labour have lost elections in the past because they have disillusioned alot of first time voters by having less than charismatic leaders. They see no alternative and have chosen not to vote at all. Believe it or not, a lot of youth see through jonkeys lies, unlike you or the perception the journalist that wrote this article gives.
Dotcom is a real threat because he has tons of charisma, and like jonkey money to back him.

Dotcom is a is amazing how people seem to forget that very fact.

Have you ever considered that many young voters simply don't want a bar of Dotcom or Mana for that matter?

If New Zealand youth vote Internet/Mana then the country can kiss its proverbial goodbye!!

Cunliffe and Labour simply do not get it - they have been busy trying to be everything to just about everyone, and have ended being nothing to anyone.

Hedging their bets by refusing to confirm or deny they will work with Mana/Internet means the loss of all those Labour votes to anyone other than Labour. Get it, Cunliffe?

I think they should be like national - promise the earth then u turn after the election

The problem David has is he's to honest key would rule them out then just change his mind and tell us he forgot

Too honest eh...

Secret trusts... Secretly laundered funds needing repayment...
Baby bonus policy over exaggerated by 100%...
His CV...

These are the examples we all see from just a few months ago.

He's also been a senior Labour Party MP since painter gate and aunties pledge card rorting.

If just those examples are your standards of "honesty" I suggest you get plenty more ventilation in enclosed spaces when using solvent-based paints.

'Dotcom's proxies'!!! When will the self-appointed right-wing x-spurts get it into their heads that the Internet Party is not Kim Dotcom's party, nor is the Internet-Mana alliance. Yes, he initiated both and pays most of the bills, but he doesn't own the 2.5% of the population who agree with him, he does not dictate to them, and he has no vote. IP's policy incubator is free discussion, dictated by no one, not even him. If you want to bandy 'proxy' about in such a facile way, call NBR National/ACT's proxy. That would have more grains of truth than saying that IP and I-M are Kim Dotcom's.

Your cognitive dissonance is astounding!

Who do you know who spends $3m + without any kind of expectation for a return on that investment, or a say in how and what it is spent on?

You might be damp behind the ears, but don't lump everyone in with your confusion.

Typical Labour machine turning up to the race again without a Conscious driver and several co drivers yelling over each other about which Direction they'l take. Then instead of focusing on building polices, they Whinge about everything like good little negative Procrastinators. They should have stuck with Phil Goff they would have been serious contenders by now instead they've made no head way at all in the past 3 years and all they can offer is a complete mess of a coalition. Imagine If Labour/greens/internet party/mana/nz 1st ran the country? There would be 6months deliberation on crossing the friggin road! Lucky majority rules and even though there will always be those that dissagree with any government atleast this one will be able to keep on focusing on doing what there paid to do.

This may seem like a stupid question but what is it about Hone Harawira, Annette Sykes, Laila Harre. Kim Dotcom and John Minto, tha is "enough to send a lot of people running"?

I really want to learn what it is about them that scares people, according to Farrir.

They are all radical nutters not one of them suited to be a member of parliament.

Failed and stale of 3 decades past. Well past best use by date...

Plus, Their complete sell-out of moral principals also hints that they're easily brought with a few gold coins.

Horribly inconvenient they spent their political life rallying and fighting against capitalism and individuals such as KDC... Then as soon as they are offered a puppet part in a new political play... They jump into bed with the sworn enemy... Even before seeing an employment agreement or knowing what her pay will be. And that from a senior Union Executive.

Hypocrisy much?

And all to try and be relevant... And all in vein...

Pathetically sad really...

and the Powers That Be........keep the flock in disarray!!!!

Any German that owns a copy of Mein Kampf,is still a Nazi who wears black, like the Gestapo uniforms, and should not be allowed to life in this Country, look at his criminal background!

It's good tactical sense. The Internet Party has few elaborated or costed policies outside cyberlibertarianism, Dotcom is a political ingenue, Laila Harre was partially responsible for the Alliance shipwreck and they're also concerned that they may erode the Greens voter share. Added to which, there's the cautionary example of the crash and burn German Pirates Party as a precedent.

INTERNET MANA are alone on the LEFT